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2023 Runners-Up

Runners-Up Grades K-2

  • Fall Into a Good Book
    Zoey, Age 8
  • I Like to Read Berry Much
    Mia, Age 8
    Library Station
  • Donut Stop Reading
    Cortlynn, Age 8

Runners-Up Grades 3-4

  • Take Me to Your Librarian
    Jaidalyn, Age 9
    Library Station
  • Books Make You Smart
    Matthew, Age 10
    Library Station
  • Donut Stop Reading
    Kaylee, Age 9, Library Center

Runners-Up Grades 5-6

  • Have You Herd of This Book
    Lola, Age 11, Schweitzer Brentwood
  • Untitled Still Life Book, Cup, Flower
    Savannah, Age 11
    Library Center
  • Reading is My Jam
    Maddie, Age 10, Library Center

Runners-Up Grades 7-8

  • Open a Book, Unlock a New World
    Aurianna, Age 14
    Library Station
  • This Book is Impossible to Put Down
    Brooklynn, Age 12
    Library Station
  • Untitled Fox
    Abigail, Age 12

Runners-Up Grades 9-10

  • Grab a Book
    Emily, age 14
    Library Station
  • I Read Therefore I Am
    Derbe, Age 16
  • Librarians Want You to Read
    Audri, Age 14
    Library Station

Runners-Up Grades 11-12

  • Read
    Ava, Age 16
  • Isn't That Book for Children?
    Phoenix, Age 18
    Schweitzer Brentwood
  • The World Belongs to Those Who Read
    Iosif, Age 17
    Library Station