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Ages 0-2

Colors & Shapes

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Baby, Find the Shapes! by  Ekaterina Trukhan
"Baby can find shapes all over place: the bedroom, the garden, and more!"
Colors Book by  Alexandra Claire
A little red crab, fluffy yellow ducklings, a vibrant purple seahorse, and soft pink piglets join together to welcome toddlers to the wide world of color. Filled with eye-catching photos of animals in their natural surroundings and paired with playful rhymes, these books will instill a love of nature while introducing children to all of the colors in a rainbow of adorable baby animals.
Colors of Awesome! : 24 Bold Women Who Inspired the World by  Eva Chen
From Instagram superstar and New York Times-bestselling author Eva Chen, here is a primer in prominent female icons from throughout history that doubles as a fun introduction to colors.
Eat Together by  Miguel Ordóñez
Combining geometric shapes and food, young readers see how shapes help build different kinds of foods.
Happiness Is a Rainbow by Patricia Hegarty
Celebrate the many shades of happiness with this wonderful introduction to colors!
Meadow by  Sarah Dellow
These books use high contrast patterns and clever die-cut holes to reveal the illustrations! A great way to introduce toddlers to shapes, patterns and silhouettes.
Migrating Birds : A Colors Book by  Chloe Goodhart
From the purple finch to the indigo bunting, kids will explore some of the most popular migrating birds nature has to offer while learning their unique colors, too!
My First Shapes. by  .
Follow the path and find the shapes with this first shape adventure--Publisher's description.
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in the family garden.
Shape Up, Construction Trucks! by  Victoria Allenby
Full-color photographs feature construction vehicles. Geometric shapes discernable on the vehicles are digitally highlighted for easy identification, and rhyming text names both the shape and the truck. A final spread directed at caregivers shares age-appropriate enrichment activities for toddlers learning to identify shapes.
Shapes Book by  Alexandra Claire
On board pages. A cute hedgehog curls into a circular ball, a diamond-shaped stingray glides across the ocean floor, and a young praying mantis watches the world through eyes that are wide in its triangular head. Filled with colorful, eye-catching photos of baby animals in their natural surroundings and paired with playful rhymes, Baby Animals First Shapes will instill a love of nature while teaching children all about shapes.
The Amicus Book of Colors by  Isobel Lundie
A graphic paper-collage of familiar objects associates colors with simple descriptive language to foster recognition and reading
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Dinner : A Shapes Book by Eric Carle
Die-cut pages illustrate the concept of shapes as a hungry caterpillar eats different things for dinner.
Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Lunch by Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is very hungry . . . for lunch! With die-cut pages, a simple narrative, and beautiful artwork from Eric Carle, this interactive board book is the perfect way to introduce the midday meal. From mac and cheese and sandwiches to salads and tacos, there's something everyone will enjoy.
We Are Shapes by  Melinda Beck
We are shapes! We balance, we stack, and best of all, we work together!
Yellow Like a Submarine, Purple Like the Rain : A Rocking Book of Colors by  John Coulter
The world of music is colorful! With simple text and playful imagery, Yellow like a Submarine, Purple like the Rain is a backstage pass to a rocking good time for both babies and adults alike. This board book celebrates classic songs and the many different hues to discover within their lyrics, whether you're humming along to Here Comes the Sun or By the Light of the Silvery Moon.
Updated 11/27/2022