Volume 5, Number 9 - Fall 1975


I. Located on a country road between Hammond and Thornfield, schoolhouse on top of hill about 3/4 mile north of Hammond.
Father-James H. Delp 1827-1900
Mother-Sarah J. DeIp 1830-1906
Herbert S. Frost 3-12-1903 - 3-21-1903
Joseph Lawson, died 4-6-1896
J. A. Protett or Pratt no dates
4 unmarked field stones

II. Riggs Cemetery

Located on Little North Fork Creek approximately 1 mile south of Hammond, Mo., on farm known as John Riggs farm.

? (unreadable) Born 1925 died 1927
S. M. Catherwood, Co K 29 Missouri lnf. Born 4-27-1857 died 9-12-1904
Mary A., wife of S. M. Catherwood, died 3-21-1888 at age 51
(Mr. and Mrs. Catherwood had older individual stones and a double stone)
James A. Billingsly 1-8-1900 - 10-29-1918
Frances M. Billingsly 3-30-1919- 5-11-1921
Helen Billingly (infant) 1939
Samuel Billingsly Pvt. 19th Missouri Infantry Training
Regiment, W. W. II, 12-11-1897 - 8-21-1951
Coy Billingsly 3-11-1907 - 4-5-1945
Margaret Billingsly 11-9-1877 (now deceased)
Henry Billingsly 12-1-1868 - 12-2-1931. (double stone)
2 field stones.
Also buried here, but no marker, is a Mrs. Ingram who was grandmother of Richard Barner of Hammond, Mo.

III. Absher Cemetery

Located approximately 5 miles S. W. of Thorn-field, on Highway NN on property formerly known as John Absher farm.

W.H. Simpson 4-21-1887-5-16-1938
Oma Lee Simpson 5-16-1891-5-11-1933
Clella Simpson no dates
Flossie Simpson no dates
Herbert Absher 6-1-1895
John A., son of Park and Corda Hash, born 1906, died 1907.
C. G. Son of Park and Corda Hash, born 1920, died 1921
Ina, Daughter Park and Corda Hash, born 1908, died 1926.

IV. About 1 mile north of Absher Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery known as Hash Cemetery. Its exact location cannot be located. Buried there were Hash, Davis, and Beeler families. Last buried there was about 1940 of Susan Hash, aged widow of Jack Hash. I attended this funeral and it was necessary to cut saplings to permit the wagon hauling the remains of Mrs. Hash to get through to the cemetery.

V. On Turkey Creek N.E. of Thornfield on land known as Bond farm are buried:

Elisha Piland and wife, Sarah Ann Merritt Piland Claude Piland son of Miles Piland

VI. On Finley Herd Farm located 2 miles N. E. of Thornfield on Highway 95:

John B. Robertson 12-21-1864-8-9-1898
Anus, wife of John, 11-22-1863 - 8--1898
Lizzie, dau. of John and Anus, 1887
Mack, son of John and Anus, 1908
Infant child of John and Anus, 1898
(most of Robertson family died of typhoid fever).
Mrs. Finley Herd identified Field stones as:
Brownlow Murriel children (2)
Pleas Lawson’s mother
Tom Murriel and sister who was mother of Clyde Murriel
Lawson children, (5)

VII. About 1/4 mile north of Thornfield cemetery, near Little Creek stream is an abandoned cemetery. The original site of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church was located at the site of this cemetery. The church was removed north to where it is now lcoated near Foil, Mo. This cemetery was quite large and on low ground. The flow of the little creek has changed until during high water it flows thru what was once the cemetery. A local resident told me he could remember finding parts of skeltons


down stream from the cemetery after a high water period. It is overgrown with timber and though there were several stones in a pile that appeared to have been head stones at one time, I counted 18 definite field stones at burial sites, only one was legible,

Henry W. Herndon, 6-6-1825 - died 4-8-1878. Mrs. Finley Herd, a Piland descendant, said there were several Piland Pioneers buried there. Another local resident said there were some members of Kyle families also buried there. There is no accessible road to this cemetery.


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