Volume 7, Number 10 - Winter 1982

Down Memory Lane
Our Visitor - May, 1913 Taney County Republican


One day last March, White River had the surprise of its life. The gates of the dam had been closed and the river couldn’t get by. So it began to try to find its way around, and it hunted up every little creek and hollow, but never an outlet did it find. Finally it climbed out over the dam, but it had in the meanwhile become rather fond of its new quarters; so now instead of a swift, hurrying, impetuous mountain stream, there is a broad and peaceful sheet of water, with many a charming cove and inlet, sometimes bordered by steep cliffs, sometimes by gently sloping banks; and in its new form, it has a new name, Lake Taneycomo.

One bright April Monday morning, Miss Davis and the assistant Editor had an unexpected invitation to go to Branson on the boat, and such invitations never go begging. After driving three miles to Camp Ozark, we there embarked on the Chloe, a fast motor boat used for carrying mail. The day was perfect, and the journey of twenty miles was accomplished in one hour and forty-five minutes. In places, along the shore, there were partially submerged apple orchards in bloom, probably the last time these trees will ever bloom. In Branson we stood on a corner and watched the train come in. Think of it, the first we had seen for four months. Then the return trip was made and a perfect day was ended.

It is predicted that Lake Taneycomo will become a great summer resort, for almost any of the numerous inlets would be an ideal location for a summer home or camp.


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