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Season 3, Episode 6

Would You Rather, Reader Edition

October 21, 2021

Breea and Charity talk about their reader favorites with a game of would you rather. Book recommendations for Middle Grade and YA readers.

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Charity 0:02 Welcome to the Planet Book podcast. I'm your host Charity.

Breea 0:07 I'm your host Breea.

Charity 0:08 And we're with the Springfield-Greene County Library District. On each episode, you'll hear us talking about our favorite tween and teen books. Thanks for joining us today. On this episode we are doing would you rather: by the book just to find out a little bit more about each other as readers, and I think this is going to be so fun.

Breea 0:27 This is gonna be great. So who wants to start us off?

Charity 0:30 I don't know. Why don't you go first?

Breea 0: 32 Okay, this one's a great one for you. I picked it out, especially for you Charity, because I know you love both of these genres.

Charity 0:36 Okay.

Breea 0:37 Would you rather be in a science fiction book or a fantasy book?

Charity 0:46 Because I love fantasy so much.

Breea 0:48 You just love fantasy.

Charity 0:49 I do. You know, of course, I'm gonna go with sci-fi. I love Star Trek, and so like the future and all that future technology like it just fascinates me. So absolutely I would be in a sci-fi anytime.

Breea 1:03 And I've got to pick fantasy.

Charity 1:05 Of course you do.

Breea 1:07 I feel like my roots are like in another life I was a fairy. I was an elven fairy princess of some sort. Because I love the settings that are, you know, an exploration of nature. They have magical elements involved in them. And they're just always so beautiful. Like taking it back to Lord of the Rings like those settings. Gorgeous. J. R. R. Tolkien does a fantastic job exploring those scenes. Maybe sometimes a little too well. I've got to go back to my fairy elven princess roots. So fantasy it is.

Charity 1:42 You know, I think you kind of look like a fairy. Breea 1:44 That is the highest compliment ever.

Charity 1:45 I could totally see that. I mean, you could have pointy ears. I wouldn't know. And but I wouldn't, you know, I think it would fit you.

Breea 1:54 They're hiding underneath my headphones right now.

Charity 1:58 Which just out of curiosity, and to totally put you on the spot. Which fantasy world would you want to be, you know, travel to?

Breea 2:06 Oh, man, I couldn't tell you on the spot. Because I could list off something, like I could say, oh yeah, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Charity 2:17 Okay, let's go with those two, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Breea 2:22 Well, here's the thing, they both slightly scare me. Those books, love them. Love them, love them, love them. But like, I can be like, yes, I'm gonna go to Hogwarts. That's so great. But think about all the conflict that happens. Do you really, do you really want to live at Hogwarts?

Charity 2:36 Right, right.

Breea 2:37 There was a lot of chaos that went on there. So I think it depends on my day. I think when I was younger, I would've been like Hogwarts all the way. And in fact, I've been to the Wizarding World in Universal, so much fun. But every now and then I'm like, Lord of the Rings. There's wide open fields, the mountain sides. Especially when I went and visited Utah, then I was like, yeah, you know, like not saying that Utah's the same thing. But like just checking out all the huge landscapes there that are just breathtaking. I was like, you know what, yeah, I could live in Lord of the Rings world, in that land. So just depends on my day.

Charity 3:16 All right. Well, here's a question for you. Would you rather be stuck on a long trip without a book, or with a book that you hate?

Breea 3:24 I think I would rather be stuck on a long trip without a book. Because if I had a book I hate, I just wouldn't read it and it would be the exact same situation.

Charity 3:36 Do you care to say what that book might be? Like, is there a book--

Breea 3:39 Alice in Wonderland.

Charity 3:41 Really?

Breea 3:42 Absolutely. Which is so funny, because I'm over here, like, I love fantasy, I love dreamscapes. I love like, no, I can't. I've tried my hardest, and I cannot.

Charity 3:55 I feel like this is a whole other episode.

Breea 3:57 Oh, which is interesting, because you're like, I don't like fantasy.

Charity 4:01 It's so fantastical though. I don't know. Well, I would probably say I'd rather be without a book because the book I hate is Lord of the Flies.

Breea 4:09 Oh, yeah. Okay, that's fair.

Charity 4:12 I was gonna say like, teen listeners. If you ever have to read this one for school, just talk to your teacher and see if they will let you read something else like a substitute title. Because this book is so so terrible. I hate it so much. And I would not want to be stuck on a trip with just that book.

Breea 4:28 Yeah, you just wouldn't read it. I don't know. I would probably do like mad libs or something. Something to pass, we'll look at the license plates instead. That'd be alright. Okay, so would you rather because we've talked about this in a previous episode about this subject. Would you rather only be able to read series or only be able to read stand-alone novels?

Charity 4:50 You know, I would have to say stand-alone books. Even though some of my favorite books are part of series. I mean, like the Gregor the Overlander series that we talked about in a previous episode. There are some teen series that I absolutely love. So some of my favorites are series. But I don't know, series just kind of wear me out. And I don't know, like, they usually are disappointing. Like that first book is great. The second one's okay. The third one is just eh. Kind of like the Hunger Games trilogy. So I don't know, I think I would rather just give me standalone books, and I'll take my chances.

Breea 5:28 See, this is one that I feel like you could ask me tomorrow, and I'd have a completely different answer. And I also think it depends on the year and what I've been reading that year.

Charity 5:40 Interesting.

Breea 5:41 Because, like, there was one year that I had read Circe by Madeline Miller when we were bringing her in. And I absolutely loved that. And it was weird. It's a weird book, but I really loved it. And I was reading some short story collections, which I don't know if that would even count in this scenario. But like I was reading the B.J. Novak collections. And that year, I'd be like, stand-alone, that's what I read. But then there are some years that I'm like, I'm only reading series. Like I'm reading manga series, I'm reading graphic novel series, I'm reading, you know, fantasy series, and I'm like bonding with those characters. But I completely agree with you how sometimes that first book is, like, what you fall in love with, and then the rest of the series, you're like, eh. That happens a lot. But when you find a good series that you can bond with throughout the entire-- I still feel like I'm just tiptoeing around the answer. I'm gonna say series today, but it's a very weak answer.

Charity 6:48 You're very noncommittal on these answers.

Breea 6:50 I really am. So gray, I'm so gray on these issues.

Charity 6:55 Let's put a pin in that topic, though, that you just brought up for maybe a future episode where we just talk about our favorite series.

Breea 7:02 Yeah, that would be great.

Charity 7:05 Like that could be really good. Well, my next question for you is, would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie, or have your favorite movie turned into a book?

Breea 7:12 I like having my favorite book turned into a movie. I always get excited when I see, even though I'm one of those people that's like, oh, that's so different from what's in the book, I like seeing how they condense it and how they take those important elements or who they cast. And I feel like with the movies, when they turn it into a book you already have like all these casts in mind, like you can't recast them. You already have that world and setting in mind. So it's not like a shock when you see it on the big screen. You know, like when it comes from book to big screen. You're like, oh, so that's how these directors and creators pictured this world. That's interesting. And if it's reversed, you're like, oh, well, I've already have that predetermined in my noggin, I can't really change it up.

Charity 7:55 Yeah, I would completely agree with that for the very same reasons. And I wrote down the books that I would want to see, I don't think anyone's turned them into movies. So the middle grade title I want to see someone turn into a movie From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Like, come on, somebody make that into a movie where the kids spend a night in the museum. I mean, that could be so cool. Like there are so many cool things you could do with that. And then the YA title that I want to see someone do is a Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis, which is a great historical fiction thriller. Oh my god, that would be so good. Or turn it into like a Netflix series.

Breea 8:34 I was just about to ask if we're going to like continue this question, would you rather it be a movie or a--

Charity 8:41 I think I'd rather I'd want that to be a series. You'd have time to explore that character. And it's so good. That story is so good. So somebody needs to adapt it.

Breea 8:50 I feel like a lot of books that became movies, could have really thrived with more of a television series, rather than a condensed version of their movie where they're like, oh, we're gonna break it up into three parts. But I'm like you cut out so much of the book, and so much of those characters or situations that we love, that can really be flushed out in a television series. But I'm like, I can wait for it on Netflix. Just go ahead. Put it on there. I'll watch it. I'll binge it.

Charity 9:21 Exactly.

Breea 9:22 Alright, so would you rather read a poorly written book with an excellent story, or read a well-written one with weak content?

Charity 9:32 This is a tough one. I don't know my background. I went to school to be an English teacher. And so I don't think that I could handle a story no matter how good it is. If it is poorly written. I think it would just frustrate me to no end. I think I'd much rather have a not so good story, but that is well-written because I can appreciate that I can respect that. That would be my choice. What about you?

Breea 9:58 It's so funny because you know I went to school and for, you know, English creative writing. And for a long time, I had to reprogram myself for some books because I'd pick them up and I'd be like, oh, they didn't follow this rule, or they didn't do this thing. And, you know, I was always studying what I read. With time, I think I'm gonna have to disagree and say, I think I'd rather read a poorly written book with an excellent story. Because I've talked about this in a previous episode, if I'm not vibing with the book, I'm not gonna finish the book, no matter how well written it is. If I don't love these characters. If I don't love this situation. However, if there is really like poor writing in a book, but I'm like, what is going on? I'm gonna finish it, which is like, really funny.

Charity 10:47 That is funny, yeah.

Breea 10:49 Like, I think about even, like, if someone's interested in fan fictions, fan fictions. Some of them are really well-written. Some of them are very not well-written. But by golly, those ideas that like anyone can come up with, like, sometimes they're just really creative. And you're like, oh, there's some really bad grammatical mistakes here. And that sentence probably could have been reworded, but I really like your concepts. So I think I'd rather, yeah.

Charity 11:15 You know I think I'm going to change my answer. I'm gonna say yes, I would go with story because I have in the past, in fact, I read a trilogy that was so terribly written.

Breea 11:27 Wait, which one?

Charity 11:29 I can't, well, it's not a children's or teen title. It's an adult title. But it was so badly written, but I read all three books. Because I was, you know, the storyline kind of hooked me and, and I wanted to see what they were gonna do with those characters. So I guess I, you know, in theory, I want to say that I wouldn't do that. But in practice, I go with story no matter how bad. It's also like a train wreck. And it's like, I can't, it's like, oh, how did this even get published? You know, and so it's kind of funny to me to read it and see how bad it is.

Breea 12:01 It's like watching Tiger King, but like reading it. Where you're like, oh, goodness, none of these characters are well-written, but I'm gonna binge this TV show. This series is wild.

Charity 12:15 And don't you read those books and think if this book could get published, like anybody can publish a book? Like, why am I not writing a book?

Breea 12:22 So it's like discouraging and encouraging all the same. Because you're like, why isn't my book published? But you're like, but maybe someday?

Charity 12:30 Exactly. So this next question, would you rather be a librarian or own your own bookstore?

Breea 12:38 I think I'll just stay as a librarian. I think owning a bookstore is gonna be a lot more challenging. I didn't go to business school. So like, you know, the thought, the romantic thought of being in You've Got Mail where I could be the Meg Ryan type that has her own little book shop that she runs is super cute, but the financial side of things. Whoo. No, thank you. I'll just be a librarian.

Charity 13:03 Oh, that's funny. See, no, I would want to own my own bookstore because I can't shake that like romantic idea of some little book shop tucked in the corner with like a big leather chair and just walls filled with shelves of books.

Breea 13:18 See I respect that. I would go visit your bookstore.

Charity 13:21 And I would serve coffee and chocolates.

Breea 13:24 So comfy cozy. Okay. So would you rather have unlimited money for ebooks or $5,000 for Barnes and Noble?

Charity 13:32 I'm gonna go with Barnes and Noble, just because I do read ebooks. But that is probably my least favorite way to read a book. And Barnes and Noble, like, you have so many options, so you could buy whatever. So yeah, I'm gonna go with Barnes and Noble. What about you?

Breea 13:49 I'm the same way. I don't even have an ereader of any sort. Because I spend so much of my day on the computer or doing typing or researching that the last thing I want to do to give my eyes a break is stare at a screen longer. And I'm like, to each his own, like I absolutely understand the appeal of the ereaders. And for a long time, I didn't. I was like, why? You can feel a book, you can smell a book, you can flip through a book, and you feel so satisfied when you see you're halfway through. That being said, $5,000, Barnes and Noble. I would have a great day. I can just imagine me blowing it all in one setting.

Charity 14:29 I know like you could. Absolutely. Yeah. I think this next question is a good one. Would you rather only read middle grade novels for the rest of your life or YA novels?

Breea 14:41 I'm probably gonna say YA. That's another one where I think in the future I could change my mind. But I find myself gravitating more toward YA in general. Every now and then I'll go back and I'll pick up a middle grade and I'll really enjoy it. But just in general, for the most part, I'm reading YA anyway.

Charity 15:00 Yeah, that is a little bit more your wheelhouse.

Breea 15:03 Yes, definitely. Especially when it comes to the fantasy YA. Which is, like, let's be real here. It's like the exact same situation always happens in those fantasy YA books, but I still keep coming back for it. I'm like alright, give me the strong female protagonist that has to find her way in this realm and become queen in the end.

Charity 15:26 Right? So, you know, I love that we are just like a complete opposite on almost all of these because I would say middle grade for that very reason. I feel like in YA you see them use those same tropes so many times and it's like I can only see that character. Yeah, in fantasy, yeah, you've got the strong female protagonist. She's the queen. She's got to save her people. Okay, I get it. Middle grade there's a lot more variety.

Breea 15:56 Yeah, I absolutely agree.

Charity 15:58 So I would go for middle grade, for sure.

Breea 16:01 And that's why I was like, tomorrow, I could be like, that was a dumb answer. I should have said middle grade. But I just read YA way more. So I had to, I have to go with my tried and true, like, gut choice.

Charity 16:13 Yes. This is why we're such a good fit.

Breea 16:16 It is so true.

Charity 16:19 Okay, is it your turn or mine?

Breea 16:22 I think it's mine. I think it's mine. Would you rather live in the last book you read? Or just continue your normal life?

Charity 16:32 So I'm reading multiple books at a time so I'm trying to think like what's the last middle grade or YA?

Breea 16:35 You jump from world to world.

Charity 16:37 But the last YA book I read, it was one I talked about in a previous episode. And it was so bizarre and kind of creepy, and so I would not want to live in that world. So I would keep my own life.

Breea 16:51 I think I'm gonna have to keep my own life as well. The book that I'm reading or, no, I finished it. I finished it the other day. I talked about the first book in season two, because I was reading Fable by Adrienne Young, and so now I'm reading Namesake, which is the sequel. And it's real rough in that world. Like it is kill or be killed, every man for himself. You don't know who to trust. As fun as it is to read, there's no way on earth I would give up my cozy little library life to go join the pirates.

Charity 17:29 You know, that's the other thing about YA is that so many of those books, like, those are cutthroat worlds.

Breea 17:35 They are.

Charity 17:36 Like, I don't think I would survive.

Breea 17:38 No.

Charity 17:39 So, no, I could not be a part of those worlds. I wouldn't make it.

Breea 17:42 I mean, it's the same. Like you know, if the last book that I read, like going back to the Harry Potter discussion we just had, where you're like, oh, it's so tricky. It's not tricky. I'm not gonna go live in Hogwarts because it's scary. Like, if there was no conflict and no Voldemort. Like, maybe that would be cool to learn spells and potions. But, yeah, I'm not gonna survive past year two or three. I'll give myself year two or three. No further than that.

Charity 18:12 All right, well, let's kind of wrap it up. I'm gonna ask the last question.

Breea 18:17 Go for it.

Charity 18:18 Unicorns or mermaids?

Breea 18:20 Mermaids.

Charity 18:21 Breea.

Breea 18:22 Oh, let me guess, Charity, you're unicorns.

Charity 18:27 Unicorns, all day every day. So we can dress up here at the Library if you work on Halloween. And I think just a couple years ago, like I came as a unicorn to work, like, unicorn.

Breea 18:39 Actually, that's so funny. I used to be a character entertainer for a company nearby. And one of the events I was at I had to be a mermaid. So I also dressed up as the character I chose. And that was so fun. Would love it. Would do it again in a heartbeat. But...

Charity 19:02 Well, I've been a mermaid for Halloween too. And between those two, I would take unicorn over mermaid even just based on the costume, but...

Breea 19:10 I have yet to dress up as a unicorn. So maybe when I do that my answer is gonna change.

Charity 19:15 I'll give you some pointers if you decide you want to.

Breea 19:17 Please do.

Charity 19:18 We didn't even get to all of our questions, but I think we should save those for another episode. Breea, this has been so fun.

Breea 19:26 Always.

Charity 19:27 Thanks for being on with me. Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Planet Book podcast. Check out the library's website at the for these other great book recommendations. And follow us on Facebook for the latest news and events. This has been a production of the Springfield-Greene County Library District. Thanks for listening.

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