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Ages 3-5

New Titles: Picture Books

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A Crown for Corina by  Laekan Zea Kemp
Corina's Abuela helps her select flowers that mean something to Corina from the garden for her Mexican flower crown that she will wear on her birthday, and explains the symbolic meaning of a birthday crown.
Bear Has a Belly by  Jane Whittingham
Repetitive, rhythmic text celebrates the body parts that humans and animals have in common. On each spread, large photographs feature animals and children of diverse backgrounds and abilities, focusing on a different body part each time. A final spread directed at caregivers shares age-appropriate enrichment activities.
Cinderella--With Dogs! by Linda Bailey
When Cinderella wishes for a fairy godmother, she's not expecting one that barks! And this fairy dogmother has a different agenda. Yes, Cinderella will have a new dress, but made of a cozy dog blanket. Yes, they will go to the ball, but they will run there and chase squirrels along the way. There's nothing like a canine companion to get a girl out of the house and her mind off her troubles! Yes, indeed, dogs do make everything better--and are a reminder that you don't need happily ever after when you have the joy of now.
Good Night, Body : Finding Calm From Head to Toe by  Britney Winn Lee
Bedtime can be full of big emotions for kids! Calm anxious, busy thoughts with this body scan meditation designed to prepare kids for sleep. This mindfulness practice will help children let go of worries, stress, and excitement as they reach their arms like a telescope, let their mouths hang like a hammock, dance their fingers like wind chimes.
How Are You Feeling? : Naming Your Emotions With Sesame Street by  Marie-Therese Miller
Everyone has big feelings. Learn how to name your emotions with your friends from Sesame Street!
I Am Quiet : A Story for the Introvert in All of Us by  Andie Powers
Although many people think Emile is shy, he is simply quiet on the outside while on the inside, his imagination is loud and wild.
Just Like Grandma by  Kim Rogers
Becca loves spending time with Grandma. Every time Becca says, Let me try, Grandma shows her how to make something beautiful. Whether they are beading moccasins, dancing like the most beautiful butterflies, or practicing basketball together, Becca knows that, more than anything, she wants to be just like Grandma. And as the two share their favorite activities, Becca discovers something surprising about Grandma.
Pout Party by  Sarah McColl
Rue wakes up in a bad mood and won't be coaxed out of it, so she declares a pout party.
Sally's Big Day by Andrew Larsen
In this sweet board book about learning new things, a curious young dog goes to her first day of puppy school.
The Bears Shared by Kim Norman
A den of hibernating bears and a family of birds find warmth and shelter during a storm by sharing what they have.
The Book of Mean People by Toni Morrison
Offers a humorous and insightful look at how children experience meanness and anger in our world...To a child, meanness can have many shapes, sizes, and sounds. The wise young narrator shows that meanness can be a whisper or a shout, a smile or a frown as the list of mean people grows to include parents, siblings, and bullies of several varieties.
The Kindest Red : A Story of Hijab and Friendship by  Ibtihaj Muhammad
Sisters Faizah and Asiyah learn how to spread kindness on school picture day.
The Library Fish Learns to Read by  Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Library Fish, who calls the library her home, decides it is time to learn to do what everyone around her loves doing--read.
The Museum of Lost Teeth by  Elyssa Friedland
Toothy lives in Liam's mouth next to his best friend Fang, but when he falls out and is tucked under Liam's pillow, the Tooth Fairy appears and takes Toothy to the Museum of Lost Teeth and finds a new home where first baby teeth are proudly displayed.
The Rainbow Snail by  Karin Ã…kesson
Blue like the raindrops. Green like the soft grass. Yellow like the warm sun. This is the story of how the rainbow snail came to be. It takes sun and rain to make a rainbow, and what better combination of colors could there be?
Very Good Hats by  Emma Straub
Some people think hats are fancy things you can buy at a dressy store, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. In this book, acorns and raspberries are snug hats for your fingers, and an empty pudding cup is a good hat for a stuffed bear. Pajama pants make dangly hats, books can be dramatic hats, and bubbles make very fine hats as well (if temporary).
Welcome to the World by Julia Donaldson
From jingling keys to grandmother's knees, there are lots of things for babies to discover and see.
Updated 03/03/2023