Volume 1, Number 4 - Summer 1962

You Can Help

As your White River Valley Historical Society enters its second year, there is much you can do to help in the Society's ex pressed function of discovering and collecting any material which establishes or illustrates the history of the area. Manuscripts in all fields—histories of pioneer families, reminiscences of the early days, histories of schools, churches, cemeteries, businesses and professions, or communities as a whole—are needed, as well as old photographs and documents for a permanent collection or temporary loan.

The Society has the US Census Reports for Taney County, Missouri, for 1840, the 1850 white and slave portions, and will soon have the 1860 census report of the white population. Still needed is $5 to purchase the slave portion for 1860, as well as donations toward obtaining reports to build a file for Taney and adjacent counties in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Since our financial year ended June 30, it's time now to send your membership dues for 1962- 63 to the Secretary, Elmo Ingenthron, Forsyth, Missouri. Consider becoming a Sustaining Member ($5), as these and the Business and Professional Memberships are the ones which make it possible for the Society to expand.

There are many unmarked historic sites in the White River Valley. As an individual or as a member of a civic organization, you can help in promoting contributions toward the cost of markers. The Society will provide the necessary research and will assist in all details.

In addition to these few suggestions of things which need doing, there are as many more ideas about work to be done as there are members, and many of you will agree with the June 1962 Reader's Digest article which says that the opportunities of being a "History Hunter" are plentiful, and so are the rewards.


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