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Ages 3-5

New Titles: Picture Books

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A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller
Mr. Brown has a hat for every occasion. But today, every time he goes to the door, the hat he's wearing isn't quite right. Which hat will he end up wearing?
A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson
With the help of an old man and all of her animals, an old lady realizes that her house is not as small as she thought it was.
Everywhere Wonder by Matthew Swanson
A book for all ages about noticing the wonder and beauty in the world both near and far.
Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel
Jameson refuses to wear pants that are not green, until he has to choose between wearing his green pants and wearing a tuxedo with black pants so that he can be in his cousin's wedding.
Hello, I'm Here! by Helen Frost
A poetic text and wonderfully intimate photographs follow a newborn sandhill crane as it takes its first steps into the world. Will my legs hold me? What if I fall? Peek in as a sandhill crane hatchling makes its first wobbly stand and takes its first steps alongside its brother. With their parents close by, they flap their wings and dance before enjoying a buggy treat. Someday they will fly with the majestic cranes overhead, but for now, Mama's soft feathers beckon. With a lyrical narrative and lovely photo illustrations, this latest venture from an acclaimed creative team makes a perfect new baby gift -- and will appeal to bird lovers, too.
Hug This Book! by Barney Saltzberg
A fun celebration of reading and all the things you can do with a book.
I Will Not Eat You by Adam Lehrhaupt
A dragon resists the urge to eat the animals that approach his cave.
Love Is by Diane Adams
A girl finds a baby duckling, and discovers that love is taking care of something that needs you, and also knowing when to let it go.
Many Moons by Remi Courgeon
Explores the different phases of the moon through beautiful, bright illustrations. Each spread features a specific phase of the moon, and compares it to different shapes, such as a cat's tail, a banana, and a brilliant smile.
We Love You, Rosie by Cynthia Rylant
Rosie is a family dog who goes about her day exploring opposites. No matter what she does, her family always loves her.
What's a Banana? by Marilyn Singer
Rhyming, rhythmic text shows all the imaginative things you can do with a banana.
Whose Poop is That? by Darrin P. Lunde
Provides examples of animal poop and asks readers to identify the animal it came from using visual clues. Includes examples of animal tracks.
XO, Ox: a Love Story by Adam Rex
The hilarious tale of an ox who is in love with a gazelle, told in correspondence.
Zoo Day by Anne F. Rockwell
A little boy visits the zoo with his family for the first time and marvels at all of the wonders it offers.
Updated 04/19/2019