Volume 8, Number 9 - Fall 1984

Taney County Newspaper Items
Transcribed by Bill and Vera Wood, Strafford, Missouri

The Past In Review . . . News Items from the Taney County Republican, published in Forsyth, Missouri every Thursday by B .B . PRICE and S .J. WILLIAMS. Lawrence CARROLL was editor and the subscription price was $1.00 per year, in advance. The issue of November 28, 1895 was the first, and this paper is still being published today. The date of the paper precedes the news items appearing in that issue.

(Note: Errors in reporting the news were made then, just as in current newspapers.)

Thursday - February 17, 1898 Petit Jurors for the April Term of the Taney County Circuit Court 1898.

Oliver Township: William MERRILL, John EDWARDS
Beaver Township: J.M. LYON, A.J. SILER, A.D. LOPER and Dike WHITTAKER

Cedar Creek Township: John COBLE, H.L. IRELAND
Scott Township: D. L. PRUITT, Samuel YARNELL
Jasper Township: John A. SPORE, W.J. BOYD
Newton Township: J.A. PATRICK, Jas. MADDOX
Swan Township: Stewban BLEAK, J.P. MORROW, J .G. ROOT, Clayton STOKLEY, Ben CASEY, John CLARK
Big Creek Township: George HOLT, E.G. LANDERS, George GANN & W.F. HACKETT

Thursday - February 24, 1898 Petition for Divorce:
Henry BAIMER, Plaintiff vs Sarah E. BAIMER

Thursday - March 3, 1898 HOMESTEAD PROOFS
Sarah A. BUCK, widow of William M. BUCK, dec’d, H. A. #18975, Sec 24, twp 23, range 20. Witnesses: Leslie WILSON, P. C. WADE, Frank WADE, and C.B. STALLCUP, all of Kirbyville.

Thursday - March 10, 1898 Joseph M. YARNALL, H.A. #17923, Sec 23, twp 22, range 21. Witnesses: James G. ROOT, James WESTMORELAND, Charles W. PLEAK & Isaac W. HERFORD, all of Kirbyville.

J. C. JOHNSON, Jr, moved to his newly purchased property in South Town last week, and John HARTT moved to the Cline property, east of the square.

Thursday - March 17, 1898 Petition for Divorce:
Melvina SWINDELL, plaintiff vs Joseph A. SWINDELL, Melvina requests custody of their minor children.

A. L. PARRISH, Jere FRANKLIN and Curt RAY have been working on the Chadwick telephone line all week.

J. C. JOHNSON is making preparations to put an addition to his residence in South Town. South Town is fast forging to the front as a residence district.

Charlie GROOM has been working on the telephone line to Walnut Shade.

W. H. JONES, who lived just across the river from Forsyth, died Monday. The squire was a marked character for many years in Forsyth. He was about 67 years old and a pensioner.

Thursday - March 24, 1898 Most of the residents of South Town quit their residences Monday through fear of the river, but fortunately it did not get over the bank on the north side.

Thursday - March 31, 1898 HOMESTEAD PROOFS
William J. DRAKE, H.A. #18440, Sec 9, twp 21, range 17. Witnesses: Abner T. McINTOSH, W. T. ROBBINS, R. J. DRAKE, & Winfield S. CALDWELL, all of Protem.

Joseph BOOKOUT, H.A. #19280, Sec 28, twp 23, range 20. Wit: W. YANDELL, John DURBOROW, W. U. MERRILL and A. WRITTEN-HOUSE, all of Kirbyville.


Thursday - March 31, 1898 Beaver Creek was reported as being higher during the last rise than at any time since 1876.

John F. KEITHLEY, candidate for Judge of the Western District, was born in Taney County 40 years ago to Republican parents!

On Saturday, March 19th, a number of old soldiers of Taney County met for the purpose of organizing a Veterans Association of Taney County. The old boys were quite enthusiastic and succeeded in effecting a permanent organization. The first meeting of the Association will be held April 30th at Forsyth. Officers elected to serve one year were: S.W. LINZY, Pres; T.E. PHILLIPS, Sec’y; W .R . PUTNAM, Treas; Vice-Presidents: W.B. HICKS, W.F. HACKET, W.N. WEST, S.S.D. RENIKER, Ed WELLINGTON, C.W. CLEAVER, and H. E. JENKINS. Executive Committee: A.J. STORMS, A.S. PRATHER, J. H. NAGLE, Nathan CRUTCHFIELD and W.F. KEITHLEY, W.C. KENYON, Drum Major and J.H. NAGLE, Color Bearer.

Thursday - April 7, 1898 William ROLLER, who announces this week as a candidate for Associate Justice of the County Court for the Eastern District, has lived in Beaver Township for about 25 years. He has been a witness to all her prosperity and growth and has been a strong factor in her growth and good. He is a successful farmer and understands the county ‘s need.

The work on the Forsyth-Chadwick phone line is being pushed rapidly this week.

Letters uncalled for at the Post Office
Mr. William BRADSHAW, H. C. EARNEST, Mrs. Melissa KIRKENDALL, Miss M. L. MADISON and Mr. T. E. STONE.

Harden D. GOODALL, Jr., H. A. # 17882, Sec 15, twp 22, range 22. Witnesses: W. H. CROWDER, Rufus BARKER & William IRWIN of Branson and W. R. COX, Garber.

Jack LAWRENCE has been appointed Judge of the County Court for the Eastern District, in the place of John FARLEY who died last week.

Thursday - May 5, 1898 A telephone line is being built to Protem via Kissee Mills and Cedar Creek.

Letters uncalled for at the Post Office
Mr. Edward BASUETT, Mr. Frank SMITH, & Mr. Press KIRKENDALL.

Thursday - May 12, 1898 HOMESTEAD PROOFS
Samuel A. IGO, H.A. #18481, Sec 28, twp 22, range 18. Witnesses: C.D. JENKINS, John W. RHOADS, John H. CARDWELL and Montgomery SMITH, all of Cedar Creek.

Thursday - May 19, 1898 HOMESTEAD PROOFS
John R. DURBOROW, H. A. #19120, Sec 28, twp 28, range 20. Witnesses: Wm. I. BOOKOUT, Joseph BOOKOUT, Charles CLEAVER, and Ralph STOCKLING of Kirbyville.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. John FELKINS Monday night, May 16th, a daughter.

Thursday - June 2, 1898 Simon P. BLEDSOE left Forsyth Tuesday for Anthony, Kansas.

Letters uncalled for at the Post Office

Alexander BROWN, H.A. #17661, Sec 26, twp 27, range 17. Witnesses: Lee DRAKE, J. J. RHODES, Sheridan COLE and George GANN, Protem.

Thursday - June 9, 1898 DIED at Forsyth, June 1, 1898, James L. DAVIS, aged 47 years. He was born at Old Rock Bridge, Ozark County, and was educated in the common schools of Douglas County and Mountain Home Academy. He was a successful lawyer and for many years practiced medicine. He leaves a widow and two children.


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