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Ages 3-5

Things That Go

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Bike On, Bear! by Cynthea Liu
"Bear is an extraordinary, genius bear, who can do anything except ride a bike. Can Bear figure out how to get on two wheels?"
Boats on the Bay by  Jeanne Walker Harvey
"Illustrations and easy to read text portray a variety of vessels, from houseboats to dredgers, through the course of a busy day on the bay".
Brownie & Pearl Go for a Spin by Cynthia Rylant
"When Brownie and her cat go for a spin in her car, neither one is ready for it to end."
Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe
"The bug on a bike is riding somewhere, but no one quite knows the destination. But that doesn't stop all the other animals from following along--"|Provided by publisher.
Cool Cars by Tony Mitton
"Rhyming text and illustrations describe different kinds of cars, including fast cars, police cars, taxis, and convertibles."
Fire Truck Dreams by  Sharon Chriscoe
"A busy fire truck readies for sleep after a long day."
How It Feels to Be a Boat by James Kwan
"As a little boat's high seas adventures get underway, disagreeable passengers make her seasick. When she runs aground, will teamwork turn the tide?"
Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the Dump Truck by  Margret Rey
"Curious George gets into trouble when he boards a dump truck and spills a load of dirt in a pond but redeems himself when the dirt creates an island for the pond's ducks."
Patrolling Police Cars by Tony Mitton
"Patrolling almost anywhere, in any neighborhood, police cars help police keep all things steady, safe, and good. Cruise around with some law-enforcing animal officers and their patrol cars in this dazzling picture book. Zippy wordplay, zappy art, plus a helpful picture dictionary make learning about police cars fun!"
Sunny's Tow Truck Saves the Day! by Anne Marie Pace
"Stuck with a flat tire on the way to a park for a picnic, a family passes the time waiting for a tow truck by watching the many vehicles passing by."
The Wheels on the Garbage Truck by  Jeffrey Burton
" An action-packed yet adorable story, The Wheels on the Garbage Truck is the second book in a new series that is perfect for parents and little ones who love things that go. Follow the garbage truck around town as cuddly animal garbage collectors clean up the neighborhood!"
Three Cheers for Kid McGear! by Sherri Duskey Rinker
"Told in rhyme, the big construction trucks are skeptical when Kid McGear the skid-steer shows up on the big construction site, after all a skid-steer is rather small--but when the big trucks run into trouble on a steep incline, Kid McGear proves that sometimes a small all-purpose truck may be just what is needed to save the day."
Updated 05/14/2020