Volume 5, Number 11 - Spring 1976

By Jewell Ross Mehus

Lyle Owen says of his article. "Perhaps it will serve as a Bicentennial piece, with its references to the family history of everybody back to the Revolutionary and other times thereabouts. I thought its information and ideas might interest the many people who seem to be investigating their ancestry - and they say that this Bicentennial year is increasing such genealogical activity and interest."

Loretta D. Davis, Ceres, California writes "On my father’s side of the family I am a descendant of Hezikiah Martin, early pioneer of Newton County, Mo. My mother’s family were from Arkansas. My grandfather, George William Miron Duck was section foreman on the Missouri Pacific Iron Mountain R.R. for eighteen years near Guyon, Norfolk and Prairie Arkansas. My grandma Duck was born Nancy Ann Essary around 1885 or 1887. Her father was John Essary and her mother was Sarah Foster, Essary or Essery. I know nothing about them except they were from Missouri. From the stories Mom tells they must have lived close to Taney County. John and Sarah Essery’s children were Matilda, Alex, Dave, Nancy Ann and Mattie or Hattie. I would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about these families.

W. D. Cameron says, "This is a little note to thank you for your very thoughtful and kind article about our friend Dr. Good.

Here was no Priest, but a good servant, serving our God through service freely given to his fellow men. The tribute by his loved one "He was so kind" stirs a memory of a lesson given when I was very young.

There is no nobility; save the nobility of kindness.

I am a borrower. I borrowed from his encouragement, and his words of consolation when I suffered loss. Now I would borrow these two lines from Rudyard Kiplings "Dedication"

"E’en as he trod that day to God so walked he from his birth,
In simpleness and gentleness and honour and clean mirth."
He has gone to the dawning, but has left a memory of his words used at parting. I am glad that our paths crossed.

Jewell Ross Mehus

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