Volume 9, Number 2 - Winter 1986

Descendants of William & Charlotte (Harrison) HARP
Compiled by Edna Hazel McCullogh Lowery & Mildred Lander Roden - 1983

Continued from Vol. 9, No. 1

Overton County, Tennessee SCT:

Turner Johnson, of said county states that he is about 68 years of age and that about the time of his earliest recollection he got acquainted in Cranville County, North Carolina with JAMES HARRISON and his wife WINNEY HARRISON. They were living together as husband and wife and were reputed to be among their neighbors and acquaintances, and so continued up to the time they moved to Kentucky where I understood the said James Harrison died not many years afterwards.

The said Winney was brought to this county from Kentucky some twenty years ago by her son where she remained until the time of her death in this county several years since but the exact date I do not now remember. She never married again after she came to this county. I have forgotten ever hearing that she married after the death of the above named James Harrison; I knew their children . . . (He names the children, their husbands or wives).

I do not now remember the maiden name of said Winney Harrison but have always heard and believed she and the said James Harrison were lawfully married before the Revolutionary War; for Eli Harrison above named, their third child was about grown at my earliest recollection.

The above named JAMES HARRISON as I have always heard and believed served in the service of the United States in the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina Troops. My father Benjamin Johnson now deceased has so served himself and in my childhood these subjects were talked of and we were told generally who had and had not served and I remember that said JAMES HARRISON was regarded and reputed to have served as above set forth; and such was the general reputation. Overton County, Tennessee on the 21st day of June 1854 . . . as a disinterested witness.


(his mark)

2 witnessses F. M. Smith

? Riley I. Nyter) Sworn before F.M. Smith, J.P.

State of Kentucky

(County of Estill) SCT Ebenezer Park, a resident of said county, aged 78 years.

says he knew one Daniel Campbell about fifty years ago or there abouts in his first wifes lifetime that after she died he remarried one WINNEY HARRISON

widow of JAMES HARRISON and moved to his farm and there lived a number of years not recollected when he died leaving the said Winney a widow who then came to live with him about twelve years after the death of said Campbell when in 1832 or about that year two of her sons came from the state of Tennessee and took her home with them. She still remained the widow of the said Campbell. He further states said Campbell was by profession a school teacher and was a one eyed man and that he can not recollect the month or the year he died in.

He further states that he had conversed a great many times with the said Winney while she lived with him Viz:

That she remembered Bradshaws War or rather his defeat and that they came from North Carolina to the State of Kentucky at an early day; that her first husband the said James Harrison died in Madison County, Kentucky after which she married the aforesaid Campbell; That he does not recollect distinctly that she told him that the said Harrison had served in the War of the Rebellion or not but that is his impression that she did; that she was a very old woman when she left for Tennessee and a woman of great piety and faith and that he is disinterested in any matter to which this may relate . . . Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of October 1854.


Witnessed by Ebenezer Park, I. P. and Thomas Carsen, Clerk of Estill County, Kentucky.

Overton County, Tennessee SCT Mrs. Polly Pentecost, of said county, aged past 51 years makes the following statements Viz: That she was well acquainted with Mrs. Winy Campbell the mother of Eli Harrison of this county and that she died in this county at the residents of her son the said Eli Harrison on the 25th day of October 1847 as I remember distinctly although I have no memorandum of her death... I knew her well for the last years or previous to her death. During that time she frequently told me that her first husband JAMES HARRISON the father of the above named Eli Harrison had served three tours in the Revolutionary War in the service of the United States in North Carolina. I do not remember the names of his officers except one Captain and General Green. I remember that she told me when her husband said James Harrison returned from his last tour he looked so bad and ragged that the youngest children did not know him. I also think she spoke of an officer by the


name of Allen under whom he served. I also understood and believed that the above named JAMES HARRISON and WINNY (whose maiden name she told me was Reddin) were lawfully married many years before the Revolution somewhere in Virginia and that their youngest child CHARLOTTE HARRISON with whom I have been well acquainted was born during the Revolutionary War or soon after.

She used to speak of trying to get a pension on account of the above named Revolutionary service of her husband James Harrison but she was told that her second marriage after his death would cut off her claim.

When I first knew her she was the reputed widow of one Campbell who as she told me had died many years before in Kentucky and she never married again after I knew her but remained a widow of the above Campbell.

Eli Harrison, above named, as I heard from them had gone to Kentucky a few years before I got acquainted with her, and had brought her home from Estill County to Overton County.

When I first knew the said WINNEY CAMPBELL she always told me that she had but four children then living (she named the four children and places of residence).

Overton County, Tennessee this 21st day of June



(her mark)

Before Franldin M. Smith, J. P. Overton County, Tenn.

Overton County, Tennessee SCT Be it known that on the second day of

October in the year 1855 before me the clerk of the Court in and for the county in open county court now sitting the foregoing papers were submitted for my inspection. . . I have carefully examined them and read over their contents and I certify that the statements therein made are satisfactory to me that JAMES HARRISON a reputed Revolutionary soldier of the service of the United States, of the North Carolina Troops departed this life in Madison County, Kentucky about the year 1807 (Eighteen Hundred and Seven), leaving WINNY HARRISON his widow, and that Winny afterwards married one Daniel Campbell who died in above named county of Madison about the year 1822 (Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Two) leaving said Winny again a widow after which she never married again but remained a widow and died in this county on the 25th day of October 1847 (Eighteen Hundred and Forty-Seven), and that the following named persons are the surviving and only surviving children of said Whiny Harrison Viz: Eli Harrison of this county and Charlotte Harp of Arkansas.

And I further certify that an abstract of this cer

tificate is of record in my office in this days proceedings of said court.

I further certify as Clerk aforesaid that Franklin M. Smith Esquire whose genuine signature appears to the foregoing annexed signature was at the respective dates thereof an acting justice of the peace in and for said county duly commissioned and qualified.

Witness my name and official seal of my office in Livingston on this 2nd day of October 1855 W. Turner, Clerk.

Louisville, Kentucky, Dec. 18, 1855 Sir: Mr. Benj. H. Baldwin is hereby authorized to take charge of above case.

C. W. Berkley

From Madison County, Kentucky Court Records we have this Estate settlement of James Harrison:

HARRISON, James Wife Winny! Son Eliss (Eli); Daughter Polly Moore; Son Robert; daughter Charlotte; Ben Moore in his debt; William Cooper in is debt; Written 7 September 1806. Witnesses: Joseph Williams, Levy Moore and Sally Williams. Probated October 1806. (This surely proves that James Harrison died in

1806, not in 1807.) His will being written September

7, 1806 and admitted to October Court in 1806, then he died between these dates.

The seven children of James and Winnie Reddin


1. HARRISON, Betsy,died a child
2. HARRISON, Sally, died a child
3. HARRISON, Polly, married Benjamin Moore; moved to Arkansas where they both died: They had children in Ark., in 1854. (He is probably the Benj. Moore, who is mentioned in estate settlement of James Harrison.)
4. HARRISON, Robert, born about 1764, probably in Virginia. A biography of a Robert Harrison is included in "A REMINISCENT HISTORY OF THE OZARK REGION", pg. 682.

Goodspeeds Pub. 1894 (Reprint Edition 1894). This Robert W. Harrison, born 1818 in Maury County, Tennessee, son of Harrison and Elizabeth ROBERTS Harrison. According to this biography members of the family of President, Benjamin H. Harrison, were of the same family as were the family of this Robert W. Harrison who came to Newton County, AR. and settled on Buffalo Creek, Jasper, Arkansas.


5. HARRISON, Elizabeth married Thornton Hardin, both of whom died in Granyule, County, N.C.

6. HARRISON, Eli (Eliss), born about 1868 in ? Halifax County, North Carolina. Died, according to a "A REMINISCENT HISTORY of the Ozarks Region, pg. 515, in Clay County, Tennessee, almost 90.

7. HARRISON, Charlotte, born about the end of the Revolution. Married William Harp. See the following records.

WILLIAM HARP — CHARLOTTE HARRISON HARP, William, was probably born about 1780-83 in Granville County, North Carolina. Died: unknown. In 1830 he and family resided in Overton County, Tennessee. We did not find him after 1830. His wife Charlotte and children came to Missouri and Ark.

(Son of HARRISON, Charlotte, born about 1785/88 in North Carolina. Died sometime in the year 1865?, we believe in Christian County, Missouri. Burial place unknown. (daughter of James and Winnie Reddin Harrison).

WILLIAM HARP and CHARLOTTE HARRISON were married in November 1804 in Granville County, North Carolina. Date of bond, 5 November 1804; Thomas King, bondsman. Her name was spelled Lottey Harrison.

Charlotte was in Madison County, Arkansas by 1838 when she was included in the tax list that year as C. Harp. She was no doubt in Crawford County, Missouri in 1832, when her daughter, Sarah Frances Harp, married John W. Bilyeu in that year. (At that date Miller County, Mo., had not been organized. The area where they resided was later included in Miller County. Solomon Harp, who resided in Newton County, Arkansas shows up in that area also.

A William Harp served in the war of 1812 from Over-ton County, Tennessee. This could be the William Harp, above:


"Know all men by these presents, That I WILLIAM HARP of Overton County, Tennessee for divers’ and good causes and considerations we hereunto moving have made, ordained, authorized, nominated and appointed James Lampton of White County, Tennessee, my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for my own proper use to ask demand and sue for, recover and receive of Captain Ralph Collan, District Paymaster for the state of Tennessee, all such sums of money, debts or demands whatsoever, which are now due, and owing me, the said WILLIAM HARP by and from the U.S. for my service as a Private in Captain Pearces Co. I Batt’n. 3 Regt. Tenn. Militia Inf an-try commanded by Major William Woodfolk, as per Certificate of service herewith. And to have, to use and to take all lawful ways and means in my name or otherwise for the recovery thereof, by attachment, arrest, distress or otherwise, and to compound and agree for the same for me and in my name to make, seal and deliver and do all other lawful acts and things whatsoever concerning the premises as fully and every respect as I myself might or could do were I personally present at the doing myself therof. In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this day of December 1815.

Signed: WILLIAM (his X mark) HARP
Witnesses: Andrew Thompson and Robert Lambert.


in my co, served tour of duty 6 mo. 12 days Battalion W 3 M in U.S. service and is entitled to an honorable discharge. Signed: Abner Pearce. This obligation of U.S. was met in full.

1820 Census, Overton Co.,1830 Census, Overton Co.,

Tenn. Page 307:
HARP, William 26-45
HARP, Female 26-45
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Male 0-10
HARP, Female0-10
HARP, Female 0-10
HARP, Female 0-10

Tenn. page 182: HARP, William 50-60
HARP, Female 40-50
HARP, Female 20-30
HARP, Male 15-20
HARP, Female 15-20
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Female 10-15
HARP, Male 5-10
HARP, Female 5-10
HARP, Female 5-10
HARP, Male 0-5
HARP, Male 0-5

1840 Census, Notfound

1850 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle Twp.

No. 691 HARP, Thomas 23 Tenn Rhoda, 16 Ala. HARP, Charlotte 60 NC

1860 Census, Christian Co., Mo. Lmnn Twp. Farmer, property of $616.00


No. 3 DAVIS, William - 50 Ky.
Elizabeth - 44 Tenn
James - 19 Mo.
Francis - 16 Ark.
Salina - 15 Ark.
Angeline - 13 Ark.
Emaline - 13 Ark.
Mary J. - 9 Mo.
Wiett - 6 Mo.
Thomas - 3 Mo.
HARP, Charlott - 9 N.C.

(Charlotte Harp sold land in Taney County, Mo. in 1858. The deed is recorded in Christian Co., Mo. in Book I. pg. 82, Office of Recorder. (At that date Christian Co., Mo. had not been organized. See copy of deed below:

"Know all men by these presents that I, CHARLOTh’E HARP of the County of Taney in the State of Missouri, have this day for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty Dollars, to said CHARLOTTE HARP, in hand, paid by Jesse Galloway of the County of Taney in the State of Missouri Granted Bargained and sold to and by these presents do Grant Bargain and sell unto the said Jesse Galloway the following described tract or parcel of land situated in the County of Taney in the State of Missouri:

The S. W. ¼ of the N. W. ¼ of the S. W. ¼, in Sec. 12, Township 25, Range 22.

"To have and to hold the premises hereby conveyed with all rights and priveleges and appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said Jesse Galloway his heirs and assigns forever . . . the said CHARLOTTE HARP hereby convenanting to and with the said Jesse Galloway his heirs and assigns for himself his heirs executioners and administrators and to warrant & defend the title to premises hereby conveyed against a claim by through or under herein. Witness whereof I have subscribed my name and affixed my seal this September the Third day of 1858"


Be it remembered that CHARLOTTE HARP who is personally known by the undersigned Justice of the Peace... appeared before me and acknowledged that she executed and delivered the same as her voluntary act and deed. . . given under my hand on this the third day of September 1858.

Francis K. Gideon, J. P. Johti Pettijohn, Clerk Filed and recorded January 4th 1866.

CHARLOTTE HARP - Estate Settlement

An estate settlement for Charlotte Harp was found in Christian Co., Mo. by Virginia Rollings of Springfield, Missouri in January 1983.

Thomas Jefferson Harp (her son) was administrator. Administration bond not dated. Levi Lewis signed the Administrator’s bond in the amount of six hundred dollars. Levie Lewis was probably the stepfather of Thomas J. Harps 3rd wife, Isabelle Gilbert.

The year of Charlotte Harp’s death is not clear, 1863? or 1865 (copy included). A notice of intent to administer estate was published on the 3rd day of April 1866. I believe the date of death was 1865.

Heirs named were: (Spelling corrected by me)
Winney Bohannan of Madison Co., Ark.
Wiett Harp, of South Carolina
Sarah Bilyeu, of Christian Co., Mo.
Elizabeth Davis, of Christian Co., Mo.
(James) Madison Harp, deceased; heirs, Christian Co., Mo.
Jane Whelchel, deceased, heir, Charles Whelchel
Susan(nah) Harp, of Newton County, Arkansas
Saline Cecil (Sissel is incorrect), deceased, heirs of
Newton County, Arkansas
Thomas J. Harp, of Christian Co., Mo.
Polly Dale, of Illinois
(Martha Harp Davis-Smith, not named, was deceased).
Appraisers of Estate: Isiah Stewart, J.W. McReynolds, P.W. McReynolds.
Inventory of Estate (Spelling corrected)

1 Chest - 1 Shovel
1 Kettle - 2 Chairs
1 Pair of Hooks - 1 Spinning Wheel
1 Pot - 1 Bedstead & Cord
1 County Pin? - 1 Pair Cards & Basket
2 Toilets - 3 Quilts
6 Dresses - 6 Plates
1 Cap & 1 Tablecloth - 3 Cups 3 Saucers
1 Riding Skirt - 1 Glass
1 Cow 1 Calf - 1 Large Tin Cup
1 Table & Cloth - 1 Earthen Crock
1 Potters Bucket - 1 Coffee Mill

1 Pair Scissors

Children as compiled from Census readings, Estate

Settlement, family members, of William and Charlotte

Harrison Harp:

A. HARP, Winnie Reddin, born 25 April 1805, married Henderson Bohannan

B. HARP, (female? Polly - Mary), born about 1807, married DALE

C. HARP, Sarah Frances, born 7 May 1810, married John W. BILYEU


D. HARP, Wiett, born about 1812 (census reading)

E. HARP, Jane, born about 1814 (census reading) married WHELCHEL

F. HARP, Elizabeth born Jan. 1816, married William DAVIS

G. HARP, Susannah, born about 1818, married WILLIAM HARP

H. HARP, Martha, born 31 July 1821, married first DAVIS; married second, Andrew SMITH

I. HARP, (male) unidentified

J. HARP, Sauna, born 4 May 1826, married first Martin L. CECIL; married second, William C. HENDERSON

K. HARP, Thomas Jefferson, born 4 July 1828, married 1st, Celia HARP; married 2nd, Rhoda WRIGHT; married 3rd, Isabella GILBERT

L. HARP, James Madison, born about 1829, married Elizabeth GUTURIE.

Records of children follow:


A. HARP,Winnie Reddin, born 23 August 1805 in North Carolina (Granville County? -her parents were married in Granville County, N.C. in November 1804) Died 5 February 1895 on Bohannan Mountain west of Huntsville, Madison Co., Ark. She died the night of the "Black Snow," an accumulation of an inch of black soil and snow which fell on top of an almost 15 inch snow, when the temperature was around zero. It was said to have been very cold all during the month of February.

Winnie was buried in Bohannan Mountain Cemetery on top of Bohannan Mountain, where her husband was buried and several of their descendants.

No date or place for their marriage has been found at this date. They were probably married in Overton County, Tennessee. Early records there were burned.

BOHANNAN, Henderson, born 25 April 1805 in Tennessee (according to Census records). Died 5 December 1877, Huntsville, Arkansas. Burial in Bohannan Cemetery.

No census reading has been found for Henderson Bohannan before 1840.

Record of the Bible of Henderson and Winnie


HENDERSON BOHANNAN, born 25 April, 1805.
WINNY BOHANNAN, born 23 August, 1805
JOHN B. BOHANNAN, born 18 August, 1824
William HENDERSON BOHANNAN, born 5 Feb., 1826
Martha Jane BOHANNAN, born 29 Aug., 1833 (Bohannan marked out and Saulsberry written above)
William Henderson BOHANNAN, bomb Nov., (page torn) 184
Winny BOHANNAN, born 1 Sept. (page torn) 184

Hiram CLARK, died 19 Oct., 1837*
Wmnney R. BOHANNAN, died 5 Feb. 1895
*Relationship of Hiram Clark is not known to descendants, if there was any. (Bible in possession of Mrs. Allie Richardson, descendant of Henderson and Winnie Bohannan).
1840 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle Twp
BOHANNAN, Henderson, age - 30-40

Female, - 30-40
2 males, age - 15-20
1 male, age - 5-10
Female, age - 15-20
Female, age - 10-15

1850 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle Nov. 12
Household #667
BOHANNAN, John B. 26 M Tenn.
Mary 24 F md.
William 6 M Ark.
Thomas 3 M Ark.
Barbara 3/12 F Ark.
BOHANNAN, Winnie 45 F Tenn.

(Mother of John B. Her state of birth is incorrect. Henderson Bohannan had gone to Calif. for the gold rush).

1860 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle Twp. #1017
BOHANNAN, Henderson 55 M Tenn.
Winnie 55 F NC
Nancy A. 8 F Ark.
BOHANNAN, Susan* 7 F Va.
*Mother of Henderson, Winnie is listed as a midwife. Henderson had property worth $1,410 and Real Estate worth $4,000.

1870 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle, 28 July, Property of $7000.
BOHANNAN, Henderson 65 Tenn.
Winnie (Blind) 65 NC
KELSEY, Sarah 18 Ark.(servant)

1880 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle, #232
BOHANNAN, William 54 Tenn.
Sarah 1. 34 Mo.
Nancy A. 18 Ark.
Alice 13 Ark.


Marion 8 Ark.
Millard 5 Ark.
BOHANNAN, Winnie 74 Tenn. [Birth state should be N.C.)

Winnie was also listed in a census reading of 1880 in a home in Eureka Springs, Ark.

1880 Census, Carroll Co., Ark. June 7, Pg. 16. #131
WAHLQUIST, N.H. 53 Sweden
Ruth (HARP) 47 Ark.
William H. 12 Mo.
George W. 10 Mo.
Charles W. 8 Mo.

BOHANNAN, Winnie 74 NC (Winnie was a boarder, using the healing waters of the springs in Eureka Springs for her eyes. Ruth was the daughter of Thomas and Abby (Abigail)? HARP. Thomas was probably brother to Wifi jam Harp, father of Winnie Harp Bohannan).

N. H. Wahlquist was a Tailor born in Sweden. We do not know who the extra people were in the

home of Henderson and Winnie Harp Bohannan in 1840.

Henderson Bohannan and some of the brothers and other relatives of Winnie had gone to Calif. in the Spring of 1850. See record of James M. Harp.

The two children of Henderson and Winnie Bohannan were:

I. BOHANNAN, John B, born Aug. 1824 in Tenn. Died 26 March 1852 of Whooping cough and measles in Madison Co., Ark. Married Mary Elizabeth TERRY.

II. BOHANNAN, William Henderson, born 5 February 1826 in Tenn.; Died 30 October 1889 in Madison Co., Ark. Married Elizabeth HARP. Married 2nd, Sarah Jane McNATT.

See additional records below:

I. BOHANNAN, John B. was buried in Bohannan Cemetery, on Bohannan Mountain, Madison County, Ark. His wife, TERRY, Mary, Elizabeth was born about 1826 in Indiana. She married 2nd, after John B. died a Mr. Woodard and had three more children: Tina, Liz & Joe Woodard. Children of John and Mary were:

1. BOHANNAN, William, born about 1846 in Madison Co., Ark. Died an infant

(probably the one listed in Bible of Henderson Bohannan).

2. BOHANNAN, Thomas M., born 20 may 1848 in Madison County Ark. See record below.

3. BOHANNAN, Barbara, born about 1850; died an infant.

4. BOHANNAN, Nancy A., born about 1852. Married John Bethel. See record below.

2. BOHANNAN, Thomas M., born 1848 on Bohannan Mountain, in Madison Co., Ark. died 5 July 1918, Bohannan Mountain, Madison Co., Ark. Burial there. He was married to Margaret J. HARPER, born 4 November 1851 in Warren Co., Tenn.; died 28 Aug. 1906 (daughter of Hem-don Titus Harper and Mary ROMANS Harper). They had six children, all born in Madison Co., Ark.

BOHANNAN, Dr. John Herndon, born in January 1880; died 1962 in Berryville, Carroll Co., Ark. buried in the Berryville Cemetery. Married 1 March 1901 Bertha THOMPSON, born 1886; died 1916. Married 2nd Emma BUNCH (daughter of N.C. and Martha JOHNSON BUNCH) Bertha was daughter of Henry L. Thompson of Huntsville, Ark.) Dr. John H. Bohannan practiced his profession in Berryville for many years. His four children were: Geraldine who married M. E. ERICKSON; Ruby A., born 1903, married Paul F. ARNOLD; Albert Edwin, married Thelma DAVIDSON and was in Berryvile, Ark. in 1969; John, an invalid, did not marry.

BOHANNAN, Dr. William T., a dentist. Married 17 April 1912, Ora FRITTS (daughter of Charles Lafayette and Easter Jane JONES Fritts). Resided in Dallas, Texas in 1969. Had children:

Gladys, married Laymon J. WALKER and Jane, married E.E. TUCKER.

BOHANNAN, Charles H., born 1882; Married 24 December, 1908 Lane DYER. Last known residence, in Calif.

BOHANNAN, James Edward, born 16 March 1890; died 24 Sept. 1958 at Fullerton Calif. Married Flossie______; one son was Rex BOHANNAN.

BOHANNAN, M. E., born and died in 1878;

BOHANNAN, M. M., born 2 April 1887; died 2 April 1887. Both buried in Bohannan Cemetery, Madison Co., Ark.

4. BOHANNAN, Nancy A., (daughter of John B. and Mary TERRY Bohannan), born about 1852 in Madison Co., Ark.

Married John C. BETHEL, born about 1848 in Ark.


Mr. Bethel was a Baptist minister. They moved to Okia. soon after 1880. The 1880 census of Madison Co., Ark. shows them with four children: BETHEL, William T., born about, 1873; John Martin, about 1876; James Edward, about 1877 and Sophronis J. born in March 1880.

II. BOHANNAN, William Henderson, (son of Henderson and Winnie R. HARP Bohannan), born 5 February 1826, in Tennessee; died 30 October 1889 on

Bohannan Mountain, Madison Co., Ark. Burial in Bohannan Mountain Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Jane HARP, born 15 September 1829 in Tennessee; died July 9, 1870; burial in Bohannan Cemetery. (daughter of William T. HARP and Mary Jane WORKMAN Harp). They had nine children.

William Henderson Bohannan married 2nd, Sarah Jane McNA’TT and had four more children.

1850 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle Twp. #689
BOHANNAN, Wm. H.23 Teun.

Elizabeth 21 Ark.
John 4 Ark.
Caroline 2 Ark.
Thomas 1 Ark.

1880 Census, Madison Co., Ark. War Eagle, Farmer. June #232
BOHANNAN, William H. 54 Tenn.

Sarah J. 34 Ind.
Nancy A. 18 Ark.
Alice 13 Ark.
Marion 8 Ark.
Millard 5 Tenn.
BOHANNAN, Winnie 74 Teun.
(she was born in North Carolina. The children of William H. Bohannan: (nine by first and four by second wife).

1. BOHANNAN, John H., born 3 December 1846. Married Retta Melinda HARPER:

2. BOHANNAN, Winnie Carolina, born 28 Febuary 1846? Died 27 December 1851.

3. BOHANNAN, Thomas M., born about 1849 in Madison Co., Ark. Married Elizabeth THORNBERG.

4. BOHANNAN, William Nelson, born 29 August 1851. Married Martha Evaline McNATh

5. BOHANNAN, Elizabeth Martha Jane, born 12 May 1853. Married 1st, James B. DAVIS; married 2nd Benjamin B. DAVIS, cousin to James B. Davis.

6. BOHANNAN, James Riley, born about 1859. Married Randa OUTLAND.

7. BOHANNAN, Nancy Ann, born about 1862. Unmarried.

8. BOHANNAN, Arminda Ellen, born 9 July 1864. Married Daniel RICHARDSON.

9. BOHANNAN, Alice Adeline, born about 1867. Married James Ross GASKILL.

10. BOHANNAN, Marion C., born about 1871.

11. BOHANNAN, Millard L., born about 1874. Married Stella TENPENNY.

12. BOHANNAN, Mack L., born about 1882. Married Cora E. THOMPSON.

13. BOHANNAN, Wyatt, born about 1887. Unmarried. Records for some of these children are below:

1. BOHANNAN, John H., born 3 Dec. 1846 on Bohannan Mountain Madison Co., Ark. Died 5 July 1915 at Huntsville, Madison Co., Ark. Burial in Bohannan Mt. Cemetery, Madison Co., Ark. Married 1 Nov. 1866, Madison Co., Ark. Retta Melinda "Lynn" HARPER, who was born 3 March 1847 in Warren Co., Teun. Died 3 Jan. 1925 Madison Co., Ark. (daughter of Herndon T. and Mary ROMANS Harper). They had two children:

BOHANNAN, (an infant which died, second child); BOHANNAN, Stella May, born 23 May 1881, Huntsville, Ark. Died 12 June 1962. Married 13 June 1897, James Moses EVANS and had nine children: EVANS, Floribia, born 6 June 1898, Huntsville, Ark. died at birth: Riby, born 10 Aug. 1899, Huntsville, Ark. married George MILLER: Vernon Ellis, born 29 Dec. 1901, Huntsville, Ark. Married Faye ; Analee, born 5 Nov. 1910, Bohannan Mountain, Madison Co., Ark.; Thelma, born 12 Dec. 1912 on Bohannan Mountain, married _______ BROOKS; Irma, born 31 Dec. 1914, Bohannan Mt., married Vivan RHODES, a minister; Pansy, born 27 Feb. 1916, Bohannan Mt. Did not marry; Lorene and Maxine, (twins), born 4 November 1918, Bohannan Mt. Both unmarried.

3. BOHANNAN, Thomas M. "Red," born about 1849 on Bohannan Mountain, Madison Co., Ark. Died 1889, Madison Co., Ark. Burial in Phillips Cemetery about one and one half mile west of Huntsville, Ark. Married Elizabeth THORN-BERG, born about, 1849 in Missouri; died 1888 in Madison Co., Ark. She is buried beside husband.

1880 Census, Christian Co., Mo. Lynn Twp. June 3, #60:
BOHANNAN, Thomas 30 M Ark. Farmer
Elizabeth 30 F Mo. (wife)
William W. 10 M Ark. (son)


Georgia A. 6 F Ark. (daughter)
Florence R. 5 F Ark. (daughter)
James G. 4 M Ark. (son)
Martha L. 2 F Ark. (daughter)

HARP, Thomas 20 M Ark. (?son of James Madison Harp and Elizabeth GUTHRIE HARP.

The 10 children of Thomas and Elizabeth Thornberg Harp.

BOHANNAN, William W "Blunik", born in March 1870 in Ark. Married 1st, Ann MOUSER; 2nd, Lou DAVIS Whittimore.

BOHANNAN, John Madison "John Matt", born 29 March 1884.

BOHANNAN, Georgia Ann, born about 1872 in Ark. Married Will JOHNSON.

BOHANNAN, Florence Rose, born about 1875 in Ark. Married Bob WILKERSON.

BOHANNAN, James Garfield "Gar", born about 1876 in Ark. Married Mina HARP in Cedarville, Kansas.

BOHANNAN, Martha Lulu, born about 1878 in Ark. Married Aaron HOWARD.

BOHANNAN, Dolly, married 1st, Dan FRIEND, 2nd, Truman BURBRIDGE, Sr. The Burbridges’ resided in th Aurora, Missouri area. Mr. Burbridge had married, and was father of several children. Dolly was step-mother of Truie, Vein, Troy and other children of Burbridge.

BOHANNAN, Edwin J., born 14 April 1886 in Ark. Died 22 Jan. 1961. married _______ BEARD, daughter of Si.

BOHANNAN, Mary E., born about 1867, died infant. BOHANNAN, (daughter), born 16 Oct. 1873, Ark. Died

20 July 1874. Burial in Phillips Cemetery.

4. BOHANNAN, William Nelson "Buck," born 29 August 1851 in Madison Co., Ark. Died 1913. Marridin 1870 Martha E. McNATT.

5. BOHANNAN, Elizabeth Martha Jane "Matt", born 12 May 1853 in Madison Co., Ark. Died 19 January 1919 on Bohannan Mt. Cemetery (son of William and Carolina BLACK WELL Davis). Married 2nd Benjamin B. DAVIS, cousin to James B. Davis.

Bohannan Mountain Cemetery (son of William and Carolina BLACK WELL Davis). Married 2nd Benjamin B. DAVIS, cousin to James B. Davis.

Children of James B. and Elizabeth Davis: (all born on Brushy Creek, Madison Co., Ark.), and children of Benjamin B. and Elizabeth Davis.

DAVIS, Elizabeth C. "Liz", born 1870, died in Oregon. Married Hugh LAIRD.

DAVIS, Winnie Elritta, born 1873. Died in Okla. Married James Thomas HARRISON.

DAVIS, Mary Ozina, born 22 May 1874. Died 12 Oct. 1904. Married 17 April 1890, Francis Marion Gaskill. One of their sons is James Hugh Gaskill of Guthrie, Okla. He and wife Rosa Gaskill did the research for the family of Henderson and Winnie R. HARP Bohannan.

DAVIS, John Riley, born 3 April 1876. Died 26 May 1951. Married Ella Elizabeth HARPER. Children of 2nd husband:

DAVIS, infant, which died.

DAVIS, Willis Oscar, born 6 March 1878. Died 20 Jan. 1965. Married 14 March 1901, Pearl Myrtle HARRISON.

DAVIS, Thomas Burton "Burt", born 30 Jan. 1880. Died 11 July 1956 in Calif. Married 12 Nov. 1899, Ella May TENPENNY.

DAVIS, infant, died.

DAVIS, Etta Edna "Etter", born 14 Aug. 1884. Died 9 June 1962. Married 22 Nov. 1899 William W. BOYD.

DAVIS, Benjamin Newton, "Newt," born 1888. Died 30 May 1923. Unmarried.

11. BOHANNAN, Millard L., (son of William H. and Sarah J. McNATT Bohannan), born 1874. Died 1944, and buried in Bohannan Mt. Cemetery, Madison Co., Ark. Married 6 Aug. 1974, Estalla A. TENPENNY (daughter of William David Tenpenny & Teresa M. BROWN Tenpenny). Their children:

BOHANNAN, Thelma Jewell, born 25 Aug. 1905, Madison Co., Ark. Married 25 Sept. 1926, Eugune J. LANEY and had children: Hershel Millard; Kenneth Eugene; Estella Ann; Olen Keith. On 16 July 1959 five members were killed in an automobile accident in Calif. while beginning the journey home to Arkansas after a visit in Calif. with their relatives.

BOHANNAN, Levy Larkin, married 25 April 1931, Madison Co., Ark. Pearl L. McCOY. Their children: Gwendolyn Annette, born 21 Feb. 1935, Madison Co., Ark. married Gordon SQUIRES; Billy, born 14 Feb. 1932, Madison Co., Ark., married in Calif. 7 June 1957, Mary H. HOPPER of Missouri; Ronald Levy, born 18 Feb. 1945, Fullerton, Calif. Married Nancy HUTTON; Sharon Elaine born 7 May 1954, Fullerton, Calif. Not married in 1968.


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