Volume 8, Number 7 - Spring 1984

Taney County Newspaper Items
Transcribed by Bill and Vera Wood, Strafford, Missouri

The Past In Review . . . News items from the Taney County Republican, published in Forsyth, Missouri every Thursday by B .B . PRICE and S .J . WILLIAMS. Lawrence CARROLL was editor and the subscription price was $1.00 per year, in advance. The issue of November 28, 1895 was the first, and this paper is still being published today. The date of the paper precedes the news items appearing in that issue.

(Note: Errors in reporting the news were made then, just as in current newspapers.)

Thursday - September 17, 1896 Mrs. J. M. KINYON gave birth to a little daughter last Friday, Sept. 11th.

The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. FRANKLIN died last Friday, Sept. 11th.

Mr. J. C. JOHNSON, Jr. was married at Sparta last Sunday, to Miss Emma E. FELTON, a sister of Mrs. J. W. HUGHES of Forsyth. The happy couple returned to Forsyth on Monday and the boys charivaried them that night.

Thursday - September 24, 1896 A son of Mr. Jerry YOUNGBLOOD, who lives near Cedar Valley, was accidently shot and killed while squirrel hunting Monday. Mr. YOUNGBLOOD was the second son, a young man grown.

Thursday - October 1, 1896 Mrs. Mary Frances BURKHART, 30 years of age, died September 24th. She leaves a husband and four children, a mother and several other relatives.

Mr. John HOUSEMAN was thrown from a mule Sunday evening and severely hurt. His arm was broken below the elbow.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Lum LATHROP, a son. Lum says it is gold standard. (no date was given for this birth.)

There was a shindig last Friday at the Tom GIMLIN’s house.

Thursday - October 1, 1896
Jacob DULEY, H.A. #15941, in Sec. 24, twp 23N, range 17W. Witnesses were: Benjamin TENNISON of Protem, Jared ROBERTSON, R .W. HORSEMAN and E .R. BACON, all of Dit, Missouri.

Calvin J. THURMAN, H.A. #17139, Sec. 13 twp 23N, range 20W. Witnesses were: Wm. SMITH, S.J. WILLIAMS, W. G. CLARK & Eddy CONNER, all of Kissee Mills.

Sarah HUNTER, H.A. #16479, Sec 4, twp 21N, range 21W. Witnesses: Newton T. THARP, J. H. WHARTON, S. F. WHEELER & H. A. LAYTON, all of Kirbyville.

John A. CLAYTON, H.A. #18598, Sec 2, twp 24N, range 18W. Wit: H. B. SECHLER, M. W. SWADLEY, T. J. STOTTLE and J. C. WRIGHT, all of Bradleyville

Geo. D. LUTTRELL, H. A. #17978, Sec 5, twp 24N, range 21W. Wit: W.H. GILLETT, Harmon S. COOK, & Calvin CLEVENGER, all of Reno, and Isaac CUPP of Bluff.

Thursday - October 8, 1896 Mrs. NEELEY, mother of William NEELEY, died Saturday at a very advanced age.

The flag pole at Kissee Mills was raised Thursday by the engine of the HULL-BROWN steam well drill, and the boys made a good job of it.

Thursday - October 22, 1896 Among visitors from Forsyth in the park since Mr. McCann’ s party went down there were L.C. WALKER, A.J. PARRISH, J.C. BLAIR, J.A. TOLERTON, R.B. McMANUS and Geo. L. TAYLOR. The McCann party now includes seventeen people. They killed a deer on Saturday and feasted thereon. Twelve more fine elk were added to the game preserve on Saturday making about 25 elk now in the park.

Mr. & Mrs. Geo. H. MCCANN & Mrs. Frank MASSEY of Springfield, Mr. & Mrs. C. E.

HALLIWELL, Mr. & Mrs. J. N. GUNN, Mr. & Mrs. E. T. JUSTIN, Mr. & Mrs.


J. P. LITTON and Mrs. R. N. LITTON of St. Louis arrived here on Friday on the way to the park. They will remain at the park until the end of this month, hunting, and fishing will be the principal occupation of the party.

Thursday - October 29, 1896 Esquire JERNIGAN of Taney County died Tuesday morning of Typhoid fever.

Thursday - November 19, 1896 Lawrence's CARROLL’s lease of the Republican plant expired and Mr. T . E. PHILLIPS, late of Aurora, Missouri, will be in charge of this paper.

Mr. T. J. VANZANDT bought the barber’s outfit of J.C. JOHNSON, Jr. last week and Tom has now the only shop in town.

William Jennings BRYAN and party arrived in Springfield from St . Louis in a Special Car. Will go on to the Taney County Park. Mr. George McCANN was in charge of getting the party’s car attached to the Chadwick train. There they were loaded into hacks for the trip to Forsyth and on to the park. They ate a hearty supper at the Hilsabeck Hotel, followed by a reception and speaches after which they retired. James K. JONES, his mate also came.

James M. BOOTHE, Homestead Application #18881, Sec 5, twp 21, range 20. Wit: John H. WILSON, John E.J. McGILL, Wm. W. JETTON & James W. ALSUP, Mincy, Mo.

W.J. McMILLIAN, Homestead Application #18158, Sec 15, twp 23, range 21. Wit: J.W, WYKIT, Jacob GROVES, A.J. FRIEND, of Walnut Shade & J.S. BULL, Branson.

Levi. T. CORNETT, H. A. #17541, Sec 25, twp 22, range 19. Wit: Samuel CLARADAY, B.F. WESTMORELAND, W.J. KEENER, John W. GRAY, all of Cedar Creek.

[All issues of this newspaper between Nov. 19, 1896 and Nov. 25, 1897 are missing on the microfilm.]

Thursday - November 25, 1897
Davis M. TRAMMELL, H.A. #19133, Sec 10, twp 22, range 19. Witnesses: Joseph R. AUBERY, William MEREDITH, Daniel BLACK-WELL of Cedar Creek, and C .B. STALLCUP of Kirbyville.

William F. FRONABARGER, H. A. #19495, Sec 14, twp 23, range 22. Wit: William C. MAY, W.W. WALDEN & Hard COX, of Garber and Will POWELL of Notch.

William K.S. HILLHOUSE, H.A. #18515, Sec 29, twp 23, range 21. Wit: James MADDUX, G.S. BULL, William HAWKINS & John CLINKINGBEARD of Branson.

Ezra D. CHEESMAN, H.A. #17595, Sec 4, twp 21, range 20. Wit: Joseph COX, Arthur HUSTED and H .L. ACTON of Swan, and H.J. KINYON of Forsyth.

Joshua ALLEN, H.A. #18253, Sec 17, twp 24, range 21. Wit: Milton BROWN, J. C. KEITHLEY, of Day, and C. C. CLEVENGER, and Issiah STEWART of Reno.

William M. MONTGOMERY, H .A. #23026, Sec 7, twp 24, range 21. Wit: Joshua ALLEN, Barton L. WARREN, James R. ALLEN and J.T. STINSON, all of Day.

David JONES, H.A. #18261, Sec 7, twp 21, range 21. Wit. W.C. MORRIS, Leroy CATES Louis PHILLIPS & Hiram YOUNGBLOOD, all of Cedar Valley.

William F. HACKETT, H.A. #18015, Sec 1, twp 21, range 18. Wit: W. H. SHAFFER, J.H. HENDRYX, I.D. HENDRYX and H.G. LANDERS, all of Protem.

Nathaniel ST CLAIR, H.A. #19121, Sec 27. twp 24, range 21. Wit: John W. ESTEP, W.P. WEATHERMAN and I.D. HILTON all of Walnut Shade, arid S.G. WOOD, Forsyth.

Silas O. Ireland, H.A. #17879, Sec 26, twp 23, range 18. Wit: John H. BLAIR & J .W. BRUMFIELD of Hercules; August HEUSZEL of Kissee Mills and C. J. McASHLAND of Cedar Creek.


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