Greene County Records

An Index to the Register of the Alms House 1916 - 1955

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 12 April 1990

In Missouri, county government was legally bound to provide that "poor persons shall be relieved, maintained and supported by the county of which they are inhabitants" (Missouri R.S. 1909@1333). The county treasurer had to maintain a separate fund for this purpose. The statutes further provided that "aged, infirm, lame, blind or sick persons who are unable to support themselves and when there are no other persons required by law and able to maintain them, shall be deemed poor persons."

In Greene County the County Poor Farm was charged with the care of indigent and ill citizens who had no other resources for care. This agency was later known as the County Home and in 1955 became Sunshine Acres. The facility closed in 1978.

Records included here are abstracts of admission books kept by the superintendents for 1916 - 1955. Entries include name, age, sex, date of admission, date of dismissal, date of death and brief remarks. The entries also indicate the book and page number of the original record.

The original index is 207 printed pages and is arranged alphabetically by last name. Because of the size of the document, we have divided it into sections according to the alphabet to make it easier to retrieve and view via the internet. Please choose a section below to browse. You may also perform a keyword search on all of the documents in the Greene County Records site.

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