Greene County Records

Abstract of Circuit Court Record Books
17 January 1865 - End of 1865

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 28 November 1994

The Abstracts of Circuit Court Record Books cover records maintained for the Circuit Court, Greene County, Missouri, 1833-1866. The abstracts reflect both civil and criminal court actions. They do not include divorces, which are abstracted elsewhere.

Many of the civil actions are for disputes over debts, nonpayment for services and damages for lost and stolen property. The criminal cases include a whole range of familiar offenses, but also include a large number of charges for illegal sale of liquor, Sabbath violations, profanity and gambling.

Entries include the names of the parties involved in civil cases, the nature of the dispute and the judgment imposed. Criminal cases include the name of the defendant, the offense charged and the disposition of the case. Some of the entries name the juries called and the attorneys representing the parties involved.

The Abstracts are arranged in chronological order. Because of the size of the documents, they have been divided by terms of court in order to make them easier to retrieve and view via the internet. Please choose a section below to browse. To help identify the court term of interest to you, use the index for this book. You may also perform a keyword search on all of the documents in the Greene County Records site.

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