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50 Things You Should Know About the Environment by Jen Green
From the icy poles to the evergreen rainforests, life has found a way to flourish in nearly every environment on Earth. This book explores the startling discoveries of new life forms in extreme environments, such as the strange worlds of the ocean depths. Whilst marveling the world around us, it also confronts the human impact on the environment. The mounting evidence for global warming is explored and challenges us to work towards a more sustainable future. Packed with facts, diagrams, infographics and photos, this is the perfect introduction to the wonder and intrigue of our environment.
Bite, Sting, Kill! : The Incredible Science of Toxins, Venom, Fangs & Stingers by  Julie Beer
A venomous lizard the size of a small car. A snake capable of taking down an elephant. A monster that sends venom into its victims while it's chewing on them. Sound like the makings of the ultimate thriller movie? It's real life. And it's just the beginning.
Breaking the Mold : Changing the Face of Climate Science by  Dana Alison Levy
Sixteen profiles of scientists who are changing the face of science and the future of Earth through their research.
Dream on : A Kid's Guide to Interpreting Dreams by  Cerridwen Greenleaf
Dreams. We all have them. Good and bad ones. Some may be as simple as a dream about going to the mall with friends. But others can be much more complicated. Do you ever wonder what your dreams really mean? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something more? This gorgeous (and gifty) book guides young readers as they learn to decipher the deeper meanings behind some of their craziest dreams. With a primary focus on friendship, family, and school-and how dreams often reflect uncertainty in these areas of life-Dream On touches on the areas most important to middle grade readers. From falling or forgetting to turn in an assignment to being lost in the woods, readers will be able to examine their subconscious in a new, exciting way. The book also includes overviews and sidebars exploring the fascinating science behind REM-sleep and how our brains work during the various cycles of sleep that lead to dreaming.
Great STEM Projects : Tried-and-True Experiments for All Budding Scientists by Jack Challoner
Presents over fifty science activities demonstrating such scientific properties as forces and motion, liquid and reactions, shapes and structures, and light and sound.
How to Find Bigfoot by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
With fun facts, a colorful design, and critical thinking questions, How to Find Bigfoot inspires readers to take their love of the paranormal to the next level all while laughing and learning.
How to Win at Chess by  Daniel King
How To Play Chess introduces each piece and its moves, explains key principles such as check and how to open a game, before exploring tricks such as forks, pins, and skewers. It's packed with graded test positions and training exercises to help young players improve their game as they progress through the book. What's more, readers can brush up on the fascinating history of chess, with features on the greatest players and legendary matches.
Inside the Bermuda Triangle by  Megan Harder
Disappearances and other strange phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle have long inspired speculation and theories. Theorists chalk it up to everything from bad weather to time warps. Explore the mysterious history of the Bermuda Triangle.
Just Jerry : How Drawing Shaped My Life by Jerry Pinkney
Jerry Pinkney, Caldecott Medal winner and illustrator of over one hundred books, tells the story of his childhood and how he developed his artistic talent.
Kansas City Royals by  David J Clarke
This title introduces baseball fans to the history of the Kansas City Royals MLB franchise. The title features informative sidebars, exciting photos, a timeline, team facts, trivia, a glossary, and an index.
Mini Projects to Style Your Space by  Megan Borgert-Spaniol
Looking to give your space a refresh? Think small! Craft a teensy Zen garden or a mini bulletin board. You might even style your space with a tiny tapestry. Tiny projects are tons of fun!
Not-So-Common Cent$ by  Sarah Wassner Flynn
Whether you're saving enough pennies for a pizza party or are already flush with cash, everyone needs to be smart with money. No matter where you live in the world, it affects pretty much everything in your day-to-day life. Find out why it pays to learn about money now, plus how to use your creativity and smarts to turn your dimes into dollars
Real Outdoor Science Experiments : 25+ Exciting STEAM Activities for Kids by  Jenny Ballif
Dive into the world's most exciting science project--the great outdoors! Covering everything from plants and trees to rocks and weather, this amazing book has real outdoor science experiments for kids, to immerse you in the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
The Little Rock Nine Challenge Segregation : Courageous Kids of the Civil Rights Movement by  Myra Faye Turner
In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools had to allow Black students to attend previously all-white schools. On September 4, 1957, nine Black students were set to attend Little Rock Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. But when they arrived, an angry mob of white people spat at them and hurled racist insults. They were also prevented from entering the school by the National Guard. After they were finally allowed in weeks later, they faced even more abuse from white students and staff. Discover the courage displayed by the Little Rock Nine as they fought to get an education while enduring terrible racism.
The National Parks Encyclopedia by Allison Lassieur
This encyclopedia offers readers the chance to explore the 63 national parks in the United States and its territories. Alongside photos of the parks, the text highlights each park's history, points of interest, and things to do.
What in the Wow? : 250 Bonkerballs Facts by  Mindy Thomas
From skunks who do handstands to a bridge made with eggs, the world is full of wowzerful stuff! Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, hosts of the #1 children's podcast Wow in the World, are here with 250 of the most bonkerballs facts on Earth, covering topics such as animals, architecture, inventions, food, space, dinosaurs, and more! Filled with eye-popping photos and hilarious illustrations, this is a page-turning, jaw-dropping survey of some of the most astounding, gross, and all around weird scientific facts that will totally wow your world!
Updated 03/22/2023