Volume 3, Number 1 - Winter 1967-68

The Dye Family

Compiled and Edited by Bertha (Dye) Larson (Page 10) And Dedicated to the Dyes, Past, Present and Future


The Dye family came to Missouri from Kentucky in the early part of the nineteenth century. They came by wagon train, by way of the present site of Springfield, Missouri, which then consisted of one lone log cabin. The route must have been very near the present U. S. 166 highway.

They had trouble at Turnback, so named because so many turned back when Wilson Creek was in flood.

In the train was also the Dobbs family. William Dye and Kizzy Dobbs are the first generation of this record.

The family settled in Christian Co, Mo. Later went to Joplin. They were principally miners and most of the men at some time of their lives ~worked in the mines at Joplin and later in the Aurora mines. The Aurora mines closed during the First World War so they turned to other occupations. The family moved some before the war, to Christian County after the civil war. When the doctor ordered the men out of the mines, one son, Columbus Dye, remained in Joplin and later died of lead poisoning as did his sons. We have no further record of this branch of the family.

Although our beginnings, in Missouri, were at Joplin where most of the second and third generations were born, Christian County and Aurora, in Lawrence County, played a large part in the lives of the family. Christian County celebrates its centennial this summer, 1959. Several Dye families remain in Christian County at the present time.

Of the second generation, we have very skimpy records of William Tayler Dye and family, "Sis" Dye and Mary Dye McReynolds.

We have no birthdate record of either William Dye or Kizzy Dobbs Dye, however, William Dye died December 29, 1867 of a head injury suffered during the civil war. Kizzy Dye, who was quite old, died in 1899. They are both buried in a small cemetery, the Carter Cemetery in Christian County.

Kizzy Dye had a brother, George Dobbs, who in later life settled in Springfield, which had grown into large town. We know nothing of his descendents. She had a sister, Martha Dobbs, who married John Bright and to this union were born three sons, John Wesley, Andrew, and George Bright. Nothing more is known of this family except that John Wesley married a daughter of "Black" Bill Gidion. John Bright died around 1902 and Martha a few years later, both were rather old.

William Dye had a brother, Elmer Dye, who went to Arkansas when the family came to Missouri and nothing was ever heard of him.

As to politics, the first and second generations were evidently Republicans as they were union soldiers.

The first and second generation were predominatly Baptists but the third and succeeding generations branched out to include: Methodist, Presbyterian, Cumberland Presbyterian, Christian Evangelical-United Brethern, Catholic, Church of Christ and Nazarine.

Credit goes to my cousins, sisters and my father, Walter Dye, without whose help this would have been impossible.

I thank you all.

Bertha Larson


William Dye
Died Dec. 29, 1867
Married Kizzy Dodds
Died 1899
Buried Carter Cemetery Christian Co. Mo.
Tabitha Dye
Born 1856
Died 1917
Married Milo Stewart
Con't. on page 19
William Taylor Dye
MarriedMiss Gideon
Charls Dye, Deceased
Columbus Dye
James Wesley Dye (Tank)
Born March 12, 1861
Died Oct. 2,1955
Spokane, Missouri
Married Ella Arterberry,
May 13, 1888
Died 1953

Buried Spokane MO.
Con't. on page 22
John Henry Dye
Born Jan. 2, 1844
Died March 8, 1909 (paralytic stroke) Anadarko, Okia.
Married Martha Ann
Born June 19, 1839
Died March 14, 1928

John H. Dye
Martha A. Dye
Buried in Block 1
Anadarko City Cemetery Anadarko, Okla.

Mary Dye
Married Will Mc Reynolyds
Fletcher Mc Reynolds
Doc Mc Reynolds
Charles Mc Reynolds
William Mc Reynolds
John Mc Reynolds
Two more boys.
Two grandchildren,
Purd and Ida Mc Reynolds
"Sis" Dye
Billy Dye
Sam Dye
Burton Dye
Two girls
Columbus Dye  

Minnie Dye
Born, November 6,1864
Died February 24,1944, Berkley California
Married L. T. (Bud) Matthews
Died Janurary 16, 1934 in San Francisco, California


Alice Dye
Born December 20, 1866 Joplin Mo.
Died, July 22, 1929, Greenville, Texas
Married, Edward Everett Patterson, a newspaper editor at Ozark MO.


William and Kizzy Dye

John Henry Dye and Martha Ann Dye

William Henry Dye
Born, April 7,1869
Died September 18, 1954, Bakersfield, California
Married, Lilly Cole Born 1868
Died, March 5,1904
Marrid, Ellen Robinson (Divorced)
Married, Gracie - - - -
Died, August 27, 1958



Minnie Dye
Born, Nov. 6, 1864
Died, Feb. 23, 1944
Married, L. T. Matthews, May 22, 1881

NOTE: Roscoe was a fine penman. He taught penmanship in Quincy, Illinois and for years filled in the high school diplomas Aurora.
Sarah Belle Dye
Born, June 20, 1871
Died, February 27, 1934, Raytown, Missouri (Cancer)
Married, William J. Larkins, Missouri
Alonza (Lon) Columbus Dye
Born, May 22, 1873
Died, May 6,1946, Reedsport, Oregon (Heart failure)
Married, Daisy Pryer
Walter Blain Dye
Born, May 2,1876 Died Dec 14, 1959
Married, Henrietta Gill, July, 1895
Born, November 7, 1878, Sherman, Texas
Died, October 9,1957, Fresno, California
Orda Enoch Dye
Born May 28, 1880
Died, May 16, 1930, Calif. (Brain tumor)
Married, Effie Rexroad -Spokane, Mo.
Born, March 1,1881
Died, October, 1941

William C. Matthews,
Berkley, Calif. . . a retired teacher
Born March 1,1881
Died July 18, 1965
Santa Barbra, Calif.
Married Florence Ward,
November 1 1920
No children
Roscoe Lee Matthews
Born,March 16 1886,
Aurora, Missouri
Died March 24, 1941,
San Francisco, Calif.
Married, Ethelda May
Wheat, March 26, 1907
Born April 2,1888
Died April 10, 1926
Married, Lesta Hillhouse,
about 1928.

No children.

Adopted Virginia Ruth about 1918

Charm Matthews
Born, June 2,1888, Mo.
Died August 23, 1927,
Married Jess Kinney,
March 26, 1907(Divorced)
Married, Gus Worth, 1926
Glenn Matthews Kinney
Born, June 10, 1909
Married Dorthy --
one child, Neil Kinney. Born March 14, 1943
Mina Ruth Matthew
Born, Sept. 5, 1896
Married, Moore Rose
No children
Claudia Matthews
Born, 1882
DIED, 1884 (about)

Twins and two other children died in infancy.


Alice Dye
Born Dec. 20, 1866 Joplin, Mo.
Died, July, 22, 1929, Greenville,
Married E. E. Patterson Ozark,
NOTE: Alice Patterson died of Bright's disease Alice and E. E. Patterson Are buried at Greenville Texas
Ethel Patterson, a teacher
Born, July 14, 1887, Ozark, Mo.
Married, Robert McWhriter
Feb. 2, 1910
Died Feb. 20, 1963
Elhelda McWhirter a teacher
born Jan. 29, 1912, Texas
Married, J. Travis Poole,
Feb. 2, 1935

Ethel Ann Poole
Born, May 23, 1939
Married, Larry Ford
Larry Ford, Jr.
Born, June 5, 1958
Travis Mc Whirter Poole Born, April 18, 1943  

Jonathan Robert Poole Born, Oct. 23, 1946
Robert McWhirter, F.B.I.
Born, Sept. 1, 1916, Texas
Married Trellis Jean
Conger, June 15, 1940
Alice Jean Mc Whirter
Born, Aug. 22, 1942
Linda Conger Mc Whirter
Born, Oct. 19, 1946
Imogene Patterson, a teacher
Born, March 14, 1908, Anadarko,
Married, Harry H. Harris, Texas
No children

Harold Patterson
Died in infancy
William Henry Dye
Born, April 7, 1869
Died Sept. 18, 1954
Married, Lilly Cole
Died, March 5, 1904
Ada Dimple Dye
Born, December 9, 1865
Married Elmer F. Eggers
Born, July 6, 1891
Harold Franklin Eggers
Born, June 4, 1915
Married Mary Nobbett,
May 2, 1937
Born, Aug. 15, 1918

Donna Marie Eggers Born, Oct. 1942
Walter Albert Eggers
Born, Feb. 5, 1917
Married, Jeraldine
Larry Albert Eggers
Born, March 1, 1941
Marjorie Jean Eggers
Born, March 6, 1942


  Doras Jean Eggers
Born, Oct. 30, 1925
Married, Howard C. Coley
Married, Herman
Ringenberg, Aug. 28, 1914
Born Aug. 28, 1914

Donna Jean Coley Born, Sept. 17, 1946


James Albert Ringenberg Born, April 2, 1950

Robert Wm. Eggers
Born, June 9, 1930
Married, Jo Anne
Davidson, Jan. 9, 1955 Born, Dec. 25, 1934.
Robert Stephens Eggers Born, Jan. 13, 1958
Ellen and William had one boy Lester Dye.    

Bonnie Dye
Born, May 25, 1891
Died, March 12, 1931
Married, Victor Alvin
Born. April 7, 1891
Victor Killingsworth
Died Feb. 1965

Sylvia Ada Killingsworth
Born, July 5, 1914
Married Omer Virgil Hall
Born, Oct. 6, 1910
Lillian Ann Hall
Born, Aug. 7, 1941
Harvey Elden Hall
Born, May 22, 1945
Virgil Allen Hall
Born, Dec. 9, 1949
Lillian Gladys Killingsworth
Born, Aug. 7, 1916
Married Brook Edmindson
Born, Aug. 12, 1888
Clifford Brook Stephens
Born, Oct. 2, 1939
Clarrissa Ann Stephens
Born, July 6, 1947
Virgil Victor Killingsworth
Born, Oct. 24, 1918
Married, Florenc E.
Born, Nov. 16, 1923
Delbert Virgil Killingsworth
Born, Oct. 31, 1941
Larry Wayne Killingskorth
Born, Oct. 31, 1946
Bonnie Elizabeth
Born, June 24, 1949
Judy Kay Killingsworth
Born, Oct. 5, 1954
Orvil Clifford Killingsworth
Born, Dec. 20, 1920
Married, Elizabeth June Martin. Born, Jan. 16, 1925

Mary Margaret Killingsworth Born, Dec. 15, 1944

Rita June Killingsworth Born, No. 4, 1948  
Robbie Joe Killingsworth Born, Aug. 10, 1953  
Lucille Virginia Killingsworth
Born, Aug. 9,1927
Married Clarence Hugh Jones Born, Dec. 6, 1923
Beverly June Jones Born, May 30, 1946
Gary Michael Jones Born, Oct. 19, 1952  
Danny Hugh Jones
Born, July 11, 1956
Ancel Elden Killingsworth Born, July 22, 1923 Married Gertrude Rita Menninger
Born, April 25, 1925
Rita Jean Killingsworth Born, April 16, 1947  
Gail Lynn Killingsworth Born, Oct. 22, 1950  


Percy Dye
Born, June 9, 1893
Died, Nov. 9, 1957
Married and had no children.
Willam Robert Dye
Born, April 9, 1901
Married Mable Martin,
December 23, 1928
Born, July 25, 1901
One son, adopted.
Born, Oct. 1, 1920
Married, Eve Rory
Born, Dec. 23, 1920

Walter Blain Dye
Born, May 2, 1876, Joplin, Mo.

Married, Henrietta Gill, 1895, Missouri.
Born, No. 7, 1878, Sherman, Texas.
Died, Oct. 9,1957, Fresno, California

Bertha Dye
Born, Jan. 24, 1896,
Highlandville, Missouri
Married, Sanfert Linus Larson,
March 26, 1916 in Aurora, Mo. Born, Jan. 22, 1895
Kansas City, Missouri.
Susan Marie Dye Born, June 8, 1949

David Scott Dye Born, Aug. 3, 1950
Madeline Dye Born, March 24, 1898, Highlandville, Missouri  
Walter Blame is a retired carpenter.
Died Dec. 14, 1955
Walter B. Dye Etta Dye are buried-Block 27 Blmont Cemetery Fresno Calif.
Maud Dye
Born, July 11, 1900, Christian County, Missouri
Married, Dudley T. Ames, Dec. 6, 1924, Greenville, Texas
Blanch Dye
Born, Jan. 22, 1904, Bluff, Mo.
Married, George Engle, Springfield, Missouri
Fred Blaine Dye
Born, June 26, 1906, Chestnutridge, Missouri
Married, Faye McBridge, July, 2, 1927, Aurora, Missouri
Virginia Ruth Dye
Born, Jan. 18, 1913, Chestnutridge, Missouri
Married, Thomas B. Wheeler, Aurora, Missouri in 1932.
Mina Bell Dye
Born, May 19, 1915, Chestnutridge, Missouri
Married, Virgil Means (Deceased)
Fresno, California
Married, Don Jorgensen, Fresno, California
Paul Edward Dye
Born, March 19, 1918, Verona, Mo.
Married, Hazel Brown, Fresno, Calif.

Dewey Henry Dye
Born, March 2, 1909, Anadarko, Oklahoma.
Married, Daisy Hillhouse, Aurora, Missouri in 1932


W. B. DYE (CONTINUED) James Harding Dye
Born, Oct. 19, 1920, Verona, Mo.
Married, Alene Shamblain, Fresno,
California in 1942
Jean Etta Dye
Born, Jan. 5, 1924. Aurora Mo.
Married, Bill Brooks, Fresno, California
Johnnie Dye
Born, Nov. 27, 1902
Died, Dec. 9, 1902
Dewey Henry Dye
Born, March 2, 1909,
Anadarko, Okia.
Married, Daisy Hillhouse,
1932, Aurora, Mo.
Nellie May Dye
Born, Oct. 4, 1932
Aurora, Mo.
Married, Floyd Williams
Susan Marie Williams
Born Aug. 3 1953
Patrica Lee Williams
Born, May 2, 1956, Calif.
Lonnie Wayne Dye
Born, Oct. 20 1934,
Aurora Mo.
Married, Marline Keister, June 12, 1954
Robert Wayne Dye
Born, March 27, 1955
Fresno, Calif.
Cathy Louise Dye
Born, Oct. 18, 1957
Fresno Calif.
Paul Edward Dye
Born, March 19, 1918,
Verona, Mo.
Married, Hazel Brown
Fresno, Calif.
Norma Jean Dye
Born, Dec. 2, 1939
Died Oct. 5, 1958
Married, Roger Beito,
Dec. 1957.
Norma was killed in an automobile accident and an unborn child died with her.
Fresno, Calif.
Jerry Paul Dye
Born, Aug. 21, 1941
M. Donna Marley June 1962
In Turkey.
Sherry Kay Dye
Born, Aug. 5, 1963
Steven Craig Dye
Born Feb. 24, 1965
Linda Gail Dye
Born, Nov. 19 1943
M. Chas. Emberton June 14, 1962
John Edwards Emberton
Born, Aug. 18, 1963
Stasey Janine
Born Feb. 28, 1965
Randall Lee Dye
Born, Jan. 10 1955
Maud Dye
Born, July 11, 1900,
Eaudevie, Mo.
Married, Dudley Ames,
Dec. 6, 1924
Insurance agents.
Dudley Died, May 19 1965
Greenville, Texas
Mildred Jean Ames
Born, May 8, 1926
Greenville, Texas
Married James
William Marrison.
July 6, 1950
James William Morrison
Born, Oct. 15, 1951,
Greenville, Texas
Kathy Lynn Morrison
Born, Nov. 16, 1954
Greenville, Texas
Virginia Ruth Dye Born, Jan. 18, 1913, Chestnutridge, Mo. Derrel B. Wheeler, a Fireman
Born, May 25, 1933,
Aurora, Mo.
Married, Jo Ann Wallace, June 15, 1952,
Aurora, Mo.
Thomas Wayne Wheeler Born, June 30, 1953, Aurora, Mo.

Glen Allen Wheeler
Born, Jan. 7, 1956
Kansas City, Mo.


Married, Thomas B.
Wheeler, Oct. 24,
1932, Aurora, Mo.
He was born June 6, 1908.

Charles Roy Wheeler,
a bank clerk.
Born, Nov. 23, 1934
Aurora, Mo.
Married, Dorothy Marcella Courts,
Nov. 29, 1955,
Kansas City, Mo.

Charles Roy Wheeler, Jr.
Born, Dec. 23, 1956,
Germany (Schweinfort)
Ronald Dean Wheeler
Born, April 26, 1960
Kenneth Earl Wheeler
Born, June 15, 1962
Nancy Marcella Wheeler
Born, Sept. 23, 1963
Shirley Jean Wheeler,
a bank teller.
Born, Feb. 13, 1936,
Aurora, Missouri
Married, James Edward Gray
Dec. 5, 1959
Denise Renee Gray
Born, Jan. 30, 1961
Jennifer Lyn Gray
Born, Feb. 13, 1963
Mina Lou Wheeler
Born, April 12, 1937,
Aurora, Mo.
Married Forest Prosser,
a minister,
Sept. 2, 1956.
He was born
April 25, 1937.
Durinda Sue Prosser
Born, Aug. 30, 1958,
Paris, Tenn.
Karen Lynn Prosser
Born, Nov. 8, 1965
Memphis, Tenn.
Gary Lynn Wheeler, Navy
Born, April 12, 1937,
Aurora, Mo.
Norma Pruete
May 28, 1960
Terry Lynn Wheeler
Born, April 17, 1961
Mark Alan Wheeler
Born, Jan. 1964
Mary Sue Wheeler
Born, April 12, 1937,
Aurora, Mo.
Died, July 18, 1937

Fred Blame Dye
Born, June 26, 1906,
Chestnutrdige, Mo.

Married, Faye McBride,
July 2, 1927, Aurora, Mo.

Betty June Dye
Born, July 6, 1929,
Aurora. Mo.
Married, Larry Baldwin,
Ukiah, Calif.

Kevin Forrest Baldwin
Born, March 16, 1958
Ukiah, Calif.
Kyle Fred Baldwin
Feb. 13, 1965
Donna Earlene Dye
Born, June 26, 1939,
Ukiah, Calif.
Married, Bill Mayfield,
1956, Ukiah, Calif.
Ukiah, Calif.
Barry Donald Mayfield
Born, June 1, 1960.
William Blaine Mayfield
Born, March 19, 1957
Ukiah, Calif.
Brent Warren Mayfield
Born, Oct. 19, 1958
Jackie Renay Dye
Born, Pan. 10, 1950,
Ukiah, Calif.
James Harding Dye
Born, Oct. 19, 1920,
Verona, Mo.
Married Alene Shamblain.

Gwendalyn Sue Dye
Born, March 21, 1942,
Fresno, Calif.
Married Jess Baxter King
Nov. 22, 1962 - Fresno



  James Danny Dye
Born, Dec. 14, 1943,
Fresno, Calif.
Sandra Aline Dye
Born, Nov. 13, 1945,
Fresno, Calif.
Married Roy Don Pike
May 2, 1964, Fresno
Steven Dye
Born, July 24, 1953
Adopted in 1956
Blanch Dye
Born, Jan. 22, 1904
Married, George Engle Divorced
Married, Bill Gerfiri Divorced
No children.
Married, Robert E. Fehring
Born, June -19, 1904
Martha Joan Engle
Born, May 16, 1924,
Aurora, Mo.
Married, Andrew Decker,
Dec. 24, 1942 Born, April 18, 1918
Jerry Lee Decker Born, Sept. 28, 1943, Springfield, Mo.

Joseph Donald Decker Born, Oct. 4, 1952, Kansas City, Mo.

Jenean Claudine Decker Born, Oct. 25, 1958, Kansas City, Mo.

Modena June Engle
Born, July 12, 1927,
Springfield, Mo.
Married, Lee Goodell Divorced
No children. Married, Muriel Bradley, (Lumberman) March 14, 1959
Mina Belle Dye Born, May 19, 1915, Chestnutridge, Mo.

Married, Virgil Means Died Feb. 6, 1938, Fresno, Calif.
Married, Don F. Jorgensen
Virgil Denton (Means) Jorgensen
Born, July 22, 1938, Fresno, Calif.
Married Marylin K. Irwin
M. 25, 1961

Kenneth Donald Jorgnsen Born, June 25, 1964 Fresno, Calif.
Douglas Walter Jorgensen Born, June 26, 1941, Fresno, Calif.
Russell Ernest Jorgensen Born, April 15, 1943, Fresno, Calif.  
Janice Ruth Jorgensen
Born, Sept. 16, 1946
Fresno, Calif. Married Clifford Newton March 17, 1965
Richard Dean Jorgensen Born, Dec. 13, 1951, Fresno, Calif.


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