Volume 3, Number 5 - Winter 1969

The Editor Speaks

Mrs. George Eastham, of Chico, Calif., writes, "I am pleased with the Spring Issue of the Quarterly. I was particularly interested in the letter from Ida Belle McGill. I used to live at Bee Creek and went to my first term of school there. I vividly recall the name of McGill. I thought that Winnie McGill was the prettiest and kindest woman I had ever met. I longed to grow up and be like she was. I remember her husband was Arlie. I recall the name Robert McGill, but have no other recollection of him.

"My mother, Mrs. Tilden (Maude Denny) McCord, is now living near me and has been since she was left a widow in 1967. She reads the Quarterlies from cover to cover, then often rereads some of the articles."

Elmo Ingenthron sent to me the material about Frederick Page Branson which he received from Mrs. Sidney H. Ruskin of Decatur, Ga., a member of the WRVHS. She adds "whose family tree has Bransons".

Elmo explained, "You know the State of Georgia supplied us some historical back ground. John Forsyth, for which Forsyth was named, was a member of Andrew Jackson's Cabinet and was from Georgia. As far as I know he was never here. But two Forsyth members of that famous old family were Generals in our U. S. Army. Certainly from all the counties and towns named Forsyth that old family must have had some strong-will characters in it."


Will everyone please note... Material for publication must be typed unless it be of less than two pages; that all material must be double spaced; that we can run no family tree unless in paragraph form. We have neither space nor money to pay type setter to set up a family tree sent to us in chart form.

Donald Pharis, president of the Clay County Museum Association, tells me they run a Biographical Sketch on a pioneer Clay County family in their museum letters each month. This month on the 'Duncan Family in Clay County.' Their programs draw a good membership. Kermit Karnes, past president of the Heart of America Geneological Society, discussed "Tracing Your Family". The February program was "Education Around the Watkins Mills", by Lee Oberholtz.

Will whosoever sent me the material "The Name and Family of Carver"... Please write to tell me the connection with the White River Valley Historical Society area... or ask for the material to be returned and send postage please.

Mrs. Estella Williams of Kanarraville, Utah, seeks information on the Hardin Parill family who lived at Pine Ridge; and of the Lutterel family that lived on Blue Creek. She thinks these places were near Swan.

Wm. L. Wood of Kansas City says, "We just received our latest White River Valley Historical Quarterly and wish to say we have enjoyed it immensely. Especially did we enjoy the article by Mr. Charles L. Grimm on the James Cook Family of Taney County as I am a descendant of James Cook, Sr.

Charles L. Grimm, Orange, Calif. writes, "You are doing a fine job... John L. Cook, a Democrat, was elected sheriff on a non-partisan ticket. You may know why."


Mrs. Carl Sims, Sedalia, says: "We are pleased to have the Quarterly even once a year. I am sending our dues early. We need to keep the society going. I am hopeful that we can establish a museum somewhere down there. The tourists would surely enjoy that as would our children and children's children.

"We are, as Roy Stout says, 'Misplaced Taney Countians', but hope 'the lord willin' and the crick don't rise' some day to return. My husband, Carl, is of the Cook and Sims lineage. Those stories in the last two magazines were just wonderful. Carl is a grandson of William B. Sims. My mother's people homesteaded on Swan Creek. They, too, came from Kentucky. I hope soon to have a story for you on them for the Quarterly.

The pictures on page 9 are of "Joe of the Ozarks" whose story ran in the past issues of the Quarterly. Pearl Hodges spent much time gathering the pictures and information. You figure her relation to "Joe". I think he was her step-grandfather.

Jewell Ross Mehus

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