Volume 1, Number 3 - Spring 1962


The White River Valley Historical Society held its winter meeting in the Community Building at Branson, Missouri on March 4th. Fred DeArmond of Springfield, Missouri gave a most interesting talk to the members and guests on the Grandeur and Misery of the Civil War.

The society will soon be in possession of the 1850 census records of Taney County, thanks to Mrs. Carl Bledsoe of Aroya, Colorado. She contributed the money to purchase the microfilm containing the census of both white and slave population. Your President is making arrangements for copying the census from the micro film through the courtesy of the Springfield Public Library. In 1850 all of Stone County and much of Christian County was still in Taney County. It is hoped that the society can build a census file of Taney County and adjacent counties as rapidly as possible. This would be a valuable reference source and of great value to the membership of the society working in geneology.

The Society is deeply grateful to Gene Geer of Ozark, Missouri for his most interesting article on the old Marley family and their slaves. We are most grateful to Mr. Geer for his help in editing and typing part of the manuscripts used in this issue of the Quarterly. We are hopeful that t h e historical society can be of service to the people of Christian County and that each issue can carry one or more articles from its historic past.

The historical society now has more than three hundred members representing many walks of life and living through out the United States and one foreign country.

Many hours of work on the part of Mrs. Luke Standlee, Treasurer, and her daughter, Miss Jo Ann Standlee, have resulted in the setting up of a permanent membership file for the White River Valley Historical Society. Each member's record is now quickly available, and entries for advance payment of dues for years ahead may be made. There are several persons who have al ready submitted membership dues for the next year, which will begin on July 1, 1962.

June 25th will mark the first birthday of the Society. An infant organization is largely dependent upon faith and confidence in those who supply the needed nurture in the form of contributions of money and work, since there is no past record to which one can 'point with pride.' There is now at least a one year record of which the Board of Directors are quite proud, for it shows concrete evidence of vital interest and action in furtherance of the Society's objectives.

As the time draws near to re new memberships, members now on the roll are assured that the fourth issue of the Quarterly--the summer issue-- will be included as part of their first year's payment of dues. At the same time, the plea is entered that all those who can afford to pay the sustaining member ship fee of five dollars for the coming year do so, thus doing the Society a great service. The one dollar membship is not adequate to cover costs, and it is only through the kindness of those subscribing to, sustaining or Business and Professional memberships, that it has been possible to publish the quarterly. The one dollar membership is available so that interest, rather than financial considerations, will control membership. Many are unable to pay more. The Society depends for its continuance upon the generosity of those who will subscribe at the higher rate.


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