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Ages 0-2

Colors & Shapes

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A Little Book About Colors by Leo Lionni
"Discover a world full of color in this delightful board book inspired by the works of legendary children's book author and illustrator Leo Lionni."
Baby Sees First Colors : Black, White, and Red by  Akio Kashiwara
"Infants can distinguish the colors black and white because of their high contrast. But what is the next color infants see? Red! The images in this book have been created based on decades of research and refinement and are accompanied by bouncy, rhyming text".--Amazon.
Baby, Find the Shapes! by  Ekaterina Trukhan
"Baby can find shapes all over place: the bedroom, the garden, and more!"
Baby, See the Colors! by  Ekaterina Trukhan
"The sky is blue, and so are blueberries! Tomatoes are red, just like ladybugs and stop signs! Flowers and giraffes are yellow, school buses, too!"
Bob and Larry's Book of Colors by  Illustrated by Lisa Reed
"This educational board book introduces basic colors with the help of Veggie favorites such as Bob, Larry, Junior Asparagus, and Laura Carrot. Little ones can learn along with the Veggies as they explore different colors and will be encouraged with typical VeggieTales heart and humor along the way."
Colors With Little Fish by Lucy Cousins
"Little Fish is off on a fun, rhyming adventure underwater, spotting colors along the way: blue fish, yellow coral, maybe even a pink seahorse. The bright orange star of Hooray for Fish! loves swimming in the sea, and little ones will love looking at and learning colors in this sturdy board book from the creator of Maisy. Red fish, purple shells, green seaweed -- there are so many colors to find with Little Fish in this deep-sea delight from Lucy Cousins."--provided by publisher.
Hello, Baby Animals by Julissa Mora
A charming introduction to ten baby animals, paired with a friendly text, and bold basic patterns, provide a great high-contrast experience for young developing eyes.
Jane Foster's Black and White by Jane Foster
Illustrations of animals introduce readers to the colors black and white.
Rainbow Fun by Emma Dodd
"Follows Dog throughout his day, which starts with him being a solid white color and ends with him having nine colored spots that he collected from rolling in the grass, being petted, and having food dripped on him".
Shapes by Jane Cabrera
"Trace the triangle, circle and square - look out for shapes everywhere!"
Updated 05/13/2020