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Ages 6-8

Emerging Readers: Great Early Chapter Books

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Agnes and Clarabelle Celebrate! by Adele Griffin
"Agnes the pig and Clarabelle the chicken are best friends who love celebrating holidays together."
Athena & the Magic Land by Joan Holub
"Young Athena is carried by a storm to Mount Olympus, where she follows the Hello Brick Road toward Sparkle City hoping Zeus will help her get home."
Bo's Magical New Friend by Rebecca Elliott
"Rainbow Tinseltail and the other students at Sparklegrove School for Unicorns are excited when a brand new unicorn, Sunny Huckleberry, enters the school, but Sunny does not know what his special magical power is, and the thought that he might not have any power at all is making him unhappy; Rainbow (whose power is granting wishes) is eager to help him--even though he does not seem to want her help."
Campfire Stories by  Andres Miedoso
"Take a hike -- Middle of nowhere -- My scary story -- How to tekk a scary story -- Vampire spider -- Playground panic -- Web of fries -- Totally made up -- Frightened away -- The best story of all. ________ Desmond, Andres, and their ghost-friend Zax take turns trying to tell the scariest story of all while gathered around the campfire on a camping trip."
Crash! by  Nancy E Krulik
"Zeke Zander wants everyone to think he is a typical second-grader. He just has to keep his talking cat, antennae, and ability to make himself invisible a secret. That's because Zeke isn't really a normal kid. He's an alien from Planet Z! And he's stuck on Earth until his family can fix their spaceship. But trying to act like an Earth kid feels pretty weird--and home feels like it's light-years away!"
Do You Like My Bike? by Norman Feuti
"Hedgehog goes riding on his new bike, with his best friend Harry."
Series -
Goldie Blox and the Best Friend Fail by Stacy McAnulty
"When Goldie Blox lets down her BFF Ruby Rails, she is determined to make it up by throwing her friend the best birthday bash ever."
Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen by  Debbi Michiko Florence
"Eager to do something her big sister has not done first, Jasmine Toguchi, eight, decides to pound mochi with the men and boys when her family gets together for New Year's."
Pug Blasts Off by  Kyla May
"Baron von Bubbles (Bub) is a pug who wants nothing more than to help his human Bella in her craft projects for school, though he is a little apprehensive about the rocket she is making for the Inventor Challenge--so when he ruins the rocket while trying to get at Nutz the squirrel he needs to find a way to make it up to Bella."
Sparkly New Friends by  Heather Ayris Burnell
"Unicorn and Yeti run into each other (literally) while looking for sparkly things, and despite some differences, (for instance Unicorn is magic, Yeti is not, Yeti likes snowball fights, Unicorn can not throw snowballs)--the two become friends over a shared love of hot chocolate with rainbow sprinkles."
Series -
Unicorn and Yeti
The One-Tire House by  Kirsten McDonald
"The Garcia family is moving to a new house, and twins Carlos and Carmen do not want to leave their small, familiar home--especially since they do not understand why their father describes the new place as a one-tire house."
Yasmin the Chef by  Saadia Faruqi
"Yasmin's family is hosting a big party, but Yasmin is worried that the traditional food her family is cooking is too spicy--so her family challenges Yasmin to come up with a dish of her own."
Updated 05/13/2020