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Ages 3-5


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ABC of Feelings by  Bonnie Lui
From anxious to zany, kids experience a wide range of emotions, but they don't often have the language to explain how they're feeling. ABC of Feelings explains that it's perfectly okay--and normal!--to feel many different things.
Big Feelings by Alexandra Penfold
A group of kids express a multitude of feelings and discover they are not alone.
Cranky Right Now by Julie Berry
A hilarious ride through the ups and downs of being grumpy, helping kids deal with cranky feelings, frustrating relationships, and things that just make them mad.
Happy Right Now by Julie Berry
Describe how it feels to be happy and what can cause it.
How Do You Feel? by Lizzy Rockwell
Do you feel happy? Sad? Silly? Angry? This books helps children and parents talk about feelings!
I Feel! : A Book of Emotions by Juana Medina
Do you feel happy? Sad? Calm? Shy? Brave? Proud? This book provides a way for young readers and the adults in their lives to talk about their feelings and build emotional literary together. Whether dealing with starting school, moving to a new place, experiencing a loss, or another new experience, young readers will have the opportunity to process their emotions about it with the adults in their life.
I Remember My Breath : Mindful Breathing for All My Feelings by  Lynn Rummel
Provides a simple introduction to emotional awareness, mindful breathing, and mindfulness using visualization techniques.
Jenny Mei Is Sad by  Tracy Subisak
A picture book about sadness uniquely told from the friend's point of view as she does her best to comfort her friend Jenny Mei.
Little Faces Big Feelings : What Emotions Look Like by  Amy Morrison
Learn about the emotions behind the faces of over 90 different children, then use the included mirror to practice understanding your own feelings! See why kids are happy, sad, mad/frustrated, surprised, scared, brave, bored, silly, and/or tired with beautiful photographs showing every bit of context (like welcoming a new sibling, falling off a bike, or getting ready to sleep). Every spread shows the same emotion on 10 different children's faces so family members and educators can demonstrate emotions look different for everyone.
My Body Is a Rainbow : The Color of My Feelings by  Mallika Chopra
A wellness expert presents a picture book in which she shows young children how to feel emotions in their body through color and provides breathing exercises for dealing with big feelings.
Ravi's Roar by  Tom Percival
Tired of missing out on good things because he is the smallest and youngest in his family, Ravi turns into a tiger and gets what he wants with a great roar.
Sad, Sad Bear by  Kimberly Gee
Bear is very sad when Mommy must go to work and leave him at Cub Care, but his first day turns out to be a good one.
Sometimes I Am Furious by Timothy Knapman
In rhyming text, a small girl admits she sometimes gets angry when she is frustrated, and her grandmother shows her how to cope.
The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm by  Paul Bright
Baby Bear, Little Bear, and Young Bear are scared of a storm. So one by one they climb into bed with their dad. What scaredy-bears you are! he says. But when there's a rat-tat-tat at the door and the lights go out, Daddy Bear is not quite as brave as he seems.
What's the Matter, Marlo? by  Andrew (Artist) Arnold
A picture book about best friends that highlights empathy, as well as anger and sadness, and reminds us that these aren't feelings to run away from, but instead to help each other through.
Why Do We Cry? by  Fran Pintadera
When Mario asks his mother why we cry, her answer comes in sweet imagery. She speaks of grey storm clouds, locked boxes and a vast ocean. She explains that we cry for many reasons -- sometimes cry because we're sad. Other times we cry because we're lonely. Often we cry because we're frustrated. And through all these emotions, our tears can calm us, heal us and help us grow. Vivid illustrations and lyrical prose combine perfectly in this sensitive, reassuring story that will appeal to anyone who's ever wondered why we cry.
Updated 08/10/2023