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Ages 0-2

New Titles: Board Books

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Bed! Bed! Bed! by Douglas Florian
Tired kiddos put away toys, wash up in the tub, brush their teeth, cuddle with stuffed animals, sing lullabies, and get tucked in tight for a good night's sleep.
Brushy Brush! by Andrea Posner-Sanchez
This lively board book shows kids the right way to brush with some help from Elmo and friends
Can You Bark Like a Dog? by  Abi Hall
Can you bark like a dog? Growl like a bear? Or cluck like a chicken? Join in the fun as we copy the sounds of familiar animals. Perfect for developing observational skills, encouraging physical activity, and developing vocabulary.
Counting to Calm : My First Self-Regulation Book by  Prasha Sooful
One-Deep breath in, nice and slow. Two? Now breathe out...there you go. Introduce self-regulation to the youngest readers early on by allowing them to model breathing, stretching, and movement with a parent or educator in 10 action-packed steps. This board book allows children to refocus their minds and energies to achieve calm or to regain attention before doing activities that require more concentration.
First 100 Animals by  .
Babies and toddlers learn the names of the animals found in a variety of environments, from the farm (pig, cow) and jungle (elephant, tiger) to the ocean (octopus, fish) and pond (frog, duck). Bright, colorful illustrations and the name of each animal pairs perfectly to capture and retain the attention of the youngest readers.
Frogs by  Ruth A. Musgrave
Little readers learn how this kid-favorite animal develops from a tiny egg to a chubby tadpole to a big-eyed, long-legged adult frog ready to hop, leap, and splash.
Global Baby Grandparents by Maya Ajmera
This photo-illustrated board book celebrates the special bond shared by babies and their grandparents all over the world.
Hello Baby Giraffe! by  .
From their big eyes to their long necks, baby giraffes are so cute! Filled with fun sound words and sweet photos, (human) babies will reach for Hello Baby Giraffe! again and again.
Let's Be Brave by  Leah Osakwe
Each one of us has the power to be exactly who we want to be. This inspiring board book empowers children to look within themselves to find the courage and confidence to be who they are meant to be.
Little Gardener's First 100 Words by  Tenisha Bernal
From bugs to tools, each page in this unique first words book is filled with things found in the garden--above and below the ground! Little ones can learn about the parts of a plant, the different herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can grow in a garden, and the names of tools that make gardening easier. There is even a page dedicated to urban gardening for those who don't have yards!
My First Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler
Grab your surfboard and your skateboard! Young kids will delight in this action-packed board book that introduces both surfing and skateboarding!
Park by  Jo Byatt
Join Raccoon on a walk around some of their favorite places. A celebration of life's simple pleasures and the joy of individual experiences. The route map at the end of each book can be used to develop recollection and sequencing skills.
Run, Run, Run! by  Tar? Gomi
A board book about a boy in a race who runs past the finish line, through neighborhoods and fields because he loves to run.
Trains Trains Trains! : Find Your Favorite! by  Donna David
Full of spotting and counting fun, with five trains to find on each page and an exciting fold-out race at the end, this rhyming preschool picture book from Donna David and Nina Pirhonen has been specially developed to encourage pre-reading skills and expand language and vocabulary.
Who's the Boss? by  Emile Jadoul
All the animals want to be the boss...until someone bigger, taller--and louder--steps in to show who's the real boss!
Why Does It Rain? : Weather With the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
In this nonfiction story, young readers can discover what rain is and why it falls. The miracles of nature come to life in this early-learning series centered around weather, featuring simple text and Eric Carle's classic illustrations!
Updated 03/27/2024