Greene County Records

Abstract of Circuit Court Record Books 1846 - 1852

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 20 (Second Printing)
September 1992 - [pp. 62-63]


Special March Term 1849

p 286.
Be it remembered that at a Special Term of the Circuit Court for the County of Greene begun and held at the Court House in the city of Springfield on Thursday the 22nd of March 1849 - Present - the Honorable Charles S. Yancey Judge of said Court George W. Kelley esq Sheriff and Joshua Davis Clerk. Now at this day comes the Sheriff of Greene County and returns here into Court the following pannel of Grand Jurors upon the venire facias to him for the purpose directed, to wit: Solomon H. Owen foreman 1. William Coyne 2. James W. Gray 3. Elias B. Garrison 4. Avenant Hollingsworth 5. Edward Thompson 6. Jacob Bodenhamer 7. Lemuel H. Freeman 8. Solomon Cotner 9. Levi Trentham 10. Joseph Rountree 11. Washington Meritt 12. John H. Gibson 13. Archibald Payne 14. Edmund T'urner 15. Hosea Mullings 16. Young 0. Warren 17. seventeen good and lawful men who being duly empanelled sworn and charged as grand Jurors for the County aforesaid retired to consider of their duties.


Book C.

p 286.
Now at this day in consequence of the absecce of the Circuit Attorney from the Court, Jervis M. Barker is appointed by the Court Circuit Attorney protempore and thereupon the said Jervis M. Barker is duly sworn according to Law as such Circuit Attorney protempore. Now at this day comes the Grand Jury, empanneled at this term of this Court and returns the following indictment as a true bill, to wit:

State of Missouri
vs                                                   Indictment for Burglary and Larceny
William Andrews
(continued to next term)

p 287.
State of Missouri Plaintiff -
vs                                                   Indictment Burglary and Larceny
William Andrews Defendant
Now at this day comes William Andrews as principal and Benjamin Andrews, his security, and acknowledges themselves to owe and stand justly indebted to the State of Missouri in the full sum of $300 to be levied of their respective goods and chattles lands and tenements to be void upon this express condition that if the said William Andrews shall appear in his own proper person on the first day of the next term of the Greene Circuit Court at the Court House in the city of Springfield then and there and not depart without leave that then and above recognizance to be void else to remain in full force and effect

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