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Ages 3-5

New Titles: Picture Books

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A Place for Rain by  Michelle Schaub
This engaging and educational picture book about protecting our waterways follows a classroom as they build a rain garden, empowering readers with the tools to reduce pollution, diminish flooding, and create a habitat for wildlife.
All Aboard the Alaska Train by  Brooke Hartman
Hop on board the train on a rollicking, rhyming adventure to meet some of Alaska's most beloved animals. Included at the back is a glossary of the parts of a train, plus more information about the famous Alaska Train and a map of its route.
Bros by Carole Boston Weatherford
Celebrating boyhood and friendship, this upbeat picture book follows a group of young Black boys as they spend an adventure-filled day together living their best lives freely in their community.
Flap Your Hands : A Celebration of Stimming by  Steve Asbell
Four neurodivergent kids, who face stressful moments throughout their day, use body movements, called stims, to self-regulate their emotions.
Love, the Earth by  Frances Stickley
Told from the perspective of the Earth, this marvelous ode to the epic and ordinary wonders of the natural world implores us to help the planet in turn.
Miss MacDonald Has a Farm by  Kalee Gwarjanski
In this female-forward spin on the traditional children's song, readers meet Miss MacDonald on her vegetable farm and learn about gardening, seasons, plant-based meals, and local produce.
Mommy's New Friend by Shelley Tougas
Even though it was not easy at first, Lily learns how to embrace Mommy's new friend Carl as a member of her family.
Oops! Rabbit by  Jo Ham
Starring the iconic black-silhouetted bunny, this picture book finds cheeky, curious and sweet-toothed Rabbit embarking on a series of misadventures that capture the joy of everyday life.
Peggy the Always Sorry Pigeon by  Wendy Meddour
Peggy is an apologetic pigeon. She automatically says she's sorry for everything, even when she hasn't done anything wrong, or when she's the one getting picked on. But Joan a seagull who sees the trouble this is causing for Peggy, gives her a nudge to stand up for herself. This tale from award-winning author Wendy Meddour contains an important message about the importance of being assertive.
Polly Bee Makes Honey by  Deborah Chancellor
A child narrator tells the story of Polly, a honeybee; she works for her hive and queen and collects pollen and nectar to make honey. Back matter includes a matching game, different species of bees, a kid-friendly recipe, and additional information.
Ready to Soar by Cori Doerrfeld
Riley's paper airplane is ready for take-off, but criticisms from all the birds threaten to ground the plane, until Riley meets a more supportive friend and rediscovers the joy of soaring.
Rocket Ship, Solo Trip by  Chiara Colombi
Rocket is embarking on her first solo mission. Her goal? Place a satellite into orbit to take pictures of the beautiful unknown. With a few words of encouragement from Ground Control, Rocket sparks ignition and blasts off to discover all the beauty of outer space. But when it's time for reentry, she wonders if she can do it alone. With Ground Control's parting words in mind, Rocket trusts that she knows exactly what to do. She returns home at hypersonic speed and is excited for her future expeditions. Maybe next time, to the moon!
Someone Just Like You by Helen Docherty
Rhyming text illustrates that in a world where we share more similarities than differences, the power of empathy and kindness is universal.
The Good Little Mermaid's Guide to Bedtime by  Eija Sumner
A little mermaid, who is a terror of the deep--too fierce, scary and ferocious to follow The Good Little Mermaid's Guide to Bedtime--resists going to sleep at every turn, in this uproarious underwater story.
This Baby. That Baby by Cari Best
In this bouncy, playful picture book for very young listeners, follow two baby friends who live in facing buildings through their day--playing, singing, and napping--till they meet in the park!
You Are a Robin! by Laurie Ann Thompson
Text, art, and interactive prompts guide young readers on a journey through the life cycle, behaviors, and habitats of a robin.
Updated 03/29/2024