Volume 8, Number 7 - Spring 1984

Circuit Court Board
Stone County, Missouri 1914
Submitted by Ruth Asher

State of Missouri)

County of Stone) In the Circuit Court, October Term, 1914:

In the Circuit Court of Stone County, Missouri on the 7th day of October A.D., 1914, it being the third day of the regular October term of said court, the following, among other proceedings, were had to wit:

Fred McCord and Lilie, McCord, his wife


John Payton and Ava Payton, his wife,
John Mulligan and Mattie Mulligan, his wife,
Molly Mary Stell and Stephen Stell, her husband,
Rainey Stell and William Stell, her husband,
Malinda Bearden and F.M. Bearden, her husband,
Elizabeth Smith and Sarah A. Smith,
Samuel A. Gentry and Alice Gentry, his wife,
William D. Gentry and Florence Gentry, his wife,
Mattie May and William May, her husband,
Alice Blunk and Albert Blunk, her husband,
Lucinda Crabtree and James Crabtree, her husband,
John Stallions,
Harve Stallions and Jurene Stallions, his wife,
Peter Stallions and Sallie Stallions, his wife,
Frank Stallions and Florence Stallions, his wife,
James Philibert,
Edward Philibert and wife,
Austin Philibert and wife,
Ruben Philbert and wife,
Florence Moore and William Moore, her husband
Bettie Moore and John Moore, her husband,
India Victory and William Victory, her husband,
Janey Taylor and Marion Taylor, her husband
Josie Davis and Joshua Davis, her husband
the unknown heirs, consorts, devisees, donees, alienees, immediate, Mesne, remote, voluntary and involuntary, grantees, of the following named persons who are deceased to wit:

Jeremiah Wells, Michael Wells, John Baize, George Poiner, defendants:

(A description of the land follows - see below)

The court further finds that the defendants John Payton and wife Ava, and Mattie (Payton) Milligan and husband John Milligan are heirs at law of Christenia Payton, deceased (Page 101 Book G)

That defendants Mollie (Smith) Stell and husband Stephen Stell, Rainey (Smith) Stell and husband William Stell, Malinda (Smith) Bearden and husband F. M. Bearden, Sarah A. Smith and Elizabeth Smith, all are the heirs of Lewis Smith, deceased (Page 216 Book F)

That the defendants Samuel Gentry and wife Alice Gentry, William D. Gentry and wife Florence (Hembree) Gentry, Mattie (Gentry) May and her husband William May, Alice (Gentry) Blunk and her husband, David Albert Blunk, are the sole surviving heirs of A. (Allen) W. (Wright) Gentry, deceased (evidence of title is shown by deed record in Book J Page 547)

That the defendants John Stallions, Marve Stallions and wife Jurine Stallions, Peter Stallions, and wife, Frank Stallions and wife Florence Stallions, Lucinda (Stallions) Crabtree and husband James Crabtree;


James Philibert, Edward Philibert and wife, Ruben Philibert and wife, (Charles) Austin Philibert and wife, Florence (Philibert) Moore and husband William Moore, Bettie (Elizabeth) (Philibert) Moore and husband John Moore, India (Philibert) Victory and husband William Victory, Janey (Philibert) Taylor and husband Marion Taylor, Josie (Philibert) Davis AND HUSBAND Joshua Davis, are the sole survivng heirs of E. A. Stallions, deceased (evidence of title deed in Book E page 322)

That the claim of defendant George Poiner, is evidenced by deed record G page 535, and said John Baize is now deceased, and that his heirs are unknown to the plaintiff;

That the claim of defendant George Poiner, is evidenced by deed record E page 538, and that said George Poiner is deceased, and his heirs are unknown to plaintiff. All of which is shown by the deed records in the office of Recorder of Deeds of Stone County, Missouri. That the evidence of the title or interest of Jeremiah Wells and Michael Wells is shown by records of court, that they are deceased, etc

(Maiden name of wives, in parenthesis, are inserted by me, and not in court records) The court action was for the purpose of obtaining quiet title to real estate, located on the Big Bend of James River, between Cape Fair and Galena, Missouri

Location: South fractional one-half of the North East One fourth, south of James Fork of White River, and the East fractional one half of the South West one Fourth lying East of James Fork of White River and West fractional one Half of the South East one fourth of James Fork of White River in Section 10 (Ten) Township 24 (Twenty Four) in Stone County, Missouri.

Original owners of land:
Lewis Smith and William J. W. David entered at Springfield, MO. 10 July 1857; (Lewis Smith, deceased, about 1870 - 1860 census Stone Co., MO no. 28);

Jeremiah Wells, deceased, by 1871 - On 9 Oct. 1873, his interest in this land was conveyed to E. A. Stallions, C. A. Stallions and wife Ann J., and was sold to Allen Gentry 7 April 1872(?)

Allen Gentry and wife Sarah, sold to W. R. Davenport, 31 Dec. 1857 (See 1860 Census, Stone Co., MO no. 45)

Martha I. Gentry Williams and husband James H. Williams, sold to Allen Gentry, 11 June 1883.

Michael Wells - half interest in East one fourth of South West fractional one fourth of West one half if South East fractional One fourth of Section 10 (ten) Township 24 (Twenty four) (deceased 16 Feb. 1870). W. W. Cushing, purchaser. (See 1860 Census, Stone Co., MO no. 48)

W. W. Cushing and wife Myra B. sold 4 Nov. 1872 to Samuel Gentry (See 1860 Census Stone Co., MO no. 45)

Sarah W. Smith Stephen Stell and Mary, his wife; William Stell and Laura, his wife, F. M. Bearden and wife Malinda, Elizabeth Smith, heir in law of Lewis Smith, deceased, sold to Samuel Gentry, 11 Nov. 1872 (See 1860 census, Stone Co., MO no. 28).

Samuel Gentry and wife Nancy to Christian Peyton, 3 Nov. 1874, Warranty Deed. Elizabeth Payton, single, to Allen Gentry, administrator of estate of A. W. Gentry, deceased, 28 April 1889, Quit Claim Deed.

Allen Gentry and wife Martha (2nd wife),(first wife Sarah Anderson), to T. J. Dorrell 5 Nov. 1887, Warranty Deed. (They married in 1885. She was Martha Anderson Moore).

T. J. Dorrell and wife Martha J. to S. P. Wilson, (trustee for J. Lee Wilson) 9 Nov. 1887, Trust Deed (see 1860 Stone Co., MO census, no. 73)


John S. May, sheriff of Stone Co., Mo., conveyed interest of William Gentry and Martha Gentry, minor, heirs of A. W. Gentry, deceased; Allen Gentry, Guardian, to Silas Overstreet, 22 Aug. 1888.

Silas and Sarah Overstreet to John Ignatz Knobbuck and wife Katherine, 1892

Atlantic and Pacific Railroad to George Crocker, 13 Dec. 1875

George Crocker to Silas Overstreet 30 April 1891, Warranty Deed Benjamin Harrison, President, of U.S., to Silas Overstreet, 9 April 1892 (first owner); Silas Overstreet and Sarah C. Overstreet to Charles A. Reed, 23 Feb. 1893.

Notes: 1870 W.W. Cushing, Adm. of estate of Jeremiah Wells, deceased; Security J.M. White and E.A. Stallions. Bond filed 16 Nov. 1870

Jeremiah Wells’ wife Margaret married second, Thomas Palmer 21 Dec. 1869 Margaret Wells appointed adm. of estate of Jeremiah Wells in 1866.

(Marriages for some of above couples may be found in Stone County, Missouri records, published in White River Valley quarterly.)

Submitted by Ruth Asher, Galena, MO
Present owner of above real estate


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