The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

The following accounts are given to show that a deer can live a short time after its throat is cut. Peter Baughman, the old pioneer citizen and hunter of Boone County, Ark., said that on a certain occasion while he and Isaac Carter were hunting together on Crooked Creek he seen Carter shoot a deer and when it fell Carter run to it with knife in hand and out its throat severing the wind pipe entirely. In a moment after he did the work the deer leaped to its feet and run a quarter of a mile and fell, but it was not dead when we got to it, but it died in a short time afterward," said the old timer and hunter.

Samuel Carpenter, another old pioneer hunter of the upper White River, furnished me with the following story.

"While I and a little boy of the name of George Cummings were out in the hills on the opposite side of James River from Galena in Stone County, Mo., one day I saw a doe deer and shot it and it fell apparently lifeless. I walked up to it slowly and with my hunting knife I cut its throat. There was no mistake about it for I cut its windpipe in twain. But for all this I was astonished to see it get up suddenly and start off on a run and soon it got beyond my view. I never saw it anymore, but we looked for it nearly two hours before I give it up. I do not think it was possible for the deer to live but a few minutes at the longest," said the old hunter of the bygone days.

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