Greene County Records

Abstract of Divorce Records 1947 - 1950

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 14 July 1990

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This is volume seven of the series of A Chronological Listing and Index to Divorce Records in the Greene County Circuit Court prepared by Daniel (Dan) S. Kelley, a member of the Ozark Genealogical Society. Dan has spent well over 4,000 hours in preparing the seven volumes. He has made an arduous, page by page review of the Record Books of the Circuit Court to compile this information. Not only did he prepare this listing, but also an index which gives names of plaintiffs and defendants. The index makes this publication even more valuable and easy to use. Dan is to be commended for his hard work and perseverance in preparing this valuable reference source; it will not only be of great value to the genealogist and the public, but it will be of equal value to the Office of the Circuit Clerk and the Greene County Archives. I want to once again express my sincere thanks to Dan for his work in preparing this outstanding reference tool. Volunteers like Dan are the life blood of the Archives.

I also want to express my thanks to Michael A. Carr, Circuit Court Clerk, for transferring the circuit court records to the Greene County Archives and Records Center where they are available to anyone wanting to use them.

As Greene County Clerk, it is my duty to preserve these records after they have been transferred to the Archives, to establish control over them, and to make them available to county officials, to the academic community, and to the general public.

I am pleased to make this listing available to the citizens of Greene County and anyone else who wishes to use the records in the Archives for research purposes.


Richard T. Struckhoff
County Clerk

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