Volume 7, Number 6 - Winter 1981

Minutes of the Fall Quarterly Meeting
December 14, 1980

The regular quarterly meeting of The White River Valley Historical Society was called to order by President Lucille A. Brown at 1:15 p.m. on December 14 at the Good Memorial College Center Cafeteria at The School of the Ozarks. Esther Beveridge gave the invocation.

Icy Curry was in charge of the attendance register which was signed by thirty-eight members and four guests. President Brown extended greetings and each one present introduced themselves.

Minutes of the September 14 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report
A bank balance of $2061.94 was stated by the treasurer.

Secretary’s Report
A paid membership of 281 was reported by the secretary.

Editor’s Remarks-Motion on Queries
Quarterly editor, Ionamae Rebenstorf, asked for an in-flow of material for the magazine and for the authority to ask for a donation from non-members for queries. Robert DeVore moved that a contribution of $3.00 be requested from non-members for publishing queries in the Quarterly. Motion carried.

Museum Report
Ralph Lucas, museum chairman, asked for the gift of the May 1934 issue of National Geographic Magazine needed to complete the museum’s files.

New Business
President Brown announced that the nominating committee composed of Ruth Asher, Esther Beveridge, and Lydia Mourning Clark would report at the March meeting. She also asked for members to submit ideas for the 20th Anniversary meeting in June by writing to the Society’s office box.

Program chairman, Kathleen VanBuskirk, in a surprise move (to the secretary) presented an envelope of cash to her as a token of appreciation from members present for work in behalf of the society.

Mrs. VanBuskirk then introduced Virginia Lucas, instructor and supervisor of the weaving department at S of 0, who spoke on the "History and Art of Weaving." Articles of weaving were on display and several members participated in the discussion that followed. Ralph Lucas showed a stone belonging to the Ralph Foster Museum. This stone, about 8 or 9 inches wide and 3 inches deep and not yet identified as to use or purpose, was found in a cemetery and is in the shape of a basin with a hole in the bottom.

President Brown reminded the group of the books that the society has for sale, announced March the 8th as the next meeting date, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Meeting adjourned 3 p.m.

Approved By:
Lucille A. Brown

Ionamae Rebenstorf
Secretary Treasurer


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