Volume 9, Number 11 - Spring 1988

Negro Boy Nathan Sold for $30
Submitted by Mrs. Frank Kelley

"For a valuable consideration of 30 dollars we William C. White and Patsy White (formerly Patsy Branson) have this day sold unto Valentine Branson all the rights, title and interest we have in a certain Negro Boy called Nathan which is said to have been given to the said Patsy White (formerly Patsy Branson) by her grandfather Gerrand? Branson and raised and sold by Andrew and Fariba Bran-son hereby conveying to the said Valentine Branson all the interest we have in said Negro boy the gift or will of the said Gerrand? Bran-son now deceased. Witness our hand, and deal, this 8th day of October 1847.

Attest S. Kimzey?, William C. White and Patsy White.

I Valentine Branson adm of the estate of Andrew Branson deceased do hereby certify that I purchased his right of the above described Negro for this use and benefit of the estate and do relinquish all claim that I may have individually in the aforesaid? property. Feb 22 1848, Valentine Branson."


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