Volume 9, Number 4 - Summer 1986

Transcribed by Bill and. Vera Wood, Strafford, Missouri

THE PAST IN REVIEW . News items from the TANEY COUNTY REPUBLICAN, published in Forsyth, Missouri, beginping November 28, 1895 with a subscription price of $1.00, in advance. The date of the paper precedes the news items appearing in that issue. (Notes Errors in reporting or printing were made, just as in current newspapers.)

October 5, 1899
Calvin, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. KINYON, died Friday.

October 12, 1899
A sad bit of news comes from Kirbyville The death of John OLIVER, Dovie his wife, and one child, all occurred last Friday from typhoid.

November 2, 1899
John MACKEY, merchant at BradJ.eyville, died Sunday night. By his death, Taney County has lost a highly respected citizen and the Republican party, a staunch supporter.

November 9, 1899
H. F. DISBROW disposes of his flouring mill property to Messers, J.C. PARRISH, S.W. BOSWELL, I. H. ARNOLD and A. L. PARRISH. The new proprietors have secured the services of L · H. REYNOLDS, one of the best millers in Southwest Missouri The mill will be throughly overhauled and new and additional machinery will be added as the occasion demands. During the dry weather next summer the old dam will be torn out and a more modern and desirable one will be built. Mr. DISBROW will seek a new location outside the county and perhaps the state. During his stay here he made many warm friends.

November 16, 1899
The Chadwick Hotel, lately opened by Mr G~C. WHARTON, will be found a very desirable place to stop.

The partnership existing between J .C. JOHNSON, Sr., J.C. JOHNSON, Jr. and B. F. DAVIDSON in the general merchandise business, at Kissee Mills, has been dissolved and all debts contracted by said firm will be paid by J. C. JOHNSON and Son, who will continue the business.

November 23, 1899
After a journey of 36 days by wagon, Mr. Levi NEISWENDER and family, his sonin-law, G~.A. OUTLAND and wife, arrived here from Paulding County, Ohio last Saturday. Mr. NEISWENI)ER was here last August and purchased the James GRAVES farm four miles northeast of Forsyth. Mr. OUTLAND will look up a location in this county and go into the grocery business as he has already had several years experience in that line.

Mr. H. F. DISBROW has purchased a flouring mill in Alma, Kansas, and expects to move his family there soon.

November 30, 1899
Johnson BOLES keeps an excellent hotel at Chadwick.

December 7, 1899
Mrs. Martha HENDRIX, mother of Mrs. J.W. HUGHES & Mrs. J. C. JOHNSON, Jr., died at the home of her eldest daughter, Mrs. A. G. ADAMS at Garrison, on Nov. 30th. She was about 50 years of age. and leaves a husband and nine children. Burial was near her home in Douglas County.

D. F. McCONKEY, Postmaster

December 28, 1899
Johnson BOLES sold out his hotel business at Chadwick to Mr. C. C. WHARTON, proprietor of the Chadwick Hotel.

January 4, 1900
John GIMLIN, son of George GIMLIN of lower Swan, was accidently shot in the


left wrist Tuesday morning and the arm had to be amputated.

January 11, 1900
Travelers Attention! I have put in a new boat and rigging at the old and well-known Long’s Ferry site on White River. This ferry is located on the best and traveled road between Chadwick, Lead Hill and Yellville, Arkansas. You will always find a man at the helm. W. L. PHUMPHREY

February 1, 1900
Beaver Items: The twins born to Mrs. John C. CLARK, survived only one day and night. They were buried on the farm where the Clarks reside.

February 22, 1900
Frank GLADSON died at home of Mrs. Ellen WOOD, in east part of town Saturday, of typhoid fever, aged 33 years, 6 months, and 8 days. Deceased lived in and around Forsyth for 25 years · He leaves a wife and two children.

March 8, 1900
Thomas NASH, aged about 17 years, died at the home of his father on Bull Creek, of pneumonia.

April .5, 1900
Mrs. Polly A. CLINE, aged 76 years, six months, died at home of her youngest son Jas. P. CLINE~of Charity, Missouri. The deceased was mother of four boys and two girls; R. W. CLINE, one of the boys lives in Forsyth. Deceased and her husband, Isaac P. CLINE, moved from east Tennessee in 1852 to Missouri where they entered government land in Dallas County, where they lived until death. Jas. P. CLINE will attend to estate.

April 12, 1900
John GIBSON died of Pneumonia fever at his home near Swan on April 4th. He was 31 yrs, 2 mos & 21 days, just in the prime of life. He was honored and respected by all who knew him and he left a wife and two small boys.

April 19, 1900
Jimmie. the 12 year old son of U. C. and and Adelaide CROSS, and a grandson of J. C. JOHNSON, died on April 9th of whooping cough and pneumonia.

April 26, 1900
Dr. F. V. BALDWIN has placed a new ferry boat on the White River, just a few yards below the Tolerton ferry, and expects to have it in operation after he secures a license from the county court. Messrs. W. P. HENSLEY and A. J. BREEDON built the boat and did a very creditable job.

May 17, 1900
Swan Items: The Improvised Mining Company of St. Joseph, Missouri is sinking a shaft on the Burger land and though but a few days at work, were 25 feet deep at noon Saturday.

Another Old Veteran Gone? Lysander H · JENNINGS died Tuesday 15th of May. He was born in Virginia Nov. 13, 1823 and located in this vicinity October 1832, and since that time he has been an honored citizen of Taney County. He married Mary A. BROWN, Sept. 7, 1848 and reared a family of five daughters and three sons, all of which survive him: Mrs. J.B. BOSWELL; Mrs. R.K. HOWARD; Mrs. J.C. PARRISH; Mrs. C.H. GROOM; Miss Mattie JENNINGS; Horatio S. JENNINGS; Jesse M. JENNINGS and Thomas F · JENNINGS are the children of above marriage. All reside in Taney County except H.S. and Jesse M. Mrs. J. U. WYATT of this county, and Z. D. JENNINGS of Stone County are sister and brother of deceased. The wife of the deceased died five years ago. Mr. JENNINGS served his country in the Civil War in Capt. GALLOWAY’s Greene County, Missouri Home Guards, and his grandfather, Thomas JENNINGS was a Revolutionary soldier.

May 31, 1900
Mr. E. B. WRIGHT, who lived four miles above Branson on the river, died Sunday the 27th. Mr. WRIGHT was about 83 yrs. of age and was an old and respected citizen of Taney County.

to be continued


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