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New Titles: Picture Books

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'Ohana Means Family by  Ilima Loomis
In this cumulative rhyme in the style of The House That Jack Built, a family celebrates Hawaii and its culture while serving poi at a luau.
Ducks! by Deborah Underwood
Duck wanders away from the pond for a moment and returns to find the other ducks gone! Searching high and low, Duck discovers many clues around the city--footprints, feathers, eggs--but no ducks. Will Duck's feathered friends finally be found?
How to Light Your Dragon by  Didier Lévy
Has your dragon forgotten how to breathe fire? Have no fear. This imaginative story follows the exploits of one frustrated dragon owner as she tries increasingly hilarious tricks to rekindle her dragon's flame. Covering everything from the simplest tactics (tickling the dragon), to the sneakiest ones (surprising it with unlit birthday candles), this book is perfect for children who love to guess what's going to happen next.
I Am a Tiger by  Karl Newson
Despite the evidence, Mouse insists that he is a tiger--or maybe a crocodile.
I Have an Idea! by  Hervé Tullet
The author meditates on the search for an idea, and the wonderful feeling when the right idea comes along, unleashing the creative process.
Lawrence, the Bunny Who Wanted to Be Naked by  Vern Kousky
Lawrence's mother has dressed him in fancy outfits since he was a baby bunny, but he finally finds a way to persuade her to let him be naked like the other animals.
No More Naps! : A Story for When You're Wide-Awake and Definitely Not Tired by Chris Grabenstein
It's time for a nap but, just like stubborn toddlers everywhere, Annalise Devin McFleece won't have anything to do with bedtime. Dad tries to encourage sleepiness by pushing her around the park in her stroller. Along the way, they pass a man sitting on a bench, dog walkers, kids playing ball, a girl practicing her juggling, and others. One by one, everyone falls asleep...except Annalise Devin McFleece. But when she's finally ready for her nap, all the naps are taken! Is there anyone who has an extra nap to spare? Will she ever take a nap?
Old Rock (Is Not Boring) by  Deb Pilutti
Tall Pine, Spotted Beetle, and Hummingbird are certain that being a rock is boring until Old Rock shares what he has seen and done since he first flew out of a volcano.
One Mean Ant by Arthur Yorinks
This ant is so mean that leaves fall off trees when he walks by. This ant is so mean that grapes shrivel when he looks at them. But when this mean ant finds himself lost in the desert and meets a fly that defies explanation . . . well, nothing is the same again. Celebrated picture book creators Arthur Yorinks and Sergio Ruzzier team up for a hilariously slapstick tale that will make a raucous read-aloud for any storytime.
Straw by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
A bendy drinking straw loves to speed through life, but he learns to appreciate taking it slow with the help of a friend.
The Heart of a Whale by  Anna Pignataro
Whale's beautiful song calms a wriggly octopus, cheers a sad urchin, and much more but cannot cure his loneliness without the help of his friends.
The Old Truck by  Jarrett Pumphrey
On a small family farm, an old truck falls into disrepair and lies nearly forgotten, except by the family's daughter. As an industrious young woman, she pulls the rusted and overgrown vehicle from its almost-grave and restores it.
The Rhythm of the Rain by  Grahame Baker-Smith
While playing in a pool on the side of the mountain, Isaac follows the water to a river, a waterfall, and the great ocean, in a book that celebrates the water cycle.
What Is a Refugee? by  Elise Gravel
An accessible picture book that oh-so-simply and graphically introduces the term 'refugee' to curious young children to help them better understand the world in which they live. In this relevant picture book for the youngest children, author-illustrator Elise Gravel explores what it means to be a refugee in bold, graphic illustrations and spare text. This is the perfect tool to introduce an important and timely topic.
Updated 02/24/2020