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1875 - 1972

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 22 April 1992

Inquests that were held between 15 January 1941 and 15 April 1942 were not recorded in the appropriate record book due to the Justice of the Peace serving as Coroner during that period. See below.


January 14, 1941

In the matter of the designation )

                                            ) Order designating.

of acting Coroner for Greene County )

Now at this day it appearing to the County Court that the duly elected and qualified Coroner of Greene County, Dr. B. Ned White, has been called into active service for the United States Navy and that he will be on enforced absence from the County, and,

It appearing to the County Court that the Statutes of Missouri, provide that a Justice of the Peace shall act in all cases wherein the Coroner is absent from the County,

It is therefore ordered by the County Court that G. H. Boehm, Justice of the Peace, be designated to act as Coroner in that territory known as Division Street and all that territory South of Division Street and Jas. B. Benson, Justice of the Peace, all that territory North of Division Street.

______________________________Presiding Judge.

______________________________Associate Judge.

______________________________Associate Judge.


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