Volume 8, Number 7 -Spring 1984

Letter from General Johnson
Submitted by member Mabel Harp, Wagoner, OK

Douglas County Missoura
December 18 1868

Dear mother it is with pleather I seet my Self to let yew now that we are all well hoping thees flew lines may find yew all well.

I can inform yew that we had very good luck moveing this cuntry we was on the road 32 days we lay up about 3 days on the road nothing strang to rite to yew I hav bin tradin very larg sence I have bin hear I hav bought me a hundre and sixty acers of land I can plow evry bit of hit both way now improvement on hit a bout half of hit ferrerrey I am a gowing to bild on hitthis winter I ame to put aboud ten acers in corn onn hit next spring Me and Enoc Roler is a carren onn a steam destil I own one thir of the stil and has got her pad for I sold my mule and got one hundred and twenty six dollars for him. I have got my waggon and a good hors and a cow and calf and a too year old stear and a sow and nine pigs one good hod to kill and fifty three bushels of corn and the ballence I have to look out for I have some money and fifty dollars owing to me that I can get any time I call for hit I wod be glad of hearing of yew all getting out when yew could do some god. Mother if yew will come out hear i will giv yew a home onn my land as long as yew live and if I hav the luck to out liv yew yew never shal want for nothing as long as yew live yew may think hard of me for moveing off ann leavin yew behind but yew consider that I hav a gang of little chilldern to tak cear of and I think I have got in a cuntery that I can take cear of them and have them all a home besides if I live now mother if I never see yew now more I hope to meet yew onn the banks of sweat delivernce wher greaf and trubel will be now more.

Margaret and babey is well sow I remane yours until death direct your letters to dugles County Mo. Turners Store PO

From General R. Johnson to Sarah Johnson.

This letter copied as written by General R. Johnson from Douglas County, Missouri to his mother Sarah Bowen Johnson, Scott Co. Va.

Addressed on envelope - To Mrs Sarah Johnson, Scott County Va. Stockcreek PO


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