Greene County Records

Index to Coroner's Record Books of Greene County
1875 - 1972

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 22 April 1992

The duties of the county coroner are set by state statute. The primary duty of the coroner was to investigate suspicious, unnatural or unattended deaths that have occurred in the county, and to determine whether criminal activity may have been involved. In 1973, Greene County eliminated the elective office of coroner and adopted the appointed medical examiner system to investigate fatalities.

Records included here are abstracts of the coroner's record books for 1875 - 1972. The abstracts include name and age of victim, book number, page and date of inquiry.

The original record book entries include whether the action was an inquest or a "view", name of the examiner, date of the entry, cause of death, names of jurors and witnesses, and a listing of personal effects of the deceased. Further information may be found in the actual case files which would include much of the same information and, in some cases, testimony of witnesses or legal officials.

The original index is 207 printed pages and is arranged alphabetically by last name. Because of the size of the document, we have divided it into sections according to the alphabet to make it easier to retrieve and view via the internet. Please choose a section below to browse. You may also perform a keyword search on all of the documents in the Greene County Records site.

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Name Unknown | 15 January 1941 - 15 April 1942

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