Greene County Records

A Guide to the Records of Greene County Clerks

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 3 June 1988

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A wealth of records that document the rights and interests of citizens and county government are available at the Greene County Archives. The Archives serves as a depository for the county records of legal, administrative, and historical value. From 1833 to the present, these records document the history of county government. I want to express my sincere thanks to Michael A. Carr, Circuit Court Clerk, for transferring the circuit court records to the Greene County Archives and Records Center. Here they will be available to anyone wanting to use them. Mike Carr is to be complimented for his dedication to good records management and interest in preserving the historic court records of Greene County.

Records such as wills, probate records, divorce decrees, adoption papers, naturalization records, tax assessment rolls, land tax records, civil and criminal case files, school records, county court proceedings, voter registration files, etc. are important to protect rights of the citizens of Greene County. These records are also of historic value because they document the growth and development the county. As Greene County Clerk, it is my duty to preserve these records after they have been transferred to the Archives, to establish control over them, and to make them available to county officials, to the acadernic community, and to the general public.

These records will be of interest to anyone who desires a better understanding of Greene County. This guide was prepared by Amy Langston of the Archives staff from the records in the Archives of the Greene County Courts. Additional sources have been provided for your information.

I am pleased to make this guide available to the citizens of Greene County and anyone else who wishes to use these records for research purposes. Guides will be published from time to time to describe records in the Greene County Archives.


Richard T. Struckhoff
County Clerk

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