Greene County Records

A Chronological Listing and Index to Divorce Records 1942 - 1946
in the Greene County Circuit Court

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 13 May 1990

This group of records contains abstracts of records of dissolution of marriage in Greene County, Missouri, for 1942 through 1946. All records include the names of the plaintiff and defendant, record book number, page number, date of final decree and an indication of who is the "innocent and injured party". Many of the records include the circumstance of the divorce, amount of support awarded and names of children affected.

The abstracts of divorce records are arranged in chronological order. Because of the size of the documents, they have been divided into sections to make them easier to retrieve and view via the internet. Please choose a section below to browse. To help identify the period of interest to you, use the index for this book. You may also perform a keyword search on all of the documents in the Greene County Records site.

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