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Ages 3-5

Colors and Shapes

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A Day So Gray by  Marie Lamba
A winter's day is transformed from bleak to beautiful by warm friendship and a new perspective in a gentle story that encourages the appreciation and celebration of cozy pleasures and quiet joys--|cProvided by publisher.
Box meets Circle by  Aaron Hartline
"Circle likes to jump, but Box can't jump. Box likes to sit. Will they ever find a way to play together?-- Provided by publisher."
Circle Rolls by  Barbara J. (Barbara Joan) Kanninen
"Follow the chain reaction among different shapes when circle rolls."
Circles by Teddy Borth
Includes index. ________ Look around you! You can find circles everywhere. They are on the wheels of cars. They are on the coins in our pockets. Easy text and large pictures help early readers discover that circles are fun!
Series -
Shapes Are Fun!
Every Color Soup by Jorey Hurley
Describes how to make a colorful, delicious vegetable soup. Includes recipe. ________ A Paula Wiseman book.
Friendshape by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
"Presents a story of friends Triangle, Circle, Square, and Rectangle as they have fun together and support one another through life."
Looking for Colors With Lily and Milo by  Pauline Oud
Translated from the Dutch by Clavis Publishing--Title page verso. ________ In this story, Lily and Milo play together and identify different colors. ________ Ages 2 and up.
Love, Triangle by Marcie Colleen
"Ever since they were a dot and a speck, Circle and Square have been best friends... Then someone new comes along: a cool, exciting Triangle. And three starts to feel like a crowd... With their friendship bent out of shape, can they put it back together again?"
Night Train, Night Train by Robert Burleigh
Told in rhyming text, a train speeds through the night, revealing the sights and colors along the way to its young and sleepy riders.
Pink Is for Boys by  Robb Pearlman
A celebration of how colors are for everyone depicts characters engaging in their favorite activities.
Pirate Jack Gets Dressed by Nancy Raines Day
Through illustrations and simple, rhyming text a pirate invites the reader to help as he selects his very colorful outfit.
Round by Joyce Sidman
"As a little girl spends a day with her family, she finds round things all around her and explains why she likes them."
Shapes by  Joanna Brundle
Geometry is an essential math concept, and it is important for early learners to develop an understanding of it from a young age. Through age-appropriate and achievable text, young readers are introduced to basic shapes and familiar real-world examples of those shapes. Early learners can explore this text independently or with the help of an adult. They will also be captivated by the vibrant, full-color photographs they will find with each turn of the page.
Sweet Shapes : A Forest of Tasty Shapes by Juana Medina
"Introduces different shapes, depicting a forest full of animals created out of tasty confections and pastries."
Wake Up, Color Pup by  Taia Morley
A bright yellow bird promises to bring adventure to sleepy Pup's gray world. As Pup follows his new friend on a walk, each discovery ignites a new feeling and corresponding color, until Pup is saturated with them. But when a storm comes, Pup's color is drained as fear sweeps through him. Only his curious yellow friend remains bright, and encourages him to keep his chin up, play, and carry on!
What's Your Favorite Color? by Eric Carle
Yellow / Eric Carle -- Blue / Bryan Collier -- Mint / Mike Curato -- Brown / William Low -- Indigo / Etienne Delessert -- Purple / Anna Dewdney -- Gray / Rafael López -- White / Lauren Castillo -- Green / Philip C. Stead -- Mexican pink / Yuyi Morales -- Maine morning gray / Melissa Sweet -- Orange / Frann Preston-Gannon -- Black / Jill McElmurry -- Crimson red / Marc Martin -- All colors / Uri Shulevitz. ________ Fifteen children's book artists, including Lauren Castillo, Frann Preston-Gannon, and Melissa Sweet, share their favorite colors and explain why they love them. This personal collection will inspire readers to create favorite-color drawings and stories of their own.
Updated 11/12/2019