Greene County Records

An Index to Naturalization Records
in the Greene County Circuit Court

Greene County Archives' Bulletin Number 4 November 1992
2nd Edition, 3rd Printing

Naturalization means to admit to citizenship, in this case United States citizenship. In 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment established national citizenship. Since then, laws have been enacted which regulate the procedure for obtaining citizenship for foreign born people. Most citizenship proceedings were in federal courts. Prior to 1906 however, when the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was established, any local court of record could oversee this action.

The index presented here represents those naturalizations that were filed with the Greene County Circuit Court 1868-1906. Each entry includes the name, country of origin, date of action, type of document (whether a Declaration of Intention or Certificate of Citizenship), and book and page number in the original circuit court record books.

The original index is 26 printed pages and is arranged alphabetically by last name. Please choose a section below to browse. You may also perform a keyword search on all of the documents in the Greene County Records site.

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