Volume 7, Number 6 - Winter 1981

The Past in Review

From The Taney County Times. News items as published in this weekly newspaper, printed Kissee Mills, Missouri from November 1887 until moved to Forsyth in 1891. Date of paper preceeds the news items appearing in that issue. Copied and submitted by Vera Wood, Strafford, Missouri from microfilm in the Missouri State Historical Society Library in Columbia, Missouri.

December 26, 1889
Mr. John H. PARRISH has been appointed as commissioner of construction of our courthouse. Mr. PRATHER has resigned.

Five Territories, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah will make efforts to be admitted as States during the present Congress.

Beaver Creek has been higher this week than last week.

Benjamin HAGAN and family of Webster County, formerly of Kissee Mills, are visiting friends and relatives.

Mr. C. W. JOHNSON had the misfortune to get his wagon washed away while crossing Bilyeu Creek on his way from Chadwick last week. His was the last wagon to cross when the rise came and carried off his wagon. He hung onto the lines and the horses swam out with him and the running gears of the wagon. Everything but his grub and a few things of little value were recovered.

Peter JACKSON will fight John L. SULLIVAN for the $15,000 purse...Winner take all.

Mr. HICKS, son of Parson HICKS, is now teaching school at Dirt-dob and is giving general satisfaction.

February 6, 1890
Circuit Court Docket:
Isaac B. TATUM, Plaintiff against Maria A. TATUM, for divorce.

A meeting to be held on February 14th for the purpose of organizing a G.A.R. Post at Kerbyville, Missouri.

February 13, 1890
Mr. Thomas L. JOHNSON of Turnback, in Dade County, Missouri, and nephew of J.C. JOHNSON, visited Kissee Mills. He is looking at the county and may locate. He is a merchant by profession.

Among the Christian County Citizens attending Probate Court this week were P.T. MOODY, S. KISSEE, & A.C. KISSEE.

March 13, 1890
White River is rageing this week, and by some means broke the cable at the Forsyth ferry.

The wife of Honorable S. W. BUNCH, favorably known in Taney County as well as in Christian County, died recently.

Henderson, Missouri Correspondent’s column: Bud POTTER, a prominent farmer is going to move to Polk County and go into the merchandising business.

Advertisements in this issue:
J H. GETZ, Undertaker & Furniture Dealer in Sparta, Missouri
J.L. JONES, General Merchandise Garrison, Christian County, Missouri
Joseph McGUIRE, Blacksmith Sparta, Missouri

Taney Central Hotel - Kissee Mills Mrs. Maggie A. DILLON, Prop.

March 27, 1890

The ferry rope, across White River, which the high water tore down, is up again and the ferry boat is running in good order.

As inquest on the body of Mrs. MORGAN, the wife of Wm. MORGAN, who lived 4 miles north of Kissee Mills, and who died two weeks ago, The physician who was called a short time before her death pronounced her poisoned and the coroner summoned a jury. Dr. JOHNSON of Forsyth and Dr. WILLIAMS of Cedar Creek found evidence of poison. A warrant will be issued for MORGAN. He and a girl by his wife’s former husband have skipped out.

J.C. JOHNSON - U. S. Claim and Pension Agent. Bradleyville, Missouri.


April 3, 1890
There was a terrible wind storm here last week, it blowed G. W. HAMMOND’s house down. They were all eating dinner at the time and all got hurt, more or less.

J . W. GASKILL, and old and honorable citizen, died last Sunday at his home in Taney City. His wife is also said to be dangerously ill.

April 17, 1890
Mr. James I. CLARK of near Taney City had a large house raised today.

April 24, 1890
Mr. Leonard WALKER, of Little Beaver, and Mr. MILLS of Kansas were in town. Mr. MILLS is trading for Mr. WALKER’s land and will locate here.

May 15, 1890
Mr. S. I. CASE and family were in Kissee Mills, where Isham visited us.

May 22, 1890
Protem has four dry goods stores, one drug store, two blacksmith shops, one harness shop, one doctor, one J. P. and a Notary Public. The school district furnishes 112 children and there is a church house and a Masonic Hall in the community.

May 29, 1890
Mr. & Mrs. G. W. KISNER have a newcomer visiting them, she arrived last Sunday and will probably stay indefinitely. We have not learned her name.

June 5, 1890
The little child of Ab. LUTTRELL that is being raised by Mrs. Andrew JACKSON has been sick.

Wm. & Joseph MIDDLETON, sons of Jord MIDDLETON, had a dispute and William, elder of the two, struck Joseph across the forehead with a draw knife making an ugly wound. Joseph ran through the house, got a shot gun and fired bird shot at William, striking him in the face, putting out both his eyes. It is thought William may remain totally blind. Their father and the entire community is grief stricken.

June 12, 1890
A wedding took place in the north part of this county last Sunday, Mr. William COOK, son of our sheriff, and Miss RAINEY, of the same neighborhood. We wish them pleasure.

June 19, 1890
Mr. Tom BELL had bills printed for a grand barbecue at CORNETT’s MILL on the 4th of July.

June 26, 1890
W. A. ROLER is said to be contemplating a trip to China. He planted his cotton in reasonable season and it has failed to appear. He thinks it may have taken the wrong direction.

Rev. J. A. HAYCRAFT and family have left Hot Springs and gone to Burlington, Boone County, Arkansas. Will soon be in Christian County, Missouri to visit relation and friends.

July 3, 1890
Jo. MOSELY is well pleased... he has found his wife.., she was lost in his potato patch. The weeds grow so tall in Beaver Bottoms, but the way is blazed out now.

Mr. Milt MERRICK is having his hay crop cut with a machine this year, the first time a machine has ever been on Bilyeu Creek.

Albert POWERS, our singing teacher, has quit singing and gone to sparking.

Mr. John CLEMENTS is fixing to go to Kansas on a visit.

Mr. W. E. BARNS is about to exchange his farm on Bilyeu Creek for a nice farm in Texas.

Mr. J. R. WYATT and family of Kissee Mills, are visiting in Christian Co.

Mrs. T. W. PHILLIPS returned from a month’s stay with friends and relatives in Iowa and Eastern Missouri. Her sister, Miss Cora MERRILL accompanied her to Iowa.

(by Vera Wood)


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