Volume 8, Number 10 - Winter 1985

Taney County Newspaper Items
Transcribed by Bill and Vera Wood, Straffor, Missouri

The Past In Review . . . News items from the Taney County Republican, published in Forsyth, Missouri every Thursday by B .B. PRICE and S .J. WILLIAMS. Lawrence CARROLL was editor and the subscription price was $1.00 per year, in advance. The issue of November 28, 1895 was the first, and this paper is still being published today.

(Note: Errors in reporting the news were made then, as they are in newspapers today.)

Thursday - June 9, 1898 Born to Mr. & Mrs. James BREDEN, on Sunday, a baby boy.

Richard M. PIERCE, H. A. #20271, Sec 29, twp 24, range 18. Witnesses: W.C. SCOTT, John BYRNE, W. I. MAYDEN, and James T. BYRNE, all of Bradleyville.

NAMES and P.O. ADDRESSES OF TEACHERS in attendance at the TEACHERS INSTITUTE at noon on June 7th:
Henry R. AUBREY, Protem
Mattie BRAZEAL, Kirbyville
A .J. BRAZEAL, Kirbyville
Chas. C. BURGER, Swan
W.H. BENNETT, Dickens
Bertie DAVIS, Forsyth
Mabel C. ELLIS, Walnut Shade
Frank FANDREE, Garrison
Ambrose FIELDS, McClurg
Mabala A. HICKS, Forsyth
A.J. HICKS, Forsyth
Dora JOHNSON, Bradleyville
Cora JONES, Protem
W.L. JOHNSON, Forsyth
T.F. JENNINGS, Forsyth
Alfred KEITHLEY, Forsyth
Richard R. LAWRENCE, Brown Branch
W. H. LAWRENCE, Bradleyville
Mary LIEBHART, Taneyville
Maud LION, McClurg
Julia F. LEE,Dodeville
Harry MOORE, Aurora
W.H. M. NALLY, Cassville
Ora M. NALLY, Cassville
P.R. MUNSON, Goodson
Thos. H. McKEDY, Kissee Mills
Chas. W. MOORE, Mincy
Mainie PRATHER, Kirbyville
Deal PRATHER, Kirbyville
Myrtle RUSSELL, Cedar Creek
Elsie RUSSELL, Cedar Creek
Maggie SMITH, Swan
Sherman SMITH, Bradleyville
Bertie SNAPP, Kirbyville
Annie WILSON, Mincy
F.M. WELCHEL, Cedar Creek
Alma WALKER, Bradleyville
W.A. WALKER, Bradleyville
Erna WALLACE, Walnut Shade
Jessamine YARNELL, Kirbyville

Thursday - June 23, 1898

Isaac W. HERYFORD, H.A. #18733, Sec 24, twp 22, range 2l. Witnesses: Joseph YARNALL, James WESTMORELAND, Andrew BROWN & C.F. BRACKEN, of Kirbyville.

Thursday - June 30, 1898 DIED, June 29th,at his residence 1 1/2 mi. northwest of Forsyth, Samuel KNOX, about 70 years of age.

William W. GILLESPIE, H.A. #25529, in Sec 2, twp 24, range 20. Witnesses: R.A. BAKER, Henry LEWIS, Charles LEWIS, and Oliver LEUNING, all of Swan.

Maurice M. CRAWFORD, H.A. #22955, Sec 20, twp 24, range 20. Wit: Harvey M. PARSLOW, W. J. MORROW,of Springfield, Missouri E. WEBBER & Missouri A. HOUSEMAN of Forsyth.

Mrs. Emmarine BRANTLY, H.A. #19242, in Sec 1, twp 21, range 22. Wit: George BRITTAIN, Green POWERS, & J. F. PRUIT, of Cedar Valley & Henry SIMS, K’ville.

Malinda JOHNSON, H.A. #17707, Sec 14, twp 24, range 17. Wit: L. C. GUTHRIE, J.M. IGO J.W. ROBERTS & G.W. JACKSON, all of Brown Branch.

Lucy F. LINZY, H.A. #17678, in Sec 11, twp 22. range 21. Wit: R. E. FULKERSON,


G.W. BRAZEALE, A. J. BRAZEALE and J.R. VANZANT, Jr., all of Kirbyville.

Thursday - July 7, 1898 Taney County Veterans Association met in Forsyth for the purpose of planning a Reunion of Veterans for August 23rd.

Taney County Military Company prefected its organization by electing officers as follows:
W.H. JOHNSON, Captain
J.M. KINYON, 1st Lieut.
George H. PHILLIPS, 2nd Lieut.
H.R. NELTON, 1st Sgt.
B.TRIBOLET, 2nd Sgt.
John ELLIS, 1st Cpl.
J.H. BREEDEN, 2nd Cpl.
W.R. K. KINYON, 3rd Cpl.

Grand Military Encampment and Picnic, July 27-28-29-30 at Cole’s Spring. Big Programe Planned.

Thursday - July 28, 1898 There will be a special meeting of the Gen’l Jo Shelby Camp of the Confederate Veterans #1077 of Taney County at Taneyville, Missouri. July 30th, 1 p.m.. All comrades are required to attend. Sampson Barker, Adj.

Robert A. BAKER, H. A. #17712, Sec 2, twp 24, range 20. Wit: W. H. LEWIS, Ed WELLINGTON, James STEELE & Charlie LEWIS, all of Swan.

Thursday - August 4, 1898 Little Troy, infant son of Prof. A. J. and Mabala HICKS, is lying at the point of death at the home of Circuit Clerk, J.C. JOHNSON, his grandfather.

Work is being done on the windmill to be erected in front of the courthouse. When up, it will not be a thing of beauty, nor a joy forever.

Galena has advertised an Old Settlers Reunion for Stone, Taney and Christian Counties, for August 18-20. A good time is assured by the citizens of Galena.

Charles MAHNKEY, H. A. #17848, in Sec 31, twp 23, range 20. Witnesses: Willie MIDDLETON, G. W. BRAZEALE, E. L. VANZANT, and James VANZANT, all of Kirbyville.

The Veterans Association Meeting was one of the best, with a goodly number present, including Commander A.P. GARRETT and S. BARKER of Jo Shelby’s Camp, Confederate Veterans. The Conf. camp will do everything in their power to make a success of the coming Reunion at Taneyville, Aug 23-27.

Thursday - August 11, 1898 HOMESTEAD PROOFS
Milo L. WAVE, H. A. #17825, Sec 34, twp 22, range 18. Witnesses: Wm. CLEMENTS, James C. BUTLER, Isaac D. COOKE and Farlen R. LUNSFORD, Protem.

Lucinda HUNSUCKER, H. A. #20459, Sec 33, twp 23, range 18. Wit: John DAVIDSON, Kissee Mills; John BLAIR, Hercules; S.O. IRELAN, Cedar Creek and John BRONFIELD, of Bradleyville.

Samuel ELY, H. A. #18287, Sec 15, twp 22, range 18. Wit: John PATTERSON & John W. RHOADS, Cedar Creek; John TRAMMELL, J . F. CARAWELL, of Protem.

Thursday - August 18, 1898 Oliver, the oldest son of William MALDEN, who lives near the mouth of Brushy in Beaver Township, died last Thursday night, August 11th, of fever. He was about 21 years old.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. J. M. KINYON, Saturday night, August 13th, a daughter.

Mr . D .B. STONE, received a phonogram Monday from Ozark, announcing the dangerous illness of his daughter, Myrtle. He and Mrs. STONE drove to Christian County that night.

Mrs. A. H. EVERSOL and daughters, Louise and Mable, went out to Swan Tuesday to visit Mrs. MERRICK, who has been quite sick for some time.


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