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Ages 0-2

Colors & Shapes

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A Little Book About Colors by Leo Lionni
"Discover a world full of color in this delightful board book inspired by the works of legendary children's book author and illustrator Leo Lionni."
Baby's First Book of Birds and Colors by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes
"From the eastern bluebird and blue jay to the scarlet tanager and northern cardinal, little ones will discover the natural world and learn the names and colors of birds in their natural habitats".
Bulldozer's Shapes by Sherri Duskey Rinker
"In rhyming text, Bulldozer and Crane work at the construction site circling around the dirt, clearing away triangles of rocks until the perfect building spot has been squared off. Characters based on The Goodnight, goodnight, construction site books."
Dinosaurs by Jill McDonald
"All young children love dinosaurs. Now here's a board book that teaches toddlers all about Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T-rex, and many more--with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts."
Dump Truck's Colors by Sherri Duskey Rinker
"In rhyming text, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer have a colorful day at the construction site underneath a bright blue sky, pouring loads of gray concrete and moving brown loads of rocks up to the white moon night". Ages 2 - 4.
Jane Foster's Black and White by Jane Foster
Illustrations of animals introduce readers to the colors black and white.
My Colors Book by  Patricia Mitter
"Introduces young readers to ten different colors represented by ten different birds".
My Very First Book of Shapes - Mi primer libro de figuras by Eric Carle
"Split pages help early learners find and match basic shapes to everyday objects. In English and Spanish".
Rainbow Fun by Emma Dodd
"Follows Dog throughout his day, which starts with him being a solid white color and ends with him having nine colored spots that he collected from rolling in the grass, being petted, and having food dripped on him".
Shapes by Jane Cabrera
"Trace the triangle, circle and square - look out for shapes everywhere!"
Shapes by Courtney Dicmas
"Introduces young readers to six basic shapes through illustrations of animals coming together to form the shapes."
Spot, Spike, Spiral by  Sarah Grace Tuttle
"This board book introduces patterns and shapes displayed in living things by featuring nine spotted, spiked, or spiraled creatures-- Provided by publisher."
Updated 10/25/2019