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Ages 3-5

Colors and Shapes

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A Circle in the Sky by Zachary Wilson
A child puts together various simple shapes to build a rocket that will fly to the moon.
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Rookie readers
Animal Colors by Christopher Silas Neal
A colorful book that humorously mashes up two animals of different colors to create a unique and funny creature.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin
Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color.
Circle Under Berry by  Carter Higgins
Grades K-1.|bChronicle Books. ________ Ages 5-8.|bChronicle Books. ________ It's a puzzle. It's a read-aloud. It's a Rubik's cube on paper. This striking, delightfully different exploration of shape, color, and patterns redefines what a picture book can be. Read it once, read it ten times; see something new every time. An elegant and simple approach to explorations of profound depth, this enigmatic, thought-provoking concept book shows young readers that everything in the world can be seen from infinite perspectives--|cProvided by publisher.
Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert
Introduces colors and shapes with illustrations of shapes on die-cut pages that form animal faces when placed on top of one another.
Dog's Colorful Day : A Messy Story About Colors and Counting by Emma Dodd
Follow our friend Dog as he starts off the day with one black spot on his ear. But it seems that wherever he goes, he runs, rolls, and trots right into a multitude of colors.
Every Color Soup by Jorey Hurley
Describes how to make a colorful, delicious vegetable soup. Includes recipe. ________ A Paula Wiseman book.
Hey! : A Colorful Mystery by  Kate Read
All is quiet in the deep blue sea until a tiny pink fish is mistaken for something scary. EEK! There's a great big fish hiding in the deep! A rumor grows, and readers discover a color with every new fish entangled in the mayhem.
Maggie and Michael Get Dressed by Denise Fleming
It is time to get dressed and Michael counts on his dog, Maggie, for help as he places yellow socks, a brown hat, blue pants, and other colorful articles of clothing where they belong.
Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color.
Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Three mice make a variety of things out of different shapes as they hide from a scary cat.
Round is a Mooncake by Roseanne Thong
As a little girl discovers things round, square, and rectangular in her urban neighborhood, she is reminded of her Chinese American culture.
Shape Up, Construction Trucks! by  Victoria Allenby
Full-color photographs feature construction vehicles. Geometric shapes discernable on the vehicles are digitally highlighted for easy identification, and rhyming text names both the shape and the truck. A final spread directed at caregivers shares age-appropriate enrichment activities for toddlers learning to identify shapes.
Shapes and Colors by  John Canty
The award-winning author/illustrator of the Heads and Tails series introduces readers to a multi-tiered new concept book about shape and color sorting and object identification. With fresh and appealing illustrations and a striking design, this is a concept book with longevity.
The Crayola Shapes Book by  Mari C. Schuh
Features colorful shapes in the world through photographs and activities to draw.
This is a Book of Shapes by Kenneth Kraegel
What begins as a concept book about everyday shapes soon defies expectations with a series of funny and imaginative twists.
When Pencil Met the Markers by  Karen Kilpatrick
Meet the Markers! They love to color. But Purple Marker colors everywhere--even outside the lines.
Updated 11/29/2022