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Ages 0-2

New Titles: Board Books

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1, 2, Let's Say Boo by  Taylor Garland
Sing, count, and say Boo! with baby in this adorable Halloween board book retelling of a classic nursery rhyme.
A Little Book About Colors by Leo Lionni
"Discover a world full of color in this delightful board book inspired by the works of legendary children's book author and illustrator Leo Lionni."
A Pumpkin for Peter by  Fiona Munro
It's Halloween. Time to pick a pumpkin! But the woods are a bit dark, a bit cold, and a bit spooky.
All Buckled Up by  Andrea Griffing Zimmerman
Whether you ride in a stroller, a bulldozer, a garbage truck, or a racecar, everybody buckles up for adventure! Learn from all the important people that wear seatbelts before they take off on wild rides.
Animals on the Go by Ruth Musgrave
Describes the ways in which animals move, including hopping, slithering, and soaring.
Baby's Best Friend by  Suzanne Curley
Rhyming text and photographs celebrate the special bond between babies and their puppies.
Dragons Are Real! by  Holly Hatam
Describes how dragons are made of moonlight, courage, and sparks.
Giggly Wiggly : Playtime Rhymes by Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen invites children to joyfully celebrate sounds and the infinite possibilities of language with these nine clever poems adapted from A Great Big Cuddle. Nonsense verses with the feel of classic nursery rhymes tickle the ear and set feet tapping while expressive illustrations by Chris Riddell illuminate the larger-than-life characters. With subject matter that runs the gamut of a child's emotional range from hungry and angry to wiggly and giggly, this collection will delight little listeners.--Publisher's description.
I Am Kind : A Little Book About Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer
Follows Lincoln from his childhood to the presidency, including the Civil War and his legendary Gettysburg Address.
Mama Tiger Tiger Cub by Steve Light
Up the zigzag river, past a slippery fish, beside the fragrant flowers. What is Mama Tiger looking for?
My Little Ocean by  Katrin Wiehle
Seal, Seagull, and Crab introduce readers to their homes in the ocean and on the beach: showing which plants grow on the ocean floor, what crabs look like, and which fish have fun red dots. Elegantly designed with spare text, Katrin's Wiehle's gentle, adorable illustrations complement the sustainable format. Printed on thick, 100% recycled board, this eco-friendly board book series encourages little readers to enjoy nature--inside and out!
Pride Colors by  Robin Stevenson
In this photographic concept book, babies and toddlers are introduced to the PRIDE flag and the meaning behind each color.
So Light, So Heavy by  Susanne Strasser
In English, translated from the German. With an elephant on one end of the teeter-totter, it takes a lot of animals on the other side--and one child--before the teeter-totter will start to move up and down.
Twinkle, Twinkle Dinosaur by  Jeffrey Burton
A roaring twist on the popular bedtime nursery rhyme.
Updated 10/10/2019