Volume 7, Number 10 - Winter 1982

Minutes of December 13, 1981 Meeting

On December 13, 1981 with President Fred Hartman presiding, The White River Valley Historical Society met at 1:15 P.M. in the Good Memorial College Center Cafeteria at The School of the Ozarks. Lucille A. Brown gave the invocation.

Welcome Attendance
Fifty-three members and guests signed the attendance register and all were introduced following a welcome extended by the President.

Minutes of the September 13, 1981 meeting were approved as printed.

Secretary’s Report
Information from Secretary’s report:
*19 members joined since September 13 meeting.
*86 members dropped for non-payment of dues and Lucille Brown sent card notices.
*Present membership totals 266.
*Your president and secretary tended a sales table at the Ozarks Genealogical Society Workshop in October 17 at Springfield and sold $107.00 worth of back quarterlies and books. Eight memberships were gained.
*On October 28 thirty-eight high schools in the Missouri counties of our society were mailed copies of the historical essay contest rules.
*Notices of today’s meeting were sent to 14 newspapers and 1 radio station.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $2838.80.

Correspondence read:
*A letter from the city of Forsyth asked our society to send a representative to their Survey Steering Committee. B.T. Persinger of Forsyth was appointed by President Hartman and Penelope Willard of Forsyth was named alternate.
*A list of available research material from several sources was read. Communications placed on file.
*A petition from Missouri Territorial Pioneers was circulated for our members to sign. It asked the Governor to proclaim a Genealogy Week each year.

Editor’s Report
The Editor asked for an input of material. Short stories, using names, places, and dates are especially needed. She also asked to be relieved of the editor’s duties.

President Hartman related a personal incident regarding the importance of the quarterly. A friend, Neil Moore, compiling a history of the labor movement in the Ozarks, had found help in "The Land of Taney" by Elmo Ingenthron and the 1967 Summer & Fall (Vol. 2 - No. 12) quarterly in an article by Roy Stout. It proves the quarterlies are a very important historical tool.

Research Help
Member Paul Welch of Bremerton, WA has offered to do research free of charge Mrs. Brown announced.

Bill Allowed
Mrs. Brown moved that the registration fee of $10.00 be allowed for the genealogical workshop attended by the secretary. Motion carried.

A slide show of the history of the old milling town of Riverdale, Missouri - it's rise and fall - was presented by Paul Johns, program chairman. Mr. Ben Turner, the patriarch of Riverdale, related some of his remembrances of events and incidents of early years.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 14.

Meeting adjourned 3:30 P.M

Approved By:
Fred Harman

Ionamae Rebensorf
Secretary Treasurer


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