Volume 7, Number 6 - Winter 1981

Hurley's Stella McCall
by Lucille A. Brown

Seated on a roll of woven wire, worth a small fortune in 1981, is Stella McCall. Stella came from her home on James River, near the location of McCall’s Bridge, to clerk in the General Merchandise Store of Stafford and Company at Hurley.

The McCall Sisters, Stella and Louise, went to Inmom School where my mother taught about 1902-1903. About 1910 Stella married my uncle, J. N. Young, a widower with five children. They lived in the large house, built of concrete block, located on the hill west of Spring Creek. Stella was an excellent cook and she provided board and lodging for the drummers who called on the local merchants.

Stella and Uncle Newt had two children, Mary Lynn and Almon "Bud." Mary Lynn is a teacher in Monterey, California, and Bud has been an employee of Hawkins Mill at Ozark for many years. Two of the first set of children are still living. Lola Graffes, now 83, lives in Joliet, Illinois, and Florence Brammer, who lives in Townsend, Montana. Stella died at Ozark in 1948 and was survived by her husband and all seven children. She is buried in Ozark City Cemetery.

The old building in the left background of the picture is Hurley’s first store, built in 1895. When replaced by a new building in the early 1900’s the old one was moved across the street and east of the main part of town. It is on the E.R. Scott property and used as a hay barn and crib.


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