Volume 8, Number 7 - Spring 1984

President's Message

Greetings To All:

I thought this would be one of the easier messages to write - a short, fond farewell. But as I think back over the past three years, memories keep intruding and demand attention. I recall the nostalgic journeys into the past as each program was presented. The variety and scope of the subjects, the knowledge and expertise of the speakers, the response from the audience and the good times shared are proof that the W.R.V.H.S. is something wonderful with which to be associated.

It has meant a great deal to me to be an officer in such an organization. As President, I have tried to do a good job with the thought uppermost of what was best for the Society. Whatever success or progress has been made in these goals is due to the splendid co-operation and help from my fellow officers and the participation of you -- the members.

And so, I thank you wonderful people for the privilege of serving you, knowing that you will extend your trust and support to those who follow me.


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