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Ages 3-5

Things That Go

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All Except Axle by Sue Lowell Gallion
Axle is a brand-new car, fresh off of the assembly line. It feels like his tires have barely hit the pavement when it's time for all the newbies to move out! Axle watches the other cars zoom onto Earlene, their transport truck, but can't quite seem to put himself in drive. What will happen at the car dealership? What if he's not ready for his road test? Even after Earlene gets him moving, Axle still stalls and crawls. But when the crew hits an unexpected roadblock, it may just be Axle who sparks his plugs, revs his engine, and saves the day!
All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors by  Davina Bell
Frankie McGee's mother takes him to the public library, where she tries to persuade him to choose a book about cars, helicoptors, or anything else while he insists on yet another book about tractors.
Bear and Bird Try, Try Again by  Jonathan Lambert
Join Bear and his best friend Bird, as they embark on their next exciting adventure. Bear, with the help of Bird, has decided he wants to learn how to ride a bike. But Bear usually walks everywhere, so he needs to learn how to persevere when trying something new, even if he doesn't get it right the first time.
Bicycle Bash by  Alison Farrell
Etta the elephant receives an invitation to the Bicycle Bash from her aunt, who has a surprise waiting for Ella!
Big Rig Rescue! by Chris Gall
When a semi tips over on a mountain road, Big Orange and its driver arrive quickly with a boom, a winch, and more, but can they pull the truck out before the storm arrives?
Bike & Trike by Elizabeth Verdick
When Lulu graduates to a bicycle with training wheels, rusty, old Trike feels lonely in the garage and worries about Lulu's safety on her shiny, new bike.
Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep! by Bill Martin
Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep! is the latest charming tale from rhyming pair Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson. This old car has been everywhere from the backyard to the sky, from the hills to the water. Bouncing between the mud in the ground and the clouds up high, the old car is loved by a clever young boy ...
Ferry Boat by Michael Garland
A child describes each moment of the ferry boat ride from Manhattan to Staten Island and back, including seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Verrazano Bridge.
Goodnight, Astronaut by  Scott Kelly
The second picture book from astronaut Scott Kelly follows his adventure-seeking travels through some of the wild places he's slept!
Hooray for Trucks! by Susan Hughes
An assortment of construction vehicles needs to be convinced to stop working so they can get cleaned up for a truck parade! But despite the narrator's cajoling, the trucks just want to keep working. They don't want to waste time taking a bath -- they want to be useful! They want to flatten soil, haul dirt, carry bricks, and lift beams! They want to DO! They want to WORK! But it turns out that there's an exciting reason for the trucks to stop their work, take a bath, and get in line ... Get ready, get set for the TRUCK PARADE! Kids will have fun reading along to this playful, rhyming story with an extremely satisfying finish.--|cProvided by publisher.
I Want a Boat! by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
A girl uses her imagination to turn an ordinary box into a sailboat.
Trashy Town by  Andrea Griffing Zimmerman
Little by little, can by can, Mr. Gillie, the trash man, cleans up his town.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car by Kate Dopirak
In this twist on the classic poem, a little red car takes a final cruise around town before going to bed, beeping good-night to all his vehicular friends.
What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? by Mark Lee
"Uncle Otto is a used car salesman, who, with the help of his niece and nephew, finds the perfect vehicles for his dinosaur customers."
Updated 08/10/2023