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Season 3, Episode 10

Who Doesn't Love a Book Quiz

November 18, 2021

Through book quizzes, Breea and Charity discover what their reader preferences reveal about their lives. Book recommendations for Middle Grade and YA readers.


Charity 0:01 Welcome to the Planet Book podcast. I'm your host Charity.

Breea 0:05 And I'm your host Breea.

Charity 0:07 And we're with the Springfield-Greene County Library District. On each episode, you'll hear us talking about our favorite tween and teen books. Thanks for joining us today.

Charity 0:16 On this episode, we're going to do something a little different. We're gonna give each other book quizzes.

Breea 0:21 Yeah.

Charity 0:22 As avid readers who doesn't love a good book quiz?

Breea 0:25 Oh yeah.

Charity 0:26 A good Buzzfeed quiz? Like who doesn't love these? So I've got one I'm going to give Breea and she's got one she's going to give me, and we're going to learn so much about each other as readers.

Breea 0:35 Oh, yes we are.

Charity 0:37 So these, my quiz comes from a website called And so I think I'll go ahead and start. Breea this quiz is called which book genre is your life. So just pre-quiz, what do you think? What would you say your genre is like--

Breea 0:56 Is my life? I'd say a little bit magical realism.

Charity 1:00 Magical realism?

Breea 1:02 You know, I think I'm pretty grounded. But I've got some, you know, fantastical goals in mind..

Charity 1:09 Yeah, it's like there's fairy dust just hovering in the air around you.

Breea 1:12 There's always fairy dust hovering around me. And if you want to call me Princess, like, that's fine too.

Charity 1:19 Okay, yeah, you'll take it.

Breea 1:20 Princess of my castle.

Charity 1:21 There you go. Alright, so question number one. If you could travel through time, would you rather go to the future or the past? And your options are I'd rather go to the future, I'd rather go to the past or I'd rather stay in the present.

Breea 1:35 Oh, I think I'd go to the past.

Charity 1:37 Oh, that's right though, you do like historical fiction.

Breea 1:39 Yeah, I really do.

Charity 1:40 All right, number two, if your life was a book, what would the critics say? The plot was meandering and repetitive, a promising premise but sloppy in the execution, imaginative debut, or a modern classic, or refreshing or finally defiant, immersive and riddled with angst.

Breea 2:01 What was that second one again?

Charity 2:03 A promising premise but sloppy in the execution, three out of five stars.

Breea 2:06 I mean, here's the thing. I've had a pretty good life, but I think that like I would give it higher than three out of five stars. But I still feel like that description accurately--

Charity 2:16 You're a promising premise?

Breea 2:19 Because you know, I'm in my mid 20s and I'm trying to like figure things out. And as I do it, it's a little sloppy. It's a little messy. Things are up in the air.

Charity 2:26 Okay. All right. Number three, what is the main theme of your life? Is it young love? Is it coming of age? Is it fate versus free will? Is it good versus evil? Is it overcoming adversity? Or is it identity?

Breea 2:41 I'd say identity.

Charity 2:43 Okay, number four. What do you like to do in your spare time? Read or write, play sports, hang out with friends, watch Netflix, draw, or sneak around mental asylums and hope you don't conjure something?

Breea 2:55 Oh, man. I know a few people who that last one should be for. But I'm gonna say the first one, read or write. Yep.

Charity 3:01 That's what I would have guessed for you.

Breea 3:05 Oh, yeah.

Charity 3:06 Number five, what's the first thing you do in the morning? Hit the snooze button, eat breakfast, take a shower, make coffee, go for a walk or look in the mirror?

Breea 3:16 Oh, I'm hitting the snooze button. My husband gets so annoyed with me because I'll set my alarm for like an hour ahead of time, an hour before I actually expect to wake up. And I'll just keep hitting the snooze button like 10 more minutes, 10 more minutes for an hour. And he's like, do you mind? Just set it for when you need to wake up. I'm like, I won't wake up then. I have to like mentally prepare myself. Yes.

Charity 3:40 All right. Well, we're almost halfway through this. Number six, what skill do you possess that will inevitably come in handy at a critical juncture? Your good memory, your athleticism, lock picking skills? I wish I had those.

Breea 3:56 No kidding.

Charity 3:57 My ability to speak multiple languages, ability to break codes or ability to successfully fold a fitted sheet.

Breea 4:06 None of the above.

Charity 4:08 Oh, pick one. Memory, athleticism, lock picking, language skills, breaking codes, folding fitted sheets?

Breea 4:16 I'll say breaking codes but that's like, I don't know. I'm still not great at that. Yep, that's what we're going with.

Charity 4:26 I don't think anybody ever is except Martha Stewart. Alright, number seven. Which type of music do you prefer? Indie, pop, EDM, classic rock, r&b or the Gregorian chant?

Breea 4:38 I'm going to have to go with indie.

Charity 4:39 Oh, okay. These are so silly. At number eight. Which of these genres do you like the least? Dystopian, paranormal romance, realistic fiction, detective novels, psychological thrillers, or absurdism.

Breea 4:54 I'm gonna have to say realistic fiction. I like to escape a little bit.

Charity 4:59 All right, number nine. Describe your friends: a ragtag group of lovable misfits, a bunch of expendable pawns the antagonist will ultimately use to get me, or you can't trust any of them?

Breea 5:10 Oh, the first one. We're ragtag.

Charity 5:13 I mean, isn't that what we would--all of us would say about our friends, like?

Breea 5:16 Like the others aren't very great. Like, I'm pretty sure my friends listen to this. So I don't want them to be like, wow, thanks, Breea for throwing us under the bus.

Charity 5:28 All right, question number 10. Which of these is an example of a real life plot twist you've experienced? You got an A on a test that you thought you failed, your crush actually liked you back, you got catfished, that time they gave the Academy Award to La La Land? I don't even know what that means. My sister ran off with a handsome cad, turns out the school janitor has been dead for 50 years?

Breea 5:52 Oh my gosh.

Charity 5:53 I know, right?

Breea 5:54 The La La Land one is funny. It's the movie.

Charity 5:57 Yeah.

Breea 5:58 And they gave the wrong award like they gave--

Charity 6:00 Oh, okay.

Breea 6:01 Yeah, that's what they're mentioning. What was that first one again?

Charity 6:04 You got an A on a test that you thought you had failed.

Breea 6:07 Is that a lame one to choose?

Charity 6:09 No, not at all.

Breea 6:11 Because that was just me at college in general. I was always like, I failed that. I failed it. And then I was fine. But I just always felt like I failed it.

Charity 6:22 Yeah, I had that a lot in high school where I thought oh, man, there's no way I did well and then I'd get an A on it. All right, last question. Who is the villain of your story? A teacher that you hate, someone in my social circle who everyone else likes but I can't stand, society, politicians, Matthew McConaughey, or I'm the villain of my own story?

Breea 6:46 I'm going to have to say politicians. I am not into that political stuff. Nope.

Charity 6:51 Well, and they are so often the villains.

Breea 6:53 They are.

Charity 6:55 So I don't know if this will be a surprise or not but, (drumroll sound) your life is a fantasy.

Breea 7:01 Heck, yeah. Perfect.

Charity 7:05 I also took this quiz and it said my life is a fantasy and I just--

Breea 7:09 Maybe that's the only option.

Charity 7:10 But my life is not a fantasy. I don't even read fantasy. How can my life be a fantasy? But anyway--

Breea 7:15 You know, maybe it's time to pick up another fantasy book.

Charity 7:19 Maybe. Maybe I have to just get into it. All right.

Breea 7:22 But for now, it's your turn.

Charity 7:23 Okay.

Breea 7:24 I have chosen a quiz that's also from It's called which young adult novel trope are you?

Charity 7:33 Oh, you know me. I love a good YA trope.

Breea 7:35 Yeah you do. Love it. So here we go. There's seven questions total. What's your favorite time of day? Morning, early evening, afternoon or night?

Charity 7:46 I'm gonna go with morning. Even though I'm not a morning person.

Breea 7:50 I understand that though. It's like when you get your coffee. And so it has to be good.

Charity 7:55 I like morning after I've had coffee.

Breea 7:57 Yes. What's your love language? Cooking a meal together, being unapologetically weird together, making them a playlist or when someone says this made me think of you?

Charity 8:08 Being weird together for sure.

Breea 8:10 Heck, yeah. Are you more of a cynic or an optimist? And those are the options, cynic, optimist.

Charity 8:16 I'm a cynic all day every day. Honestly, I'd say I'm a realist. I would not say I'm a pessimist. I'm a realist, but those are my options. I'm definitely not an optimist.

Breea 8:26 Now describe the state of your bedroom right now. Relatively clean, messy, spotless or a bit cluttered? Be honest.

Charity 8:35 I'm kind of a neat freak, so I'm gonna go with relatively clean. I like everything in its place. Breea 8:40 Mine is like a fake clean. Like you've seen the show Friends, right?

Charity 8:44 Uh huh.

Breea 8:45 Yeah, I'm Monica when it comes to like, I'm clean. But you open my closet and, oh my goodness, everything is gonna topple on to you.

Charity 8:55 Oh, that's funny.

Breea 8:56 It's a train wreck. Okay, so what's something you struggle with? Motivation, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, reserving judgment, my insecurities, or saying no to people.

Charity 9:10 Well, I have no problem saying no to people. What was-- what were the first two?

Breea 9:14 Motivation and anxiety.

Charity 9:17 Um, you know what? I'm gonna go with motivation.

Breea 9:21 Okay. How would the narrator in a young adult novel describe your eyes?

Charity 9:25 Oh, goodness.

Breea 9:26 There's so many options for this one. Hold on. Emerald green, piercing, cool and gray, bright and sparkling, blue like a sunlit ocean, lively and dark, deep and rich like hot chocolate or indescribable?

Charity 9:42 And of course, that is exactly how they would describe them in a YA novel.

Breea 9:46 I love that last answer. It's so good.

Charity 9:48 I'm gonna go with lively and dark.

Breea 9:53 Lively and dark. I like it. All right, last one. If you were the protagonist in a young adult novel, pick the classic novel you'd be reading in English class whose plot would be weirdly relevant to your life. This question is great. Pride and Prejudice, the Count of Monte Cristo, Love in the Time of Cholera, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Giovanni's Room?

Charity 10:18 Some of those books I haven't even read. How can I--

Breea 10:20 I know, right?

Charity 10:21 How can I fully compare? Oh, this is so--what was the first one again?

Breea 10:28 Pride and Prejudice.

Charity 10:20 You know, I guess I'm gonna go with Pride and Prejudice.

Breea 10:34 All right. Okay, here it is. Your trope is someone's diary ends up in the wrong hands. You're the 'someone's diary ends up in the wrong hands' trope. If a book, TV show or movie involves a teen writing in their diary, you can bet that diary is going straight into the hands of their mortal enemy. Will the protagonist's deepest, darkest secrets be revealed to the whole school? Who knows?

Charity 10:59 You know what is so funny about that?

Breea 11:01 What?

Charity 11:02 Is that I hate those kinds of books. You know, I won't say hate. That's a really strong word. But I do not like those diary books.

Breea 11:08 Well, that's your life so you're gonna have to deal with it.

Charity 11:11 No, see--

Breea 11:13 Fantasy, diary ends up in the wrong hands.

Charity 11:16 No, I don't even know what to make of these quizzes because that--no. I reject that Sparknotes.

Breea 11:23 It's too late. Sparknotes refuses your rejection. It rejects your rejection.

Charity 11:29 Oh, well, this has been a blast, Breea. Thank you for joining me. And I feel like, you know, I've got a few more pieces to your puzzle.

Breea 11:37 And apparently, I don't have anything for yours because you're like, nope, that's wrong.

Charity 11:42 These quizzes are way off base. Or maybe they're trying to tell me something and I just can't acknowledge it yet. Well, thanks, Breea.

Breea 11:49 Thank you. That was fun.

Charity 11:51 Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Planet Book podcast. Check out the library's website at the for these and other great book recommendations, and follow us on Facebook for the latest news and events. This has been a production at the Springfield-Greene County Library District. Thanks for listening.

Breea 12:06 Thank you.

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