Volume 7, Number 6 - Winter 1981

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct, adopted July 16, 1883, at White Oak School, Christian County, MO. Copied from old school record in possession of Opal Magers Melton, Highlandville, MO.

1. There shall be no cursing, blackguarding or indecent language while at school.
2. There shall be no fighting or quarreling while at school or under the control of the teacher.
3. There shall be no throwing rocks, clubs or anything that is calculated to hurt another scholar.
4. There shall be no courting or letter writing between the scholars while in school or whispering or laughing in time of books.
5. Males and females are not allowed to play together.
6. There shall be no children allowed to go into any persons enclosure without permission of the teacher, except to the spring.
7. There shall be no playing around the spring or washing of bottles or anything that will cause the water to be unclean.
8. No scholar is allowed to write or make any kind of mark or tear any other scholar’s book.
9. Any scholar being guilty of breaking another scholar’s slate shall pay for the same and also be punished.

Signed by: Samuel E. Magers
William S. Rhea
William Wade, Teacher

Note of interest: President Lucille Brown’s father went to White Oak School from 1886 to about 1892 and she attended there the first two years of grade school, the first year to WRVHS member Rudolph Hilton.


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