Volume 7, Number 10 - Winter 1982

The Past in Review

From The Taney County Times. News items as published in this weekly newspaper, printed Kissee Mills, Missouri from November 1887 until moved to Forsyth in 1891. Date of paper preceeds the news items appearing in that issue. Copied and submitted by Vera Wood, Strafford, Missouri from microfilm in the Missouri State Historical Society Library in Columbia, Missouri.

April 30. 1891
Mr. W.W. FELKINS died on pneumonia at the residence of H.J. KINYON. He was an old soldier and member of Hilton Post G.A.R. He was probably about 50, but appeared older.

May 21, 1891
Mr. Wash M. WADE & wife of Ozark, came to Forsyth Tuesday. Mr. WADE spent all day interviewing citizens of our town and county on the subject of establishing a bank in Forsyth.

Mrs. THURMOND of Forsyth is visiting her sister, Mrs. Robert PRATHER.

The following rates for ferriage are now charged for crossing the river at Forsyth.
Man & 4 Horse Wagon -- .75
Man & 2 Horse Wagon -- .50
Man & 1 Horse Buggy -- .35
Man on Horseback -- .25
Footman -- .10
Horses & Cattle, per head -- .10
Sheep & Hogs, per head -- .05

June 4, 1891
Mr. J. C. HILSABECK is going to build an addition to his hotel, which will give the house about 6 more rooms. Mr. L. W. SELSOR will do the work.

Mr. John MOSLEY, of Beaver Mills, has about 700 acres of fine farming land, a good portion under cultivation by himself, his son, & renters. His sawmill on Beaver is always busy and cuts lumber for a section of country that extends ten miles in all directions from the mill. There is also a turning lathe which finds plenty to do. Mr. MOSLEY’s cotton gin ginned 71 bales in 1890 with an average of the bales weighing about 526 lbs. Mr. MOSLEY has been in Taney County for more than 40 years.

June 4, 1891
Sheriff COOK took Mrs. Sarah TRUSTY to Nevada where she will be placed in the State Asylum to receive such treatment as her case requires.

Last Friday, just after school turned out at the Helphrey School, somebody piled up some of the school books in the middle of the floor and set them on fire. It was discovered before much harm was done.

Miss Emma WOOD is visiting her sister Mrs. Crawford GRANT.

June 11, 1891
opied from The Ozark News "Silver has been found in a cave about 3 miles S.W. of Sparta in Christian Co. If found in any quantity, paying mines will be in operation.

Mr. B. BOYD, owner of a large ranch in Taney County, near Swan P.O. gives glowing reports of the crop prospects in that section. His ranch consists of 700 acres - 400 of which are under fence-150 acres in corn."

Messrs W.M. WADE & John C. ROGERS of Ozark, were on hand Saturday to meet those interested in the establishment of a bank here. $4,100 was subscribed by Taney County people. It is expected $1,000 will be forthcoming.

The bank will begin business about July 15th and it is probable the institution will occupy the southwest room of the courthouse. The balance of the $10,000 stock will be subscribed in Ozark.

Ray School District News!
We have obtained a Sunday School with Mr. Emitt EVERETT as superintendent.

Elder J. M. HAWORTH will preach every 3rd Sunday in the month at Pleasant Hill Church and every 4th Sunday at the Helphrey Church.


June 11, 1891
Prof. R.C. GROVE came in to town and filed information before Esq. JONES, against George WATSON and Thomas P. WILLIAMS, charging them with attempting to burn the Helphrey School on the 4th day of June 1891. WATSON was committed to jail in default of bail…WILLIAMS, who is a mere boy, was released on his own recognizance till the preliminary examination on June 12th.

June 18, 1891

R. C. GROVE, J.P. for Swan Twp.
Office at Taney City, Residence
1 1/2 miles north of Taney City

Mr. Lee COOK has dismissed his school here and intends attending the institute at Bradleyville which commences on the 22nd, continuing for one month.

Mr. J. H. MILLER of Ritchey, Newton Co. Missouri, claims to be the next oldest settler in S.W. Missouri, yielding the banner of oldest to Henry FULBRIGHT. Referring to the death of an old negro woman at Springfield recently, at age 100 years, Mr. MILLER says "The death of poor old Aunt Hannah brings to mind many thoughts from way back in my boyhood days." "The first time I ever saw Hannah was in March 1830 when I was 14 years old and her about 40. This was 61 years ago and I guess I will now claim to be the oldest in Southwest Missouri, except H. FULBRIGHT. Hannah and he came to Greene County in December of 1829, W. M. WEAVER is next."

J. C. JOHNSON - United States
Claim and Pension Agent
Bradleyville, MO.

June 25, 1891
J.G. SILER and G .T. WILLIAMS returned from Bradleyville.

Mr. T. F. LAYTON of Kerbyville was in town to order The Times sent to his daughter in Washington Territory.

June 25, 1891
Dr. HENSLEE took charge of the Parrish Hotel, lately kept by Mrs. N.N. KINNEY. The house will be conducted by Mrs. HENSLEE, who is a lady who thoroughly understands the hotel business and is sure to succeed. She is well known to the traveling public ever since her connection with the City Hotel at Chadwick.

Mr. S .B. PAUL, a prominent merchant of Bradleyville, is about to build a new store 32 x 60 ft. & 2 stories high, to accomodate his great and increasing trade. He has only been in Taney County two years and has also bought a farm.

McCOY’s sawmill is busy sawing timber for Jim DAVIS’ new store on Bull Creek. Mr. DAVIS is from Barry County.

C. B. WILSON of Waco, York Co., Nebr. is a newcomer to this area, having purchased 320 acres from Frank MEADOWS and Fletcher ALMS.

July 2, 1891
A Kid Nine baseball club has been organized here in Forsyth, with the following membership:
Joe BURK, Pitcher
Bruce PHILLIPS, Catcher
Bill MIDDLETON, 1st Base
Simon BLEDSOE, 2nd Base
Higdon MELTON, 3rd Base
Dennis BRODRICK, Right Field
John GIBSON, Left Field
Bob Montgomery, Center Field
They will play a like team from Taney City on the 4th of July.

Calvin COOK, of Taney County, was arraigned before U . S. Commissioner HOWELL on the charge of selling whisky at the Taney City G.A.R. Reunion last August.

Mrs. McEVOY of Ansonia, Connecticut, sister of Mr. Thomas A. LAYTON, accompanied by her little son, Fritz GLITSCH, are visiting relatives in Kerbyville.

Mr. T .F. WILLIAMS returned to his place in the Clerk’s office. He has been on his farm for a week.


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