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Ages 3-5

Itty Bitty Science

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A is for Axolotl: An Unusual Animal ABC by  Catherine Macorol
Incredible animals await in A Is for Axolotl--not the tame or the merely wild, but the strangest, most fascinating creatures of all! Readers will join an alphabet adventure that spans the globe as they climb trees with the binturong (also known as the bearcat), glide through the rainforest canopy with the colugo, and deep dive with the Dumbo octopus.
Be Thankful for Trees by Harriet Ziefert
Using lilting, rhyming couplets, this book explores the many items that are made from trees. But it doesn't stop there! Kids will also learn about the many uses of live trees--and the environmental danger to trees posed by forest fires, floods, and deforestation. Kids are encouraged to be kind, not only to one another, but to the environment as well.
Drop : An Adventure Through the Water Cycle by  Emily Kate Moon
Drop the water droplet leads young readers on an adventure through the hydrologic cycle.
Every Day, Chemistry by  Julia Sooy
Science is all around us in our daily lives. Specifically, chemistry! When your bread toasts, when your shampoo foams, when the playground slide rusts--those are all chemical reactions. In this book, a mother and daughter experience all these things and more as they go about their day, from when they wake up, to when they go to bed.
Frankenslime by  Joy Keller
Victoria and her assistant, her dog Igor, set out to make amazing slime, but one night their creation unexpectedly comes to life.
Hello, Puddle! by Anita Sanchez
A nonfiction picture book exploring a deceptively simple but unexpectedly crucial resource for wildlife: puddles! This lyrical, gorgeously illustrated nonfiction picture book is perfect for young science learners and nature lovers. A normal everyday puddle may not seem very special. But for a mother turtle, it might be the perfect place to lay her eggs. For a squirrel, it might be the only spot to cool off and get a drink when the sun is shining down in July. And for any child, it can be a window into the elegant, complex natural world right outside their window.
Hugo Sprouts and the Strange Case of the Beans by  John Loren
Hugo Sprouts is a fantastic tale about a boy frustrated with being small. Luckily, Hugo P. Sprouts is a mad scientist and determined to find a solution.
Isobel Adds It Up by  Kristy Everington
A little girl who loves math must find a solution when a very noisy neighbor moves in next door.
Little Black Hole by  Molly Webster
There once was a little black hole who loved her universe, and especially her friends: the stars and the planets, the space rocks and the space fox, even the flying astronauts. She loved to play and laugh with them as they soared through the galaxy. That is, until they disappeared--which was always what happened. The little black hole felt all alone. But when she meets a big black hole and shares her worries, the big black hole knows just how to help! And the little black hole finds out that she has the power to find her friends, wherever she goes.
My Science Tools by  Julie K Lundgren
This book takes a first look at the tools young scientists can use to explore the world around them.
Outside, You Notice by  Erin Alladin
Poetic nonfiction text describes a child's sensory experience of various kinds of outdoor space. On each spread, facts related to observation center on a particular theme, including rain, animal homes, fruit, soil, flowers, seeds, water, roots, leaves, vegetables, pollinators, and the benefits of spending time outdoors.
Rosy the Bumblebee by  Frances Rodgers
Little ones will love following Rosy the Bumblebee as she flies around outside, finding wonderfully colorful flowers to feed on and a cozy corner to rest in after a long, hard day of exploring--and more importantly, collecting pollen! But with bumps along the way, she'll need your help. Will you volunteer as her little helper? This sweet picture book gently introduces young readers to the idea of animal conservation and protection.
The Last Rainbow Bird by  Nora Brech
Two children search for a unique endangered bird in this vibrant, hopeful story which joyfully celebrates difference. Unless Jo and Alex can find the last Rainbow Bird, its species will become extinct. Journeying by riverboat through a spectacular forest, the children find many extraordinary birds - elegant Underwater Birds, glowing Lamp Birds and excitable Big-to-Little Birds - but will they find the last Rainbow Bird? The singularly fabulous world of the Rainbow Bird, created by award-winning author-illustrator Nora Brech, is a riot of color, imagination, and wonder. Children will love the heartfelt and humorous story that gently conveys an important conservation message.
The Thingity-Jig by  Kathleen Doherty
An inquisitive bear ventures into People Town, where he makes quite the curious discovery. What is this? A springy thing-a bouncy thing-a sit-on-it, jump-on-it thing! It's a bit too cumbersome to bring back to the woods, however, so Bear runs home to tell his friends. But none of his friends are willing to help, so Bear invents a Rolly-Rumpity to wheel home the Thingity-Jig. Through trial and error-and lots of shooing away from sleepy friends-Bear finally wheels the Thingity-Jig home to the woods, where he graciously shares his find.
We Are Better Together by  Bill McKibben
From environmentalist and bestselling author Bill McKibben comes a hopeful, inspiring picture book celebrating the power of human cooperation and the beauty of life on Earth.
We Are Water Protectors by  Carole Lindstrom
Water is the first medicine. It affects and connects us all... When a black snake threatens to destroy the Earth and poison her people's water, one young water protector takes a stand to defend Earth's most sacred resource. Inspired by the many indigenous-led movements across North America, this bold and lyrical picture book issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth's water from harm and corruption.
Zap! Clap! Boom! : The Story of a Thunderstorm by Laura Purdie Salas
What starts as a blue-sky day begins to turn into rolling thunder as a storm brews.
Updated 08/10/2023