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New Titles: Non-fiction

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An Invisible Thread by  Laura Schroff
Eleven-year-old Maurice must beg for change in order to eat, but when Laura stops to help, they begin a years-long friendship that gives each a new perspective and hope. Includes a list of agencies that help children in need and suggested acts of kindness. This book is based on the true story of Laura Schroff and Maurice Mazyck. Some events have been condensed, rearranged, or slightly dramatized to better suit young readers. -- note to readers
Anteater Adventure by  Kama Einhorn
An up-close look at what life is like the morning after a terrible hurricane for anteater Abi in this photo-packed series exploring the stories and science behind animal sanctuaries. Abi takes readers behind the scenes of an anteater sanctuary in Belize in this nonfiction chapter book for elementary-aged readers.
Destination : Moon by Seymour Simon
Celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission with the story of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, including insights about what makes the Moon so fascinating to humankind.
Disaster Strikes! The Most Dangerous Space Missions of All Time by  Jeffrey Kluger
A collection of stories about space missions gone wrong.
Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia by Steve Bynghall
Take a trip into the magical world of Disney Pixar and learn all about your favorite characters--playful toys, brave bugs, friendly monsters, and so much more!
Guitar Genius: How Les Paul Engineered the Solid-Body Electric Guitar and Rocked the World by  Kim Tomsic
"How to make a microphone? A broomstick, a cinderblock, a telephone, a radio. How to make a legendary inventor? Easy." From book cover.
Handimals: Animals in Art and Nature by  Silvia Lopez
With a gift for fine art and a lifelong love of nature, Daniele paints magnificent animal subjects on an unconventional canvas--human hands. This awe-inspiring collection showcases 16 creatures along with photos and factual information about the various species.
Mummies Exposed! by  Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Just when you think that you know everything there is to know about mummies, new ones are discovered! Packed with facts but light in tone, this book introduces young readers to the most compelling examples of mummies from all over the world. There are many books about Egyptian mummies, but Mummies Exposed! goes beyond what you expect and uncovers both old favorites and recent discoveries; among them a Moche princess in Peru, the bog people of England and Ireland, and a Buddhist monk discovered within a sculpture!
Predator and Prey : Conversation in Verse by  Susannah Caitlin Buhrman-Deever
Who is the predator, and who is the prey? Illuminating poetry and vivid artwork capture the awe-inspiring ways that creatures use their resources to stay alive.
United Tastes of America by  Gabrielle Langholtz
Cook around the country with this geographical collection of authentic recipes from each of the USA's 50 states, plus three territories, and the nation's capital. An atlas of food facts & recipes from every state!
We Are the Change: Words of Inspiration From Civil Rights Leaders by  Selina Alko
Sixteen award-winning children's book artists illustrate the civil rights quotations that inspire them in this stirring and beautiful book.
Weird Animals by  Mary Kay Carson
Slime-oozing slugs, red-lipped fish, spine-covered bugs, and tubed-nosed bats. There animals are weird - and AWESOME! But have you ever wondered why they look so strange?
Updated 06/17/2019