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Ages 3-5

Numbers & Letters

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ABC, What Do You See? : Rolling Along Route 66 by  Annette LaFortune Murray
ABC, What Do You See? Rolling Along Route 66 takes readers on a journey down America's historic highway, giving them a glimpse of the unique experiences Route 66 has to offer.
Bear Is Awake! : An Alphabet Story by  Hannah E Harrison
An alphabet book in which a bear wakes unexpectedly in the middle of winter, and meets a young girl who tries to figure out what he is supposed to be doing.
Counting Elephants by  Dawn Young
Our poor counter just wants to count her ten elephants, but - POOF! - her magician friend is making it impossible. Ten, nine, eight... each time we get back to counting, one of the elephants has been changed into something unexpected. Puppies, frogs, peanut butter and jelly, and, of course, a rabbit and a hat appear and disappear in this funny, fast-paced story.
Counting to Bananas : A Mostly Rhyming Fruit Book by  Carrie Tillotson
A banana wants to be the star of this rhyming counting book, but the narrator has other plans.
Dozens of Dachshunds: A Counting, Woofing, Wagging Book by Stephanie Calmenson
A galore of Dachshunds dressed in clever costumes gather in the park to celebrate Dachshund Day.
Ducks on the Road : A Counting Adventure by Anita Lobel
Ten little ducks go for a walk with their parents but one by one, they get distracted and go off on their own adventures, meeting new friends along the way.
EEK! : A Noisy Journey From a to Z by  Julie Hofstrand Larios
This busy mouse is definitely on a mission, but where is he going? Let's follow him and find out!
G My Name Is Girl by  Dawn Masi
Illustrations and rhythmic text celebrate girls around the world and what makes each an individual, from adventurous Argentinians Alba and Ayelén, to zealous Zambians Zahra and Zena.
K is for Kindness by  Rina Horiuchi
From aardvark to zebra, this delightful cast of animal characters illustrates the many ways to show kindness to others, while teaching the youngest readers their ABCs.
Letters to Live by : An Alphabet Book With Intention by  Lisa Frenkel Riddiough
A concept picture book using alliterative word pairs to teach big ideas like generosity, compassion, and joy.
One-Osaurus, Two-Osaurus by Kim Norman
Look there, in a child's bedroom, where some prehistoric pals are gathered in a counting game. Nine dinosaurs are playing a sing-song rendition of hide-and-seek - but something isn't adding up. Where is number ten? Stomp, stomp, stomp! CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP! Ready or not, here he comes, and he sounds . . . big! With big, bold numerals, an array of dinosaurs in comical poses, and a humorous twist at the end, this tribute to a child's imagination makes learning numbers a gigantic treat.
Q & U Call It Quits by  Stef Wade
What happens when best friends Q and U quarrel? It's a real quandary, since they have always been quality friends--a true squad. But sometimes, U wants some time to herself--even though Q is lonely because he doesn't always fit in with the other letters without her. When the rest of the alphabet notices the split, they decide they want to do the same. And utter chaos ensues! Can Q and U come together to quell the mayhem and help the letters repair their friendships?
Swing by Michael Hall
As four very different letters arrive at the playground, each makes the next feel unwelcome, but once they begin to swing together, they have a wonderful time.
Ten Owies by Tony Johnston
From ice-cream induced brain freezes to bee stings to stubbed toes and bruises, ten children get ten owies that can only be cured by the following: a kiss, a hug, lots of love, and as many colorful Band-Aids as possible.
The Alphabet's Alphabet by  Chris Harris
Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal that while letters of the alphabet resemble each other, each is also unique, as if they, like human beings, are part of the same family.
The Invisible Alphabet by Joshua David Stein
Illustrations and simple text for each letter of the alphabet represent invisible items, some that are gone and some that have not arrived, such as a bus that has been delayed--or missed.
The Olphabet: "O" No! An Alphabet Revolt by  Jess M Brallier
Tiring of an alphabetic order that relegates her to the middle, the Letter O repositions herself at the beginning of a newly dubbed olphabet before revisiting her subsequent letter friends to figure out where she truly belongs.
This Little Pup by  Laura J Bryant
When a boy throws a blue ball for his puppy to fetch, it bounces past two brown cows, three green frogs, and more as it makes its way around the farm.
Two Dogs on a Trike by  Gabi Snyder
One by one, each dog escapes its yard and joins the adventure in this hilarious counting story. Vehicle-obsessed readers will love seeing all the modes of transportation that the pups use--until the family cat decides to round them all up to go back home.
Updated 07/07/2022