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Ages 3-5

Getting Along with Others

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Beach Toys vs. School Supplies by  Mike Ciccotello
When Shovel sees Ruler at the beach, he knows there will be trouble but a sandcastle-building contest proves surprising to both the Beach Toys and the School Supplies.
Can I Play Too? by  Samantha Cotterill
A young boy building a train track with his friend is headed for trouble until a teacher steps in and helps him learn social cues of anger and happiness.
Dozer Builds a Hill : A Story About Teamwork by  Katy Duffield
Dozer wants to build a hill,; a BIG hill, but he can't do it on his own. Early readers will learn how Dozer gets his hill built through teamwork.
Family and Friends by  Honor Head
An overview for kids describing the many types of families, including stepfamilies, foster families, and adoptive families, with ideas for getting along with your family and having good friendships.
Hug Machine by Scott Campbell
The hug machine is available to hug anyone, any time, whether they are square or long, spiky or soft.
Ice Cream and Dinosaurs by Eric Litwin
Groovy Joe loves ice cream! But what will happen when dinosaurs arrive with a roar and a spoon? This book has singing, sharing, roaring, and most importantly ice cream!
Series -
Groovy Joe
Mine Mine Mine Yours! by  Kimberly Gee
Illustrations and easy-to-read text portray a busy toddler playdate full of playing, taking turns, sharing, and more.
Norman Didn't Do It! : (Yes, He did.) by Ryan T Higgins
Norman, a porcupine whose best friend is a tree named Mildred, begins to feel jealous when another tree grows close to Mildred and acts out against the new tree.
Poe Won't Go by Kelly DiPucchio
When an elephant plants himself in the road and refuses to move, the people of Persnickety try all sorts of methods to get him to go--but one thoughtful little girl works up the courage to do what no one else has done: ask him.
Princess Puffybottom... and Darryl by  Susin Nielsen
Princess Puffybottom has the perfect life -- her subjects serve her delicious meals, clean up her "delicate matters" and wait on her hand and foot. Life is good ...until Darryl arrives. Princess Puffybottom thinks he's disgusting, horrid and a true animal. Though she tries everything in her power to banish him it looks like this puppy is here to stay. Can Princess P. and Darryl find a way to co-exist?
Pug & Pig and Friends by Sue Lowell Gallion
Pug and Pig and their friends Robin and Squirrel love digging in the garden and zooming around the backyard together. But there's another friend in the backyard who isn't quite so friendly. That's Cat. What does Cat love doing? Cat loves sneaking up on Pug and scaring him! Pug does not think this is funny. And he does not like it at all. But when thunderstorm comes and Cat gets scared up a tree, Pig, Robin, and Squirrel can't get her to climb down. Only Pug can help. But will he?
That's My Carrot! by Il Sung Na
When two rabbits find a giant carrot growing between their yards, they do the only thing that makes sense: they argue over whose carrot it is! One rabbit brings a shovel to dig it out, and the other rabbit brings a spade. Next comes the bulldozers and backhoes and cranes . . . and when the dust settles, the carrot is gone! Now, it will be up to the rabbits to join forces and find the giant carrot, and build a friendship along the way.
What Does it Mean to be Kind? by Rana DiOrio
Teaches children about what it means to be kind by discussing the importance of caring, patience, forgiveness and acceptance, giving children and adults alike the opportunity to live more fully and richly.
When Pencil Met Eraser by  Karen Kilpatrick
The true story of how Pencil and Eraser became the best of friends.
When We Are Kind by Monique Gray Smith
This beautiful picture book looks at how the simple act of being kind, to others and oneself, affects all aspects of a child's life.
Updated 09/20/2021