Volume 8, Number 10 - Winter 1985

Letter to WRVHS
Brumley Family of Miller and Christian Counties
by Gladys Carlson

542 Sybil Lane, S.E.
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White River Valley Historical Society
P. 0. Box 565
Point Lookout, MO 65726 January 4, 1985

Dear Friends:

I was so pleased with this issue of the quarterly, to see the inclusion of the material by Penny Peace. I know you (or we) function primarily as a HISTORICAL society, but I think the inclusion of genealogical material will surely broaden the appeal of the Society.

I am sending along four pages of material which is excerpted from a manuscript under preparation on the Brumley family of Miller and Christian Counties. You have been so helpful to me in developing this material that I feel I couldn’t have done it without you. In fact, it was a copy of Mildred Roden’s ‘Our Bilyeu" which first put me firmly on the track, when I was a very green beginner at research.

I hope you will find room to include this material in an issue of the Quarterly. Of course, I want to retain copyright to anything you publish.

Sources for the enclosed material include:

U. S. Census Records; Civil War Military Records; Patterson Carrol Brumley family Bible; Christian County, MO marriage records; estate records, and deeds; Miller County, MO marriage and estate records; Mormon Archives records; Wayne County, Ill, records; Northumberland, VA. parish records; Woodford and Shelby counties, KY; marriage, deed, and estate records; Clyde Jenkins - History of Miller County; Joshua D. Brumley family bible; Mildred Roden - Our Bilyeu; LaGrange County, Ind. Records.

Thanks again for publishing my queries; I still hope to contact someone who knows about the Barber family of Taney County.


Gladys Carlson


Excerpts from a Manuscript Under Preparation on the Brumley Family of Miller and Christian Counties

by Gladys Carlson

DANIEL BRUMLEY - b. 14 January 1775, St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland County, Va; d. 1861, Miller County, Mo; m. 1/PATTY WILCOXON, 8 September 1796, Woodford County, Ky; m. 2/RACHEL PATTERSON, 16 March 1804, Jessamine County, Ky; m. 3/ SARAH? . Children by first wife (BRUMLEY - BROMLEY)
1. William
Children by second wife (BRUMLEY)
2. James Madison
3. John
4. Patterson Carroll
5. Mariah
6. Juliann

Rachel Patterson Brumley apparently died shortly after the birth of Juliann. Judge Clyde Jenkins, the Miller County historian, feels that Daniel’s last nine children were born to his third wife, Sarah. We have found no record to identify this Sarah other than that she appears on the 1850 Census as Daniel’s wife. The 1870 census shows Sarah Brumley, age 70, born in Tennessee, living in the household of Daniel’s son, Daniel, Jr., and Mildredge Bilyeu Brumley, in Galloway, Twp, Christian County, Mo., although Sarah is not named in the estate settlement of her husband who died in 1861.

That William was the son of the Miller County Daniel cannot be questioned. He is mentioned along with his place of residence in LaGrange County, Indiana, in the estate settlement for Daniel in Miller County. The date of his birth, according to the 1860 Census, was 1798, six years before Daniel’s marriage to Rachel Patterson. The 1850 Census record gives his age as 48. making his year of birth 1802. Whichever is correct he was evidently not Rachel’s son. It should also be noted that Daniel was 29 years old when he married Rachel. Therefore, it is likely he was a widower when he and Rachel were married, and that William was the son of the first wife. The question of the identity of the first wife appears to be answered in Patty Wilcoxon. A marriage between Daniel Brumley and Patty Wilcoxon occurred in Woodford County, Kentucky, (the county of Daniel’s residence) 8 September 1796, the exact time we would expect if William (born 1798 as the 1860 Census reports) was their child. The marriage was solemnized by J. Dupuy, who also officiated at the marriage of Jean Brumley, known sister of the Miller County Daniel.

There is a deed record in Shelby County, Kentucky, connecting a Daniel Brumley with a Joseph Wilcoxon, as being interested in the same property. It appears there was a connection between the Daniel Brumley family of Shelby County and the Daniel Brumley family of Woodford County, but it as yet undiscovered. There were at least three Daniels in Shelby County, none of them the Daniel who settled in Miller County, Missouri. There is an elder Daniel living there in the 1820 Census, when the Miller County Daniel was in Wayne County, Illinois; also marriages recorded 16 September 1834 between Daniel Brumley and Elizabeth Brown, and 22 December 1834 between Daniel Brumley and Merensa Montgomery.

The family names of the two sets of Brumleys are so similar it is difficult to imagine they were not closely connected. Thus the Daniel of Woodford County (later in Miller County, Missouri) may well have been visited or done business with the Brumleys of Shelby County. But it is without doubt, he, not a Brumley from Shelby County, who married Patty Wilcoxon, which makes her the probable mother of William Bromley (sic) of LaGrange County, Indiana. The fact that he is found in Indiana, and that he had reverted to the Bromley spelling may indicate that he was reared by his mother’s family rather than by Daniel and Rachel, who would have been his stepmother.


Children by third wife, Sarah (BRUMLEY)

7. Pilate C.
8. Andrew Jackson
9. Oliver
a. Rachel
b. Daniel, Jr.
c. Ellen
d. Sarah
e. Isaac Newton
f. Betta, Retta (No further record)

WILLIAM BROMLEY - b. 1798-1799, Kentucky. m. Mary ?. d. 1874, LaGrange Co., Indiana.
1. James P., b. 1831 (James PATTERSON)
2. Abagail, b. 1832
3. Andrew J., b. 1834
4. John, b. 1840
5. Martha, b. 1845

JAMES MADISON BRUMLEY - b. 6 May 1806, Franklin, KY, m. 12 January 1832, Crawford Co., Mo. DIANNAH BILYEU. (We Brumleys descended from JAMES MADISON BRUMLEY always "knew" we were related to the BILYEU and WORKMAN families. The only Bilyeu in the area at the time with a connection to the WORKMAN family was ISAAC BILYEU, whose wife was MARY ANN WORKMAN. We have been unable to document that DIANNAH was the daughter of ISAAC, but in the absence of any other plausible parentage we believe she must have been. The family tradition of relationship to both families derives from ancestors born in the 1870’s and so cannot be ignored. We would welcome any documentation to prove DIANNAH’s parentage.) JAMES died 1872, Christian Co., Mo.

Diannah’s immigrant ancestor, PIERRE BILYEU, is one of the most interesting personalities in this genealogy. The Bilyeu line has been traced and written by several earlier researchers, and that information is recommended reading. Pierre’s house on Staten Island, where he lived while he was overseer for Peter Styvesant’s estate, still stands, and is known as the "Stillwell-Perrine House," for Pierre’s daughter who married a Stillwell. It serves as headquarters for the Staten Island Historical Society. A huge tree just outside the back door may well have been planted by the Bilyeu’s who lived there around 1650.

1. William Newton1
2. Daniel Jasper
3. Polly Ann
4. Rachel Myrruh
5. Nancy Marilla
6. Juliann
7. Sullivan
8. Margaret Jane
9. California
a. Callis (Reported as twin to California by Mormon IGI. No further record.)
b. Hannah, b. 1860; d. 1861; bur. McCoy Cemetery, Christian County, Mo.

(1) The 1840 Census shows three males under 10. My father, John G. Brumley, always believed there were three brothers, William, Daniel, and Jim. No record of "Jim" has been found, although he probably was the third male under 10 of the 1840 Census. Possibly he died before 1850.

JOHN BRUMLEY - b. 1812, Kentucky; d. May 1863, Miller County, Mo; m. NANCY McCUBBIN.

Children (BRUMLEY)
1. William Carroll


Children (BRUMLEY)
1. John
2. Juliann
3. Sultaney
4. Mary Louisa
5. Telitha
6. James E.
7. Polly Ann
8. Lewis Cas
9. Nancy Jane
a. George Ryly
b. Alliece Bell

MARIAH BRUMLEY - b. 1817, Illinois; M. JOEL THACKER.

Children (THACKER)
1. James
2. John
3. Samuel
4. Ellen
5. Thomas


JULIANN BRUMLEY - b. 1824, Illinois; d. 12 August 1908; m. Silas CAPPS.
Children (CAPPS)
1. Nancy
2. Lucinda
3. Benjamin
4. Mariah
5. Henry
6. Mary E.
7. Perlinia B.
8. John B.
9. Kinny W.

PILATE C. BRUMLEY - b. 1825, Missouri; d. 1896, Arkansas; m. WILLIA ELIZA ?
Children (BRUMLEY)
1. Oliver (Pilate C.’s grandmother was ELIZABETH OLIVER)
2. Sarah
3. John
4. Mary Ann
5. Willey Eliza
6. Aaron
7. Melonia

ANDREW JACKSON BRUMLEY - b. 182 7-1828, Kentucky; m. HESTER CAUHORN.
Children (BRUMLEY)
1 .Sarah
2. John H.
3. Nancy A.
4. Daniel M.
5. Joshua D.
6. James
7. Mary Jane

OLIVER BRUMLEY - No further record.

RACHEL BRUMLEY - No further record.

Children (BRUMLEY) (based on 1870 Census, Christian County, Mo; Ozark twp; Galloway P.O.)
1. Winnie C.
2. John M.
3. Caldona
4. Thomas T.
5. Benestra
6. Sarah E.

ELLEN BRUMLEY - b. ca. 1835, Missouri; d. ca. 1863; m. WILLIAM HARP.
Children (HARP)
1. Aresa
2. Louisa
3. Algeretta
4. Lewis Newton
5. Sarah Elizabeth
6. James Oliver Perry
7. General Siegle

SARAH BRUMLEY - b. 1837, Missouri; m. R. BOYD (No further record.)

ISAAC NEWTON BRUMLEY - b. 1839, Miller County, Mo; d. 1864, Abbyville, MS, while serving in the Civil War. m. NANCY SHADWICK.
Children (BRUMLEY)

1. George Washington

RETTA BRUMLEY - No further record.


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