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Ages 9-12

New Titles: Non-fiction

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Amazing but True! : Fun Facts About the LEGO┬« World--and Our Own! by Elizabeth Dowsett
From unbelievable space and nature facts, to mind-boggling inventions and technology trivia, discover amazing information about the world around us with the help of LEGO minifigures and bricks.
Barbie Cooks! : 50+ Fantastic Recipes From Barbie & Her Friends. by  Weldon Owen
In this colorful cookbook of over 50 recipes, Barbie encourages kids to make healthy choices by developing their culinary skills and kitchen creativity.
Better Connected : How Girls Are Using Social Media for Good by  Tanya Lloyd Kyi
This nonfiction illustrated book for middle grade readers is an inspiring look at the positive and creative ways girls are using social media.
Birds of Prey : Terrifying Talons by  Joe (Illustrator) Flood
In this volume, you'll get up-close and personal with some of the world's most skilled hunters, from the majestic eagle to the oft-maligned scavenger vulture! Armed with razor-sharp claws, keen eyesight, powerful wings, and killer instincts, these stealthy predators can make a meal of rodents, fish, snakes, lizards, monkeys, and even kangaroos! Discover how these amazing birds who are often at the top of the food chain, play an integral role in many different ecosystems around the world.
Earth Knowledge Genius! by Clive Gifford
A brilliant quiz book for clever kids - put your knowledge about planet Earth to the test and dazzle your family and friends with your brainpower!
Forensics for Kids : The Science and History of Crime Solving, With 21 Activities by  Melissa Ross
Forensics for Kids provides the complete history of forensic science, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of the crime-solving advancements that led to modern forensics.
Fun Jokes for Kids : More Than 500 Squeaky-Clean, Super Silly, Laugh-It-Up Jokes. by  Barbour Kidz
Especially for 8-12-year-olds, this book features squeaky-clean jokes on animals, school, church, and much more. You can tell them to your grandma!
Komodo Dragon vs. Orangutan by  Nathan Sommer
Amazing photography accompanies engaging information about the fighting capabilities of Komodo dragons and orangutans.
Minecraft Amazing Bite-Size Builds : Over 20 Awesome Mini-Projects. by Random House
Providing exploded views, a step-by-step guide, and detailed instructions, this latest volume in the series shows readers how to design, build and create twenty new Minecraft mini-projects.
National Geographic Kids Almanac 2023. by National Geographic
Provides the latest information on a wide range of topics, including animals, culture, geography, the environment, history, and science.
On This Day in History : A Kid's Day-by-Day Guide to 2,675 Significant Events by  Christin Farley
In On This Day for Kids, kids who love facts and trivia will spends hours poring over nearly 400 pages of milestones in sports, music, art, history, politics, and more, all neatly arranged by day of the year and accompanied by hilarious doodles and comments. It's chunky. It's witty. It's like fifty seasons of Jeopardy crammed into one handy volume.
The Underground Railroad by Kate Messner
Myths! Lies! Secrets! Uncover the hidden truth about the Underground Railroad and Black Americans' struggle for freedom. Perfect for fans of I Survived! and Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. Before the Civil War, there was a crack team of abolitionists who used quilts and signal lanterns to guide enslaved people to freedom. Right? Wrong! The truth is, the Underground Railroad wasn't very organized, and most freedom seekers were on their own.
Trapped in Terror Bay : Solving the Mystery of the Lost Franklin Expedition by Sigmund Brouwer
In 1845, explorer Sir John Franklin set sail from England with two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Their mission: to explore what is now the Canadian Arctic in search of the Northwest Passage to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Both ships were spotted entering Baffin Bay in August 1845, but that was the last any Europeans saw of them. The ships and the entire party of 129 men vanished, becoming one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration, and sparking one of the most extensive search efforts in world history. Between 1847 and 1859, there were 32 expeditions from Britain and the US! And the still-unfolding mysteries of the Franklin Expedition continue to enthrall to this day.
Ultimate Book of the Future : Incredible, Ingenious, and Totally Real Tech That Will Change Life as You Know It by  Stephanie Warren Drimmer
Take a peek into how we might live in the future-how we'll get around, what we'll wear, and what kind of world we'll live in.
Updated 06/30/2022