The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

One of the early residents on Big Creek in Taney County, Mo., is Mart Herrean, but he does not reside on this stream now. "In early times," said Mr. Herrean, "hunters used a byword about shooting at a buck and killing a doe. I had an experience of this sort in reality once myself. One day I rode out on the east side of the creek to hunt for the milk cows and when near a half a mile from where I lived I seen a doe deer and a fawn on the opposite side of a small thicket of bushes from me. I started to ride around the thicket in order to get in closer shooting range of the deer. When I stopped to shoot I noticed a buck standing near the spot where I had seen the doe and fawn stop. I dismounted and took aim with my gun at the buck through an opening in the brush and fired, leaving my horse where I shot from and walked through the thicket toward where the buck was standing when I shot at it. When I had got midway between the buck stood and the place where I shot from I was astonished to find a doe lying dead that had just been shot through the head. I did not see any other deer when I shot and I suppose it was the same doe I saw with the fawn. If it was she had moved her position after I had started around the thicket and had stepped in between me and the buck without me observing her. I never saw the fawn nor the buck after I shot at the latter.

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