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Ages 3-5

Colors and Shapes

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A Season to Bee : A Stylish Book of Colors by  Carlos Aponte
Fashion illustrator Carlos Aponte gives readers front row seats to the runway show of the season! Join Miss V. McQueen and her band of fashion bugs as they flit and flutter their brilliant colors down the catwalk. Ladybug reds, butterfly golds, and grasshopper greens provide young readers with a chic introduction to the colors found all around us.
Baby Party by Rebecca O'Connell
A baby party introduces toddlers to basic shapes.
Have You Seen My Monster? by Steve Light
Invites young readers to identify shapes while helping a small girl search the fair for her pet monster.
I Feel Teal by  Lauren Rille
Encourages the reader to enjoy all of the colors, representing feelings, that may be experienced in the course of a day.
One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler
When a little purple hippo cannot find the mate for her red sock, she tries everything in her sock drawer in order to be fashionable--or at least to match.
Pink Is for Boys by  Robb Pearlman
A celebration of how colors are for everyone depicts characters engaging in their favorite activities.
Pirate Jack Gets Dressed by Nancy Raines Day
Through illustrations and simple, rhyming text a pirate invites the reader to help as he selects his very colorful outfit.
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in the family garden.
Shape Shift by Joyce Hesselberth
Round, curvy, pointy, or straight-shapes are all around us.
Shapes by  Joanna Brundle
Geometry is an essential math concept, and it is important for early learners to develop an understanding of it from a young age. Through age-appropriate and achievable text, young readers are introduced to basic shapes and familiar real-world examples of those shapes. Early learners can explore this text independently or with the help of an adult. They will also be captivated by the vibrant, full-color photographs they will find with each turn of the page.
Swatch : The Girl Who Loved Color by  Julia Denos
Swatch is a color tamer who spends her time collecting all the colors of the world until Yellowest Yellow refuses to be contained.
Tangled : A Story About Shapes by Anne Miranda
An unruly gang of sixteen geometric shapes gets tangled in the neighborhood jungle gym until their friend comes to their rescue and order is restored.
The Crayola Shapes Book by  Mari C. Schuh
Features colorful shapes in the world through photographs and activities to draw.
Wednesday by Anne Bertier
Wednesday is about Little Round and Big Square, two friends that get together to play every Wednesday.
What Could It Be? : Exploring the Imaginative World of Shapes by  Sally Fawcett
An interactive adventure for pre-primary and primary school-aged children organised into paired double-page spreads. The first spread in each pair introduces a basic geometric shape (square, circle, triangle, etc.) and then opens the door for creative thinking by posing the question, 'What else could it be?'
What's Your Favorite Color? by Eric Carle
Fifteen children's book artists, including Lauren Castillo, Frann Preston-Gannon, and Melissa Sweet, share their favorite colors and explain why they love them. This personal collection will inspire readers to create favorite-color drawings and stories of their own.
Updated 06/04/2020