Volume 3, Number 7 - Spring 1969

Enterprise School
by Bertha Dye Larsen

Following is a list of the pupils attending Enterprise School on the 'last day' of school, February 21, 1908. This was the second school organized in Christian County, about 1850. It would be interesting to know what became of the the group and to know the history of their families, generally old ones in the area.

We went to Oklahoma in 1908, returned in 1912. From then on I was away working and attending school. My sister, Madeline Dye, lives in Greenville, Texas and has for forty-five years. She never married. I live in Verona.

Jimmie Cox, Lora Biers, Blanch Gideon, Arthur Bilyeu, Lunda McCoy, Willie Bottoms, Nara Dewitt, Lula Clevenger, Ora Anderson, Maudie Anderson, Shelia Moulder, Odie Proctor, Osa Spradling, Allen Dewitt, Archie Proctor, Florence Titsworth, Ernest McCoy, Ralph Bilyeu, Clyde Gideon, Carl Biers, Nellie Biers, Lawrence Bilyeu, Viola Biers. Willie Dewitt, Lula Gideon, Oscar Gideon, Cora Clevenger, Florence McCoy, Mamie Cox, Ida Tabor, Verda Anderson, Nora Terry, Mable Cox, Venice Woods, Mary Dewitt, Emma Dewitt, Bessie Gideon, Beuna Spalding, Aaron Dewitt, Jessie Moulder, Bertha Dye, Ralph Proctor, Will Gideon, Luthur Bilyeu, Madeline Dye, Frank Andrews. Teacher, Miss Bessie Cupp.


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