Volume 8, Number 7 -Spring 1984

John and Agnes Maugham/Maugham Langston
Their Life and Descendents form 1746 to 1975

Whether or not we have made a case which proves that the John Langston taken up in the foregoing records, is the same John Langston Jr, found in records of Bertie County, North Carolina, in 1739, and in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in 1744, we definitely know that records hereafter positively apply to John Langston, born 1710, died 1790, who married Agnes Gangham/Maughan, and died in Granville County, South Carolina, leaving a will dated 1 March 1782 and proven for probate on 11 November 1790.

From the deed executed and witnessed by John Langston, on 19 February 1744, we carry forward into records of Granville County, North Carolina, a land mark of "Buffalo" (Believed to be the "Buffalo Creek") we will be seeing in Deeds pertaining to John Langston (1710-1790), his sons and sons-in-law. We also carry forth the surname of "Bennett", which was the maiden name of Sarah Bennett, who married, Solomon Langston, son of John Langston.

From Granville County, North Carolina we find the surname of "Mangum," and from Militia records of 1754, we have the surname of Mangham. It is the belief of this compiler that the maiden name of the wife of John Langston (1710-1790), was M-A-N-G-H-A-M, notwithstanding that those who have gone into the DAR as descendents of their Revolutionary Soldier, spell his wife’s name as: M-A-U-G-H-A-N.

From: "Abstract of Early Deeds of Granville County, North Carolina, from 1745-1765", by Zae Hargett Gwynn, we have the following cited deeds:

(Page 1) 1 September 1746, Granville Co., N.C., Deed Book A, page 1.

John Wade deeds to Peter Hill, for five pounds, 100 acres of land more or less, one moiety or one half, of 200 acres of land granted John Wade on 20 April 1745, being the plantation on which the said Hill now lives. WITNESSES: John Langston, Gideon Macon and Samuel Henderson.

(Page 1) 1 September 1746, Granville County, N.C., Deed Book A, pp 4-5.

John Wade deeds to Daniel Higdon, for five pounds, 100 acres of land, being one half of 200 acres granted John Wade on 20 April 1745, being the land or plantation whereon the said Hogdon now lives. WITNESSES: John Langston, Gideon Macon and Samuel Henderson (Page 4) 14 May 1748, Granville Co., N.C., Deed Book A, pp 39-40.

Joseph John Alston of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, deeds to John Langston (spelled Lanston), for ten shillings, 600 acres of land which was granted on 20 April 1745 to the said Alston, on the south side of Reedy Branch. WITNESSES: John Good, Richard Creek and Abra. T. Odom.

This is the first recorded lands in the name of John Langston, which has been located in Greenville County, North Carolina.

16 December 1774 - Granville Co., N.C., Deed Book 1, pp 126-127.
John Langston, of Orange Co., N.C., by deed-of-gift transfers to James Langston, his son, of Granvllle Co., N.C., 100 acres of land in Granville Co., N. C., being part of a tract of land on both sides of Tar River. Deed proven in May Term of Court, 1776. WITNESSES: Thomas Williams, George Thompson, Jr, and John Langston.

(Thomas Williams and George Thompson Jr, were sons-in-law of John Langston, the deeder; it is believed that the John Langston, was either the son of Jesse Langston, and a grandson, of was the speculative son of John Langston)

From "North Carolina Colonial Records, Extract of Militia Returns for 1774-1775" Vol. 22, pages 374 and 380; A muster Roll certified 6 December 1754, lists men of Granville Co., N.C., then serving in the Regiment commanded by Colonel William Eaton:


6. Patta (Langston) McVey married Hugh McVey
7. Lusia (Langston) Thompson married George Thompson (possibly a Jr.)

Although records indicate that the bulk of the John Langston family made the move from the vicinity of Granville and Orange Counties, North Carolina, to South Carolina, settling along the Enoree River and its tributaries in what was then ‘Old 96 District," with one son, Jesse Langston, going to Darlington, District; James, the first named son on John’s will, seems to have remained in North Carolina. Jesse, another one of John’s sons may have stayed in North Carolina until after the close of the Revolutionary War, as we find a ‘Jesse Jangston’ listed with other Langstons who fought in the War from North Carolina, and our first record of a ‘Jesse Langston’ in South Carolina, is the issuance of a land grant of 250 acres of land to Jesse Langston, in Darlington District, S. C., on 4 August 1817. Records seem to indicate that John Langston, the father, and sons Solomon, Jechonias, and Joseph Langston, came to the vicinity of the present-day junction lines between the counties of Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg and Union Counties, where we find the following grants of land to them as indicated:

John Langston

639 acres

96 District

15 Oct 1784

Jechonias Langston

489 acres

96 District

3 Apr 1786

Joseph Langston

640 acres

96 District

5 Jan 1784

Joseph Langston & others

30 acres

96 District

6 Dec 1790

Solomon Langston

266 acres

96 District

7 Nov 1791

ITEM: I leave the remainder of my whole estate land and mill and all my household goods and the use of all negroes but Lamkin and Harry (to my wife) during her life and after her decease to be sold at vendee, the land and mill and all the land Indow and all to be divided amongst my children names as followeth & first: Samuel Langston, Molly Smith, Sally Smith, & Fanny Langston, Jechonias Langston and John Langston son of Jesse, my grandson, equal to be divided among them and Becka Will’ms (Williams).

I also constitute (and) ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament revising and disannulling every other will & wills made by me heretofore and I appoint my son Jechonias and my son-in-law Thomas Williams to be my full and sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

I forgot Lusia Thompson to give her two dollars silver. And I hereunto set my hand and seal this First Day of March in the year of our Lord 1782.

/s/John Langston (Seal)

Joshua (X) Smith
John (X) White
Recorded this 11th November AD 1790.
(Recorded in Will Book A, page 29, Apt. 5, File -228)

A photostatic copy of the original will just as drawn up and signed by John Langston on 1 March 1782, is in the possession of the undersigned.

Bernard L. Landrum
3203 Cody Road
Columbus, Ga 31907


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